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  1. At the end of last season, i thought that Tevin Coleman (10th round keeper value) was a no brainer to be my keeper. Now i find myself considering Isaiah Crowell (9th round keeper value) as a better option. Losing Shanahan makes me less confident in Coleman being the obvious choice. Which route should i lean? 10 team Standard scoring league
  2. Sounds like you're talking about a play in the Seahawks/Lions game. Bud Dupree gave Matt Moore some sweet chin music with the crown of his helmet
  3. It's playoff teams only
  4. I agree with this
  5. Bump
  6. Thabks GGL
  7. Standard scoring I was going to take a chance on AJ Green but it looks like hes not going to play. Which WR should I plug in? S.Smith @ PIT (hasn't played well vs PIT) Jeffrey vs WAS (covered by Norman) Gabriel @ CAR (Julio is back, low targets) Lockett vs ARI (ride the hot hand?)
  8. Should I play Sanders vs NE, Gabriel vs SF, or Jeffrey vs GB? STANDARD SCORING Need to pick 1 to start
  9. Bump
  10. I'd play Bennett
  11. bump
  12. AJ Green can no longer stay in my IR slot so I need to drop someone My roster: Big Ben, Mariota Bell, McCoy, Gilislee, Tevin, Dixon Sanders, Green, SSS, Gabriel, Moncrief I have Marshall but I have a waiver claim dropping him to get Jeffrey Standard Scoring
  13. Hope you went with Gabriel
  14. Need some WR help - standard scoring I start 3 WRS, I currently have: T. Williams @ CAR Kelvin vs SD D. Adams vs SEA WR on my bench: Pryor vs CIN Hopkins @ IND Watkins vs PIT Crowder @ PHI Im thinking about getting Pryor and Crowder into the lineup for Kelvin and Adams. What say you? I need some help since Carr put up a whopping 5 for me on TNF
  15. Thanks guys