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  1. The Board Room: Moderator Abilities for myself nittanylion , as well as: GermantownDicks Agent Orange Thanks very much!
  2. In the 'Other FF Leagues' area, we recently opened a new Forum titled 'Md Dynasty 2013...'. I'm a Moderator there. The new Forum was created by the Mod of our other Forum 'The Dynasty'. The Forum name is a temporary one, until we decide on an appropriate ***official*** name. Well, it's about that time. Need to know how to go about doing that (changing the name of our League Forum). Thanks!
  3. Wow Billy, you sure told me - you might want to check and adjust the settings on your Tool Factor, as it seems a little high today, man. Or maybe that's how you are all the time? In any case, it sure leaves a very poor 1st impression...definitely not excellent. It's not 'my little game'. I have nothing to do with My Brutes except that I think it's a neat enough Game to want to share with my LeagueMates so we can have some fun beating each other up at something other than Fantasy Football. My LeagueMates, who are my good friends. Not you, not anyone else that I don't know from Adam on this board. Just my good friends in my FF League. Someone on another Site introduced me to it, I think it's neat, I enjoy playing it, and I thought my Leaugemates might, too, and I saw some possibilities for fun outside of Fantasy Football for myself and my LeagueMates, who maintain a League Forum here. I tried to post a link to the Site in our private League Forum and it corrupted the addy and I wanted to know why...I didn't start a Thread in one of the General Forums begging a bunch of people I don't know with the Ulterior Motive of 'Ooh, ooh, ooh!!! Sign up with my link so I can reap benefits!'...I guess that folks who do that kind of thing ultimately ruin everyone else's chance to just have fun. That's not me - I'm an adult, I work hard, and I don't have time for that kind of juvenile crap. So I posted here to find out why, and I was polite about it - I even said 'please' and 'thanks' in my post. Man, some people... I'm genuinely curious why doesn't have a problem with having a Consolidated Thread about My Brute or Goal Line Blitz in their Free For All Forum, while it appears that The Huddle won't even allow me to post a link in my League's Private Forum for just me and my League-mates to enjoy? Why not just have a Consolidated Thread in a General Forumfor all things Goal Line Blitz or My Brutes, or whatever, and just let folks do whatever it is they do in those Threads do it, and if you don't like it, then don't enter the Thread? If folks post about it outside the Thread, or engage in malicious behavior, re-direct them to the Thread, and ultimately punish them for not following the rules if they persist in exhibiting poor decorum? I'm still genuinely curious about the apparently different stance on these types of things between what I consider to be the two premier Sites in the FF Business. I can't imagine something as innocuous as this passing muster in the footballguys FFA and not here. Any CONSTRUCTIVE commentary would be greatly appreciated. I don't have any agenda whatsoever. I'm absolutely genuinely baffled by this, and would like some clarification. Again, thank you in advance for the time you take to read and respond to this post.
  4. There's a cool little 'timewaster' of a fighting game going around...My Brute. It's easy, low maintenance, and fun. When I try to type in the website my brute dot com, here's what shows up ... Does The Huddle have an issue with this, and if so, why? No other FF-Related Message Boards I'm associated with has any issue with this, so I'm not aware as to why The Huddle would...please let me know. Thanks.