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  1. Yes absolutely take that trade
  2. As a niners fan I have to say he can't be worse than Baalke
  3. I need Zeke to score 14.5 points or less. Standard scoring
  4. Julio is active you play him, no question. I would start him over Nelson
  5. Ya I haven't trusted dez much all year and not sure if I do in the championship game
  6. Another question I have Dez as my Wr2. Would anyone play Inman over Dez?
  7. Any other thoughts on game day? Anyone think weather will be an issue?
  8. Sit Jeffery, Diggs and Anderson
  9. Bump
  10. Inman, Lockett and Mitchell
  11. Sorry, standard scoring non ppr
  12. In the championship, who to put in flex?