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  1. I think Samuel's signing in a positive. At first I was concerned that that offense wouldn't know what to do with McCaffrey. But if they are taking Samuel too, this hints to me that there's a plan to fundamentally change what they do. You don't make both of these picks by accident. They may not go full Urban Meyer spread offense (or maybe they will with Cam???) but there's a shift coming. KB is overrated and Funchess is awful so there are a ton of touches available in that offense.
  2. well this has CRUSHED my dreams of rookie landing spots. So many horrible landing spots.
  3. John Lynch takin' em to school his first day.
  4. Holy carp
  5. You have SDC in the right hand column still.
  6. Might re-word the title to indicate he hit her with a vehicle and killer her. Tragic indeed, no one should ever have to bury a 3 year old.
  7. Must be Synthetic April 20th.
  8. It's because The Empire is in Too Many Leagues, Big Time.
  9. " Jones likewise urged an end to the practice of investigating off-field misconduct. " Nope, he just has Zeke on his team.
  10. Please add HarleyKR07 and t-bone65 as mods for http://forums.thehuddle.com/forum/147-fdsb/
  11. Sounds like a reason to create a new BOTH league and draft it up that weekend.
  12. You can use the IR or Taxi function to select multiples. http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/481808-both-league-commissioners-on-mfl-waivers-setup/
  13. This is pretty typical of big structural roll-outs. Projections are slim to please executives and testing is inadequate but when it hits live it all hits the fan. MFL has historically been very good to excellent service, and their after the fact here has been pretty consistent with that. The real problem is what a disaster it looks like because they don't know how to test. But like I said no one really does, or at least isn't given enough time and resources to do it properly up front.
  14. Ask to escalate to Mike. He manually set mine to 16.
  15. You can set it to 8 but the field isn't in the Bilnd Bid Waivers menu. You have to set to Waivers, change the field to 8, and then change it back to Blind Bid Waivers. http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/481808-both-league-commissioners-on-mfl-waivers-setup/