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  1. This season - Fournette longer term - CMC
  2. Neil Young quiz - 85% (17/20) Beatles quiz - 75% (15/20) Zeppelin quiz - 70% (14/20)
  3. This is easy...New England is a lock. There's no safer pick. BUF is not going to sweep them.
  4. And.... Flipper Anderson STILL the greatest receiver of all time.
  5. I learned my lesson with him the last 2 years and avoided in every league.
  6. I'm in quite a few leagues with Henry and I can tell you, he basically ignores the noise and goes BPA. His skill, imo, is that he doesn't try to predict injury or outsmart the stats, he simply picks value and BPA. You'll see guys like Edelman and Decker, Forte and Ware. I'll let him reveal anything more if he chooses. He must have 50+ teams. Hell, I have 20 myself. Henry is a good dude for sure.
  7. And I'm the owner he paid for ASJ! I still think ASJ can be a TE1 but it might take a couple more years.
  8. TA is practically undraftable in non bestball leagues, imo. Way too inconsistent to start comfortably.
  9. Everyone has their predictions for Barnidge but to drop him outright is insane unless TE is not a mandatory position and/or your league has very limited bench space and you already have a reliable TE1.
  10. Fustercluck! Is that the term you wanted to use?
  11. Woo Hoo!! Hyde TD!!!
  12. Too early to say. The optimist in me (I also have some teams with Charles) would like to think they ride Charles while they can. He will fall off a cliff eventually, why not get everything you can until it's over THEN use Ware. However, if Ware has a few more games like that in a row - which is actually not very likely, imo - Charles might be a glorified back up. But really, it's too soon to tell. I don't feel comfortable making a definitive call on that just yet. Like I said, cautiously optimistic, they're saving Charles for week 5+.
  13. I would like to see Carlos Hyde have a big game. He's the one player I'm most invested in because he was an insane value. There were drafts where I got him in round 6 and maybe later. So yeah, Hyde. Let's get it on!
  14. I saw this and thought to myself, "oh, he looked good tonight, let me check his stats". I wasn't intently watching the game but the few times I recall seeing him get the ball, he looked decent, obviously the had very few targets, so that played a role. I'm guessing he'll be frustrating like last year where he puts up a very few big games with a lot of duds.
  15. None that I can think of either. There's a first for everything. McCown clearly had a thing for Barnidge and with him back starting, I don't see how Barnidge doesn't continue to be his top guy, especially with 2 new WRs (Coleman, Gordon) where chemistry will need to be nurtured.