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  1. I really hope Denver pulls a draft day trade for a current NFL LT. I'm not convinced any of the top LT prospects can anchor the LT spot for years to come so a trade would be great. Then let them focus on MLB (especially speed here), large youth on the DL and depth at RB, WR and OLine.
  2. Completely agree with this. I've seen a number of mocks that have him dropping way back in the first and I really can't figure out why. Reminds me a little of Atwater.
  3. Are you saying he's the best QB of all time with this? I like Romo, but that's a big stretch.
  4. You think it was Chuck Norris there with him?
  5. Yeah I hear what you're saying. And I also think he could be a great receiver in the right system. I still struggle with them getting a 1st round pick out of a trade. Obviously they are trading him for a reason which means baggage. I could see a mid 2nd but a 1st seems high to me. Certainly a few teams need WR's but not for a 1st round pick.
  6. Did I just read that they will take a 1st round pick? That seems way to high for a WR.
  7. Wait I have a rep? Like street cred?
  8. Holy S$%t! Lead with the crown of his helmet right after his head. Hell yes that's dirty. Easiest call on the planet! Damn that was bad! Surprised Miami didn't go after Roth after that hit.
  9. From what I'm seeing it's the pick up and drop that's late. Everything else looks ok. Looks to me like the whistle clearly blew before he picked him up and dropped him.
  10. You make a great point about Lee. He's always been a really good LB just hurt all the time. Kuechly though is just unreal when he plays. I've never seen a LB cover so much ground so fast and be in on almost every play. He is just a beast. Too bad he's getting concussed as it will probably shorten his career. If you are not a Carolina fan and he's playing, you will love watching this guy play. I'll bet Kuechly doesn't play in the Pro Bowl anyway.
  11. I know AP had limited carries, but how did AP look when he did get the ball? Didn't see the game so I'm just curious.
  12. Dome da dome dome!
  13. Just send out a generic email to everyone reminding all participants that entry fee is due and don't forget to pay. If still no response may never get it.
  14. I had only 1 of 3 make the playoffs this year. The only reason why I won last week was pure luck. Scored only 56 points while my opponent only scored 48......haha poor guy.
  15. Scored a total of 56 points this week..................................and won! It was that bad.