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  1. Run plays in second half... -3 yards 5 yards 0 yards 9 yards -3 yards 8 yards 1 yard 2 yards 1 yard Running the ball just wasn't as effective in the second half. The hind sight of this game is just ridiculous. What would everyone be saying if the Falcons ran the ball every play in the second half and they punted every time? The Falcons played "not to lose" and therefore deserved to lose. Coaching in the NFL requires so much strategy that us common folk can't begin to understand or see.
  2. Oh yes, the Falcon game is much more confusing. The Seahawks had one thing go wrong. The Falcons made questionable play call after questionable play call.
  3. As a general rule, never keep a quarterback unless you are starting two of them.
  4. I am not saying that I would not have given it to him myself, but it is just completely asinine to discredit the Patriots Super Bowls because of the actions of other teams. Especially that one because we literally never know what could happen. It is the beauty of sports.
  5. Anyone that believes Seattle surely wins if they hand the ball to Lynch is just dumb. That season he had converted a score from the 1 just 1 out of 5 times. To assume he scores it is idiotic. More than that, the Patriots still would have had time to run down the field to win. I believe like 1 minute left? Not like Tom didn't prove he can move the ball down the field quickly or anything.
  6. Why does everyone feel the need to separate them? In no other duo, does a coach or player lose as much "greatness" as a result of the other member of said duo. Almost all great quarterbacks had incredible coaches. I think you are right with the statement that it is both. Bill is the greatest coach of all time and Tom is the greatest quarterback of all time.
  7. This is so impressive to me. 24 leagues seems insane, can't even imagine.
  8. You really made yourself look silly here. If Forte is out, Powell is arguably a top 5 RB this week against Miami.
  9. Is New England ever overrated?
  10. I mostly say this because I think both leagues are going to be pretty competitive and there aren't clear "favorites" in my mind not because I think the Giants are supremely better because they just beat the Cowboys. It just feels like one of those years where the Giants are pretty good and are flying under the radar a little more than some others in the NFC. And lets be honest, if the Giants are in the Super Bowl, they have to play New England.
  11. Like the third installment of Giants over Patriots in the Super Bowl kind of year?
  12. I like Shepherd or Woods over Pryor. Start Meredith
  13. Meredith will score many more points than Michael ROS
  14. Rishard Matthews and Tyreek Hill are available in a 14 team league?
  15. He looked pretty dang healthy on Sunday night and he fed Prosise like crazy.