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  1. Nice try, but fell a little short(about 2 inches on that field goal).
  2. Treadwell's hands looked good at OTA,s but pads aren't on yet.
  3. Have 2 teams traded the top 2 picks recently?
  4. That was classic. He used to tell the team no heaters on the sidelines too.
  5. The Huddle doesn't run the leagues. MFL does most of them, which I like a lot better than CBS or the free leagues. If you have issues they respond pretty quickly, in a lot of leagues you are on your own. I like 12 team dynasty,IDP(defensive players), but others have other likes.
  6. Will play while Witten's on bye.
  7. Even less, they don't want to be be told they were wrong if he's successful.
  8. Thought Lynch would play last week and lost both starting RB's. Going with Freeman and Randle this week.
  9. Lost both starting RB's, Lynch/Murray, thought about activating him and Randle. Freeman and Tyrod Taylor saved me this week.
  10. The comments section is pretty good. Yes it's the same people that cover stats and rate players by them most of the time. The 2nd negative grade was a throw that could have been picked and taken for a TD but wasn't. In the Chigago game Cutler threw 2 such passes that weren't intercepted, how many times have defensive players not caught passes they could have? It's just one writer.
  11. FREEMAN! 3 TD's too and 100 yards. Plus 5 receptions. This ain't over yet.
  12. Guess I should've activated him over Freemen for today, but Freemen has 2 TD's today.
  13. He's too tough to miss the game. Dallas Inactives QB Matt Cassel, RB Christine Michael, WR Dez Bryant, TE Geoff Swaim, G Ron Leary, DE Randy Gregory ,DE Jeremy Mincey