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  1. He planned to announce the location of the sale in De Pere on Twitter and Facebook closer to the starting time. At one point, Lacy advised would-be buyers to have reasonable expectations. "Caution...ya won't find any Fine China, Gucci sneaks or flat screens, I'm pretty simple. Just raising a few bucks for a good cause." Lacy said all money would be given to a charitable organization and unsold items donated to Freedom House in Green Bay. Freedom House provides emergency housing to families, helping them find permanent housing and employment. Freedom House president Robyn Davis was named new president and CEO of Brown County United Way on Thursday. Seattle signed Lacy as a free agent in March. He played for the Packers from 2013 through 2016. Also available ,Eddie Lacy's signature line of George Foreman Grills and woks to make your own China food at home
  2. I blame Trump wait..waht?!?!
  3. hopefully true and not just wishful thinking
  4. pretty much. And I've never even used CBS.....
  5. But on the plus side, we now have 20 rounds of waivers
  6. I will keep that in mind for my non-IDP, redrafts. Good to know Same manurety website at half the price? :snickers: A no-brainer, like buying linen from China. :pow:
  7. And only 8. I sent a ticket to have the limit raised and was TOLD by them that my league doesn't need it to higher, people don't have more than 8 rounds of bidding ever. I guess they have never seen the off-season in an IDP dynasty league
  8. agree
  9. I thought there was a thread on this? Maximum Number of Conditional Groups for each Weekly Waiver - maxes out at 8. Am I doing something wrong or is this the case? The whole blind bidding is a cluster-f
  10. said: http://forums.thehuddle.com/forum/186-any-time-any-place-dynasty-league/ Need t-bone65 zooty ptheoret Thanks!
  11. No Dan Pastorini option?
  12. The open team comes from of strong tradition of winning so its got that going for it
  13. Wonder how the Bills feel about that......
  14. usually when people retire they move to Arizona not from.... Kind of weird why he would up and leave and pull the kids out of school if he wasn't retiring. bad for the Cardinals since he looks like he might have a couple good years left.
  15. you each get one sock?