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  1. Gordon as long as he is healthy.
  2. Watkins vs NYJ Thielen vs Chi
  3. Mariota or Stafford
  4. If Miller is out. Henry vs Jax Farrow vs Clev
  5. If I flex Miller, I need to put one of the following at rb2: Farrow Hillman Henry
  6. Need 1 QB Mariota, Stafford, or Bortles. My RB's are Murray and Miller (lost Gordon to injury) Need 1 flex and 3 WR's from the following ( and replace Miller if he is a no go. He has a late game so I may have to decide early. Was thinking of putting him in the flex and starting another RB becuz E. Sanders plays late and I could put him in for Miller if needed): Farrow vs Clev Henry vs Jax Nelson vs Minn Gabriel vs Car Cooper vs Indy Mitchell vs NYJ T. Williams vs Clev E. Sanders vs KC 1 TE: Henry vs Clev CJ vs Cinci Waiver: Hillman vs Clev Lee vs Tenn No ppr., players get pts for return yds.
  7. Henry vs Jax Farrow vs Clev Hillman vs Clev
  8. Also could pick up Bortles to play at QB
  9. No ppr. I have AB and Nelson. WR3 options: Crabtree vs Indy R. Matthews vs Jax Landry vs Buf Mitchell vs NYJ Ginn vs Atl ( players get pts for return yds) Just saw that Eifert is out so I need to pick up a TE from the following options: CJ vs Cinci Sims vs Buf
  10. I have Cooper and am playing Gabriel over him. I don't trust Cooper. Gabriel has been good the last several weeks with or without Jones. Carolina will look to shut down Jones after he had 300 yds against them earlier this season. If you get pts for return yds I would consider Lockett at home.
  11. Made it to the championship, but injuries are hurting me. Lost Gordon who has been ruled out. Miller may not play this week. Here is my line up, my bench, and waiver possibilities. Let me know any changes you may make. If Miller does not play my best option may be Henry even though I already have Murray. No ppr. QB: Mariota vs Jax RB: Murray vs Ajax RB: Miller vs Cinci Flex: Farrow vs Clev WR: Nelson vs Minn WR: Sanders vs KC WR: Gabriel vs Car TE: Hunter vs Clev K: Hopkins vs Chi ( probably gonna with Lutz vs TB off waivers) Bench WR: T. Williams vs Clev (like him but has 2 bad games in a row) Cooper vs Indy ( don't trust him) Mitchell vs NYJ ( like him, could have a goal D week) QB: Stafford vs Dallas RB: Henry vs Jax Waiver wire: Lee vs Tenn Deonte Thompson( chi) vs Wash. (players get pats for return yds. Lee and Thompson are the returners for their team) R. Anderson vs NE TE: Ebron vs Dallas CJ vs Cinc Davis vs Chi D. Sims vs Buf Thanks for any input.