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  1. Starting to come around on Perine in WAS.
  2. Jesse James was actually a viable TE in larger leagues last year. Started the season with 10.6, 13.4, a stinker, 10.5 and 19.3. He's only 22 (23 by start of season) and in his third year. They've already announced he's the starter. I wouldn't sleep on this guy in larger leagues. I am damn happy I kept him on my roster this off-season. Wasn't gonna ditch him with Green's injury history, but still.
  3. OK, even that could have been a little ding against Zeke's value. There are really only 3 RBs that don't appear to share much and he's one of them.
  4. Ewww, from a fantasy standpoint that would have been pretty bad news for Zeke owners. Even if Blount vultured 4-5 TDs that would have been a big deal. Blount in PHI.... will be the "starter", and will invariably kill the value of guys like Smallwood and Sproles.
  5. Brantley has some talent and this is obviously a boon to his value but I would keep a keen eye fixated on the other interior lineman the Browns picked up in this draft.
  6. I'd be shocked if Blount accepted that offer. The Pats did that to potentially get the compensatory pick. It's the way that franchise operates.
  7. Why all the Lynch hate? The guy is running behind one of the best OLs in football, if not the best. Latavius Murray had what, 12 TDs? Murray is an average RB. Yes I know Lynch didn't look like himself at the end of his tenure with Seattle, but their OL has been one of the worst in the NFL (or THE worst) for the past 4-5 years. He's playing for his hometown Raidaaaaaaaaahs and who is competing with him for between-the-tackles carries? Answer: no one. Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington are shifty COP backs, not full-time backs. Lynch should get 15ish carries a game, and even the very average Murray averaged 4 ypc behind that line. Figure a TD every other game at worst, and you're looking at just under 1,000 yards and 8 TDs. Figure 30 catches (conservative number based on Murray's 33 last year) for additional 250 yards. That's 203 points, which would have been good for RB15 last year. This is just my opinion/projection, but feel free to tell me which number sounds off. The number of carries? YPC? Receptions? Tell me where I'm wrong. Maybe you think he won't stay healthy? I dunno. Lynch seems like the easy answer here based on opportunity alone. Charles and AP will be in serious timeshares. where they're not the "1a" in the RBBC.
  8. If he's hanging around in the 6th, you kinda gotta take a chance.
  9. Never discount Rivers' love of big, physical WRs that he can just chuck it to in their general direction and have them go get it (see: Malcom Floyd, V-Jax). Allen is a good possession guy, but Inman and even Tyrell Williams are JAGs.
  10. What is this "team defense" you speak of?
  11. Very clever, taz. Create an alias so you can extract dynasty info from your leaguemates.
  12. If he comes out. 2018 QB class is loaded, I wouldn't be shocked if he stuck another year.
  13. That's obviously your opinion. The Bears have done some dumb ish here but the signing of Glennon was actually not one of them. Of course that's my opinion. Glennon looked pretty good in spot duty for the Bucs. The Bears flinched HARD here. They thought there was a chance SF was taking him OR possibly even trading the pick to CLE since they had the ammo. So, the old adage "you do what it takes to get your guy" applies here. It just ended up being wholly unnecessary. And dumb.
  14. There's ways to get a hold of a player without letting other teams know what you're up to. Athletically, he compares favorably to Rodgers. Between the ears and as a leader, he has a LONG way to go.