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  1. Hi!

    Hi Mike, nice to see you, I hope you are well. :-)
  2. I'm benching Spiller because I'm concerned as to how much action he will see, but he will definitely eat into Ingrams value this week.
  3. Hi!

    What's up huddlers?
  4. +1. Thoughts and prayers sent.
  5. If Dave Meggett isn't your all-time favorite Giant you guys aren't real Giants fan. :middlefinger:
  6. LT was a coked out degenerate who went on to molest underage girls.
  7. I love it when you talk dirty. :boner:
  8. So, can someone confirm: Stevegrab is gheyer than Chris Kluwe?
  9. You guys will like this little article:
  10. If your wife wants to bang someone else, she's going to. So worrying about it seems kind of foolish, no?
  11. While I'm normally good at intentionally being an ass, and am normally not excessively dense, I still don't follow what you're acusing me of, and am not attempting to be this ass you speak of, at least, as previously mentioned, intentionally. If you put yourself in a position of being confrontational with the authorities you are generally asking for trouble. I would not resist arrest, therefor I would not get my ass kicked. I have stated, also in this thread, that the use of force was possibly excessive, but had this not escalated it would not be a point needing to be discussed, and in this case there is only one person to blame for said escalation, and that is the drunken, trespassing shirtless guy.
  12. Fehr's a bigger dooooshbag than Bettmann: Well, at least it's just about equal now.
  13. Uh, what the hell are you talking about? I don't hang out drunk in synagogues, and that is my line of reason? Maybe you want to re-read the posts unless your too busy writing 12 paragraph responses in some other thread.
  14. Sorry bud, sucks, positive thoughts and prayers being sent.