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  1. Grab him now. He will probably start instantly over starks.
  2. I'd hold onto starks for a week or two and see if he has a good week. Watkins should be there later.
  3. I feel like Watkins is a good stash. but not worth dropping anyone right now.
  4. If you can pull gurley off for luck sign me up in that league.
  5. Goff for president
  6. Hi. What should I expect out of Goff this week? Any Ideas? Why do they think he's "Not ready" Yet? He's good.
  7. I think you're giving up too much. If you could get a WR + In that deal it'd be a good deal to go... Reed is nice but you're losing out on Hopkins who may be boom or bust this late in the season. if you wanted maximum trade appeal then + WR is a good way to go.
  8. If he doesn't do it then I'd probably hold onto martin. Ty + D.Martin is a good offer considering Martin will be a work horse.
  9. I envy you.
  10. I hope you're all excited Ram's fans! Goff is starting!
  11. Eli is vs browns.
  12. Pretty much the same outcome. Sproles splitting too just as much...
  13. Taking a break. Eating some chips. Watching the game.
  14. You'd have to give up like.... L.Bell and Eddleman.
  15. Now get me 44 more points and we'll call it a day Eifert.