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  1. Colorado Univ. Not much to watch until last year.
  2. The thing I keep thinking about with him is that he is most likely going to be thrust into a starting role sooner than later. Stew just doesn't last a season. Whether he can block well or not, he's going to play a ton. I agree with your numbers on the workload though. He could possibly see those numbers this year. Might be a stretch but I don't trust Stew's health at all. McC really isn't that small. About 200lbs, 5'11 is not tiny. If he adds a little weight he could be in the 20 touches per game discussion.
  3. I typically do exactly the same thing. Try to load up on WR's and RB's and roster only 1 QB and 1 TE. Been thinking the same thing and plan to pick up 2 TE's this year due to injury and just not being sold on many TE's.
  4. I think that's why I've always seemed to really target RB's early, because there are so few of them. I can't even think of many 3 down RB's anymore. I've seen others grab WR's high but have rarely seen them win much with the "I'll take the RB leftover strategy". I've always felt like I could get a solid WR later, maybe 4th round or later and end up with decent production. I still feel that way now. I agree Mixon is an interesting pick. I would probably pull the trigger on Lynch in the 5th though if he's still there.
  5. PPR in my mind seems to be key. I like the PPR format but some leagues I play in don't utilize that scoring. Interesting point about the NFL in general airing it out more than ever before. Is this resulting in more people getting touches or the same getting more touches?
  6. I've always felt like WR's were always more risky on a consistent basis than RB's. Maybe it's flawed thinking but when a WR touches the ball 4-10 times per game, and a RB touches the ball 15-20ish times per game, I'll take the RB. Now don't get me wrong, would I take CJ Anderson over JJones..........heck no, but if I'm in the 3rd round and I'm debating between a WR and a RB who I feel are on a similar tier, I'll take the RB. I've done well for years picking WR's a little later in redrafts especially.
  7. I'm sorry.....thought you were talking about my ex-wife........
  8. Denver's issue was Oline and Dline last year. QB was ok. Oline should be better this year and there is still a ton of talent in Denver this year. I'd be shocked if they weren't at the top or fighting for the top of the division this year.
  9. OMG that is so feakin funny!!!!
  10. I think I would take Peterson. Charles and Lynch will not be that effective I think. Charles has to make the team first. I'm not convince he will.
  11. Mixon is very talented and could be the guy. He still has move past 2 different backs to be the 3 down back we expect him to. I'll still take Fournette on this. Who do you like better, McCaffrey or Mixon?
  12. I just think Fournette is going to be a beast! I feel like he's going to have the ball in his hands a ton this year. The other that could do really well is McCaffrey. I know he's supposedly in a horrible system for him and the QB is all wrong.........I think he will surprise.
  13. Completely agree here. Love the guy but I'd actually be surprised if he was on the roster after pre-season. He's got to make the team first.
  14. I don't see much if any value here. Denver could use a 3rd down quick/speed back and that ain't Charles anymore unfortunately.
  15. I really hope Denver pulls a draft day trade for a current NFL LT. I'm not convinced any of the top LT prospects can anchor the LT spot for years to come so a trade would be great. Then let them focus on MLB (especially speed here), large youth on the DL and depth at RB, WR and OLine.