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  1. I'd have to take a deeper look at who else is being kept and where your 2nd round pick would be (linear or snake) and the number of 1st/2nd round keepers selected, but the best value on the board would be Baldwin. Same number of rec, 150 less yards and 5 Tds fewer. Who was your keeper last season? (If you can only keep Evans for 1 more year or 4 years for Baldwin, that would be an easy pick for me) Can you trade in the off-season, and get some if that value back?
  2. In your format, as you have deep rosters so you need your draft picks as the projected top 30- 40 rookies willl be drafted every year and anyone not drafted who has a decent week will be picked up and stashed due to the roster size. Honestly, for a 10 team league i hate your team. Those offers you got are terrible keep the 2 pick, if Davis doesn't go first you could trade back (no further then to 5) and still pick a solid rb prospect. if Davis goes first you can still move back, but I'd be looking to the owner with yeldon (who may want to overpay for fournette) but don't move out of the top 5. If you get blown away by a deal for a pick later then 5 make sure they are overpaying to get there.
  3. AZ Outlaws: Done Storm: Done Goons: Done Crusaders: Done Believers: Done spirit: Done Kaiser Soze: Done Bomb Done Shivas: Done Steel Curtain:Done mudskipper: Done Decepti-Kwans: Done Angels:Done Avengers: Done BAMNation:Done OPTIMUS Done Done, only means you don't receive any more picks, (you may still lose some) through unprocessed trades
  4. Final rookie draft order list
  5. I still have lost moderator status here: Thanks
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  10. I seem to have lost my moderator status from Transformers (in "other FF forms") Thanks
  11. So, this may actually be a win for the Lloyd family.. Hernandez gets paid by the Patriots, and the Llyods familty now has something they can go after. Think about O.J., he has never been able to pay the Civil award, from his case.
  12. This is a free unique 96 team 8 player pool redraft competition between 8 fantasy football boards. A member of each board will have a draft spot from 1 to 12 (pick your own spot) and can trade between any of the 8 drafts. The drafts are staggered over a couple of weeks, giving you the ability (if you have traded in) to pick players in the mid rounds before making your first round pick (or other fun possibilities) For more info, send me a message. Thanks
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