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  1. As Loaf and I said, expect a lot of Bess and Cameron...
  2. McGahee as long as he passes physical. Expect a lot of action from Chris Ogbonnaya as well. He will be the 3rd down back and get most of the action in week 3, anyway.
  3. I'd expect a bunch of dink and dunks, Hoyer isn't a down the field thrower. Bess could see quite a few targets along with Cameron. Gordon may waste away and get a target or two downfield deep, but with little success. A lot of the success for any of the Browns offense will come in the 4th quarter as 2nd stringers and prevent defenses play light underneath.
  4. I just got that info a few minutes too. That would make Bradshaw the prime guy to benefit...but does that put value in Donald brown too? Thinking a few weeks down the road, when Bradshaw goes down with more feet issues, is Donald the man next to the man now?
  5. According to rotoworld: http://www.rotoworld.com/ "Danny Amendola was limited in Wednesday's practice with a groin injury. Amendola has been dealing with the injury the last two weeks, but the Patriots are just disclosing it now. It's not clear if it will impact his status for Week 1 against the Bills, but it explains why he didn't play in the third preseason game. If Amendola is ruled out, Julian Edelman will replace him as New England's slot receiver."
  6. Saw em running around. Looks like he is fine.
  7. Sorry plagiarize police, Ill be sure to use quotes next time on something that is social media and isnt plausible by plagiarism.
  8. However not for Mike Wallace in his deal he makes $27M in 1st 2yrs on deal. By the third year the $ is similar to Bowe by comparison
  9. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall during the Big Harbaugh Dinner Party at mom and dad's house. "Hey, Jimbo. Boldin sure would look nice in red next year. Not sure we will be able to keep 'em around with the cap issues we are facing. I'd hate to drop him and just let em walk to a contender of ours." "Why thanks big brother. It's the least you can do for me after all we have been through. I'll toss ya a 6th rounder so that it looks like a "trade" ". Something tells me this was more of a "favor" than a trade....
  10. Not to derail or pull away from the original post, but I think the short leash on ALL Rookie QBs is much too short. Players like Cam, Luck, and Griffin have spoled everyone in the past two years. Sorry, but those guys are not the norm, we just got lucky two years in a row. Everyone wants to catch lightning in a bottle, but you can't keep starting over hoping to be that team. Whatever happend to sitting a QB for their first year to learn? Reason we dont, b/c we all want instant gratification.
  11. Pat Shurmur....to the eagles as the OC. Good lucky Philly. You just negated all excitement after bringing in Chip.
  12. Without Bill Belichick, Tom Brady would never be Tom Brady. Matt Cassel is a prime example of the system, not the QB.
  13. Says a man talking about a team record in the regular season....comparing apples to oranges. Not the same thing.
  14. Manning may be 9-11 in playoffs, but how many of those playoff runs started with a first round bye because of him? If you have him play in those weaker wildcard games, his 9-11 easily could be switched to a more meaningful win loss record. I think it is horribly unfair to use this stat line against him.
  15. A move like this from Chip is a desparate move by both parties. Philly offered more because they had no one and Kelly is runnin away from a sanction that is shedding more light that he doesn't want to be a part of for the next few years.