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  1. Hey man, someone once said 80% of life is just showing up. When I was eight, my mom took me down to the Ford PP&K contest. I flung a helicopter pass about 10 yards, I shanked the punt sideways for maybe a 15 yard net, and then squibbed a kick. Went home. Later in the afternoon, the phone rang. It was the dealership asking us to come down and get the trophy. Turns out I took third, because only three kids my age showed up. Lesson learned!
  2. Awesome! Dcat deserves some credit for pushing us all week in Irish's mock!
  3. With my final pick of this mock, i'm getting back to what the Raiders did best under Crazy Al. Deep ball threats who may or may not be threatening. The Raiders select Malachi Dupree, WR, LSU. @wpob your'e up!
  4. I heard his interview on Moving the Chains with Pat and Jim on Sirius. Very impressive. Cowboys could certainly use a guy like him.
  5. Redskins go back to the Seminole well...DeMarcus Walker, DE, FSU @ajh2 is on the clock
  6. The Bengals, in order not to need a punter, will take Amara Darboh, WR, Michigan
  7. Exactly. He fits the recent profile, though. Ugh. Can't afford more players who miss four games or more every year because of off-field stupidity.
  8. I hope Dallas takes Jerrah's phone away and locks him in a broom closet for four days. T.J. Watt would be a seriously cool pick for them.
  9. The Oakland game is in Mexico City.
  10. If you're not playing FFB or gambling, then, yeah. The regular season is filled with bread and circuses. There are better ways to spend your time if you're not a NE fan.
  11. Da RAAAYDAS!!! take Justin Evans (SS) - Texas A&M @Wpob You're on the clock for the Texans!
  12. Yep. If not for fantasy football and a little wagerin', there'd be no need to watch this year. ...and I should add that the Patriots have the easiest projected schedule this year. They're a lock for the #1 seed in the AFC already.
  13. Barring injury to Brady, they will. Whatever NFC team shows up in SB52 will have wasted a good season to get there. No one is going to deny the Patriots this year.
  14. Rough sledding on the horizon for the Cowboys. Even if they're 'for real', I think 10 wins is a definite ceiling for them. Out of the gate, if they do not beat the Giants at home, they could easily start 0-3. September will be a good measuring stick. Consider my expectations 'tempered' at best for the upcoming year. 2017 will be a time to build character and determine what we need defensively to actually make a deep run in the playoffs in 2018.