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  1. Caught up to here...
  2. Done
  3. Actually 3.10, and done
  4. done
  5. K.s. sends 3.10 to az outlaws
  6. Done
  7. Done
  8. It's sad that he never felt comfortable enough with himself to be honest about who he was. He committed murder went to jail and lost his family and career all to protect his image and its now something we now all know. (And i hope the majority of us would have accepted and not cared about) it was too big for him to risk having out in public. I wish he had found the courage to have spoken up 5 years ago, way too many lives were destroyed by this
  9. K.S. sends their 1.10 and 1.15 rookie to az outlaws in the David Johnson trade
  10. All up to date to here!
  11. done
  12. I bet you (far too many) someone still idolize's him
  13. What a waste of Talent
  14. Done
  15. Done