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  1. Bears are idiots. Laughing my ass off.
  2. No they won't.
  3. Romo will break his collerbone walking into the booth in week 1.
  4. I would look at Indy as a likely landing spot. Ballard is pretty familiar with him, and if he's healthy he would know it.
  5. You are correct. Used up all the Victory for the Royals. Well worth it. But in reality, the Chiefs do have a decent chance this weekend. They were embarrassed on national TV against the Steelers. I expect this game to be a brutal, physical game. It would not surprise me to see the Chiefs win this. But it also wouldn't surprise me to see them get blown out. Chiefs are famous for playoff spectacular flame outs. Of course we aren't playing Indy this year, against whom we had the flame out two years ago, the Lin Elliott game, and the no-punt game. So maybe we do have a chance.
  6. The worst part of the storm will happen starting overnight Saturday and tapering off about mid day Sunday. It will be WAY more dangerous to have the game at noon.
  7. The NFL is now officially a joke. They are absolutely killing the golden goose, piece by piece.
  8. Chiefs have no chance. Not even if I wear the Victory Pants.
  9. If anything, Pagano needs to stay and that joke of a GM needs to go. How you don't protect your franchise QB with quality lineman is a fooking travesty. Pagano has done well despite being short armed by a terrible GM.
  10. Agree 100%. This game is gonna be a run game all day. Chiefs D can be had against the run.
  11. The noise wont be a factor. There will be 20,000 no shows tomorrow. It is that miserable here right now and at game time.
  12. It is going to be bitter cold Sunday here in KC. Like 5 degrees at kickoff with a wind chill pushing it below 0. I would not start Mariota.
  13. The Raiders gave that game away last night. When Johnson went down, they should have run the ball 30 times in the second half. The Chiefs are fortunate to have won that game. On a side note: Reid needs to start putting teams away.
  14. Try being a Chiefs fan.