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  1. http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2017/4/29/15442116/undrafted-free-agent-signings-tracker-2017-nfl-draft Better list, maybe.
  2. Cleveland knocked it out of the park.
  3. Agree with some of this (KB overrated, was happy to trade him for 1.11 a few weeks ago... also agree that it may signal a shift in how things go offensively) but you have to understand there is just so many touches in an offense, even if there is a fundamental shift. Overrated or not, McCaffrey and Samuel were not going to eat into the looks KB/Funchess get. They will be getting similar looks in the offense. So if you don't think that adding Samuel has taken a bite out of McCaffrey's value then I think that's a mistake. Maybe I'm wrong. I was all-in on the guy prior to the Samuel pick. I still like him but some of the luster is off.
  4. The Panthers drafting of Curtis Samuel just put a serious damper on McCaffrey's upside. Samuel will be listed as a WR and will likely not get many carries, but the two will share a lot of pages in the playbook, especially as a slot option. I was totally in the 1a, 1b, 1c camp with Fournette, Davis and McCaffrey but now am not so sure. It's a toss-up based on team needs for me. If you're stacked at WR and not RB, take Fournette. If it's the opposite, take Davis. I don't think you can go wrong either way.
  5. Chat room open for business.
  6. I'm not even gonna read the rest of this thread. I have never been so embarrassed and pissed off in my life. I am wrapping up - hopefully - a 3-month stint of unemployment and decided to enjoy the nice weather and did some day drinking today while prepping for the draft. Myles Garrett? Yeah, that was great. Then I saw the trade. Initial thoughts... shoot, they got spooked by the John Lynch / safety thing, they want both want Jamal Adams (generational talent, Bears were last in TOs last year)..... then 30-45 seconds of thinking happened............... no........ wait..... no way the Bears flinch like that. Niners will take Solomon Thomas. If Niners call bluff and take Adams, Bears either move down or take Lattimore. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE. The dumbest move EVER. I've been "covering" the NFL for close to 12 years now. I've been a Bear fan for 33+. You can call me a fair weather fan but if Trubisky isn't Aaron Rodgers 2.0 by 2020, I am officially changing my allegiance. This is a potential franchise killing move. I cannot put into words how pissed I am. Glad I was at my usual watering hole where I could swear at the top of my lungs. Had I been at BWW or something I would have either cashed out and left or got kicked out.
  7. And don't get me wrong... sexual assault is nothing to take lightly, but at some point you gotta think that someone's just lookin for a payday.
  8. La'el Collins had same thing happen to him a couple years ago. Laremy Tunsil with the gas mask last year. This person could have blackmailed him... pay me or I'll put this out there and ruin your stock.
  9. Because of this move? I think the Burkhead move was the real killer in terms of fantasy value. Unless, of course, there's something we don't know about Dion Lewis. I wouldn't be shocked if they feel he's just not 100%. James White proved he can be the "pass catcher", Gillislee will be the "Blount" now. Adding Burkhead was the head-scratcher to me. All of this ballyhoo about him having 3-down back qualities is kinda funny. I will treat the NEP backfield the same for now. Gillislee will be nice in best-ball formats because there'll be weeks he runs for 85 yards and 2 TDs. But then there may be weeks he goes for 40 yards and no scores. In redrafts, I like having backups where you can plug them in on certain weeks (like when the Pats are playing cupcakes) and you're almost guaranteed 60/1. I still like James White. I think his Super Bowl performance elevated him to the main "pass catcher" in that offense, like what Lewis was touted as pre-injury. I think Burkhead and Lewis fight for scraps. Just my
  10. It could be "insurance" against that, sure.
  11. From what I heard, there is one person corroborating her side, and two on his side. Looks like someone wants a payday to me.
  12. The Titans, feeling great about landing both Jamal Adams and Corey Davis, are in a position here to fill a need. LSU's Duke Riley has a smaller sample size, but only because he was buried behind guys like Kwon Alexander and Deion Jones. Alexander and Jones are now two of the best LBs (fantasy and otherwise) in the NFL. Riley may not be as athletically gifted but shares many of the same traits as those former Tigers. ILB is a need, with Avery Williamson and Wesley Woodyard manning the middle spots. Williamson has long-term upside but Woodyard is a JAG. Riley can come along slowly. As for Tampa... another team that is feeling pretty good right now, with two boom-or-bust offensive weapons in tow, now time to address team needs. DL has been picked clean, so safety is the next team need up, and there is still a fairly deep pool here. Boston College's John Johnson projects well as a free safety in the NFL but needs work. Keith Tandy and Chris Conte are JAGs so if Johnson's able to soak it in and the athleticism translates into instant impact, then he may start sooner rather than later.
  13. And for Tampa (picking for them, per Dcat's request).... John Johnson, Safety - Boston College