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  1. I know its probably wrong but every time I hear that word, I think abut Something About Mary. Healy: My real passion is my hobby. Mary: Really what's that? Healy: I work with retards. Mary: Isn't that a little uhm, politically incorrect? Healy: Well to hell with that, no one's gonna tell me who I can and cant work with right? Mary: No, I mean... HEALY: There's this one kid, we call him Mongo on account of he's a mongoloid. He got out of his cage once and--" MARY: He's in a cage? HEALY: Well it's more of an enclosure really. MARY They keep him confined? That's bullhonda! HEALY That's what I said, so I went out and got him a leash you know, one of those clothesline runners for the backyard. He's got plenty of room out there to dig. The kid's really blossomed. Now I can take him to ball games, movies--you know, happy stuff. MARY: That sounds like fun. HEALY: Yeah, it's fun for them, but it's heaven for me. (getting emotional) Those goofy bastards are just about the best thing I have in this crazy old world
  2. Bomb, bomb, bomb.....bomb bomb bomb.
  3. For instance...if ads in a 3 hour game take up 30 minutes, the game being shown takes up 2.5 hours. Speed up the game to 2 hours of televised game time, guess how long the game will still take? Still 3 hours, since they now have an hour of ads to produce revenue.
  4. Bullets seem so violent. Maybe just with a crossbow. "Message for you sir."
  5. Kellen Winslow extended himself.
  6. Now you are being silly. Force fields can not be opened for less than 10 seconds.
  7. Drop a 3 foot diameter bullseye. It could just stay there or swing it like a pendulum. Hit that and ya get 5. Put a camera on it so refs could determine a true hit. RedBull could sponsor it.
  8. Good point. I was always thinking it was in the kicking teams best interest to get a long hang time to get your guys down there and pin them <20 yard line on a kickoff, but what you said makes sense.
  9. I still dont understand and never hear commentators talk about the fact that they moved up the kickoff, but teams never adjusted to get their kicker to still try to pin the ball close to the end-zone. The kickers still boot the thing out of the end zone 9 out of 10 times. Why arent the kickers trying to take something off it, to force the other team to catch it and try and run?
  10. If kicks are almost automatic, then why don't they propose to move the kick back 10, 15, or 20 yards to give the kicker some challenge?
  11. At least he didnt mix up the jars with Stickum. Yowza!
  12. I see Leo DiCaprio has a "7"...seems like you have way, way more clicks than him so you are a shoe-in.
  13. I read the O/U at 54.5 with Eagles -2.5