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  1. Let's take a close look at it. Ajayi finished 12th last season among RB's in total scoring in FULL Ppr. We're in the offseason, with no draft yet, and no preseason. Remove Blount from that top 12 (who finished 8th) since he isn't signed and will easily be the one guy who slides out. Now come end of preaseason, Ajayi could easily be ranked top 8, but we also have to take into consideration what the draft shows us in terms of which of those top 3 guys go to the right situation, that could change things as well. Preseason ranks (or even pre preseason at this point) are very challenging and will change more than once before the season starts. Keep an eye out for my website which will be completed before the season, with FULL ranking, news/notes, weekly projections, start/sit and advice and more.
  2. You need more then Higbee and Ajayi. My early season rankings (This doesn't account for rookies yet until after the draft so the rankings will change). Ajayi in PPR I have as the 11th ranked RB. Higbee is nowhere close at 27. Gronk as the #1 TE (all be it, he probably won't finish the season like usual). Brate is the 12th ranked TE so you're in good shape with him, but I would get someone other than Higbee (who would probably never see your lineup) to pair with Ajayi in this trade.
  3. HELLO EVERYONE! Hope everyone is having a great offseason, and getting pumped for the NFL Draft coming up in a few weeks. Getting the thread revived with any offseason questions anyone may have, regarding keepers, the NFL Draft (players) etc.
  4. I don't think they rest their starters this week, although Dez is questionable with a back injury. If Dez doesn't go I would go with Terrence Williams.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone. I will be leaving for the holiday so won't be online the rest of the weekend. Good luck to everyone in the playoffs.
  6. I'd roll with Tevin Coleman. Rawls could be solid vs AZ as well.
  7. I like Stafford this week to put up some solid numbers, but LA has been terrible of late on D. Kap should be solid as well. KAP higher floor, Stafford higher ceiling.
  8. Lafell (No Green or Eifert), Williams, and Jeffery.
  9. Ebron. Weather in NE is horrible.
  10. Arizona always plays Seattle tough, even in Seattle, BUT I like Oakland slightly more.
  11. Hopkins, and Farrow (If Gordon is out, which its likely he is)
  12. Yes I would grab Davis. Gates should have a solid day but has Henry there as well. Davis will have the TE slot all to himself.
  13. Farrow, I don't think Gordon is playing. Miller is OUT today btw
  14. Fitz, and Mitchell, V.Davis (If Reed is out).