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  1. Did you also get a good laugh when he won 2 SB's and 2 SB MVP's or is that laugh reserved for when Eli throws an int or Romo gets beat in another playoff game by dropping a snap or throwing a stupid int?
  2. Who did I criticize? Are you talking about grits? I am not knocking him, he is who he is. All good. He turned this thread into a ridiculous waste of space, good for him. No ill will there.
  3. Your last comment is SO money Country. Let's examine why activity has dropped on these boards...I wonder why...maybe because people like grits do what they do and people just don't want to deal with it. Maybe because a thread that I said TIME AFTER TIME was about the value of Marshall and McCoy going forward gets moved to the advice board after whining and crying from people like grits. If this is what the huddle wants awesome...and people leave and the activity drops like it has. So be it. To me I would call out people like grits for what they do and how childish they are. But the huddle goes in another direction. All good. Their call of course. Just comical what this thread became and then it was moved. Comical and sad really.
  4. What does it matter if I say hey I just dealt for these guys, I like their value moving forward, other thoughts??? That's it...again you are looking for people to disguise things and try and sneak stuff through, and that is pathetic...why would people do that. I would love to get your thoughts on McCoy and Marshall going forward grits. That would be awesome.
  5. And thank god he is here for that...LOL. Otherwise we wouldn't have two pages of nonsense on this one....
  6. You are awesome grits...I actually love people like once again I thank you. You must be the saddest person alive if you think people would post on here and disguise things so they can get trades rated. That is ridiculous bro? I mean come on man. It is sad stuff really. NO ONE cares about my trade, and I wouldn't expect them to. As Finn said the topic at hand is McCoy and Marshall moving forward. That is what I would LOVE to discuss and get comments on. I would LOVE to get your thoughts on that. I don't care AT ALL about your thoughts on my trade.
  7. But, and here is the best part, even if there was 1 drop of confusion I CLEARLY said do NOT rate my trade. I don't care about that. Please let's talk about their value moving forward. That is ALL I care about. Rating a completed trade does nothing for me or anyone unless I can go back in time and undo the deal...I DON'T CARE about you rating my trade. Let's talk about McCoy and Marshall's value moving forward. That is the topic.
  8. So the topic title which says keep me honest says rate my trade...interesting. And the comment in red actually proves my point 100% grits, so once again I thank you bro. If I said To me I love this deal and see me getting McCoy and Marshall at the perfect time. But maybe I am missing something. That clearly means am I missing something...I like their value going forward...but maybe I am missing something. Which is why I said I think I am getting them at the perfect time...which is me implying I think going forward they will be better and get closer to their pre-draft value. So thank you. Once again I appreciate your comments.
  9. And grits you would be 100000000000% right if that was the point of this thread...WHICH IT IS NOT. Why the F would I ask you to rate a trade that is already done? What is the point of that? What is gained from that. If you can show a thread on here where I have EVER posted something like that I would say you got me....but I don't. Just looking for some thoughts on McCoy and Marshall going forward. Would love to get your thoughts bro. Once again thank you for your comments.
  10. It is what guys like grits do is all good. A simple hey some thoughts on McCoy and Marshall going forward has turned into this nonsense...why because people like grits love to see themselves type nonsense. What can you do. I appreciate all comments.
  11. Wrong...I don't want you to rate my trade. Actually I prefer you didn't rate my trade because I don't care about your rating. I would however LOVE for you to comment on Marshall and McCoy and their value going forward. That would make me happy. That's what I am looking for comments on, NOT rating my trade. Thank you again for your comments. They are very much appreciated.
  12. Show me the other threads and I would love to read the comments. Thank you for the help Dolphin...I appreciate it. And I actually literally said in my original post: So are people really that down on McCoy and Marshall and don't see them rebounding to at least somewhat normal production level for them? That is the real question. McCoy and Marshall??? Again, all good. This is why we all love to be here.
  13. You are a trip man. Please keep doing what you do, it is fun reading. The deal is done, I don't care about opinions on the trade. I don't have to come here to ask for opinions on a trade. I am simply curious about thoughts on McCoy and Marshall's values moving forward. The trade is 100% done, and even if it wasn't I wouldn't ask for opinions on whether or not it is a good trade for me. You are one of those guys who is full of themselves and likes to feel important with your little comments. It is what you do man. It's all good though bro, like I said you be you. No issues.
  14. I think that is fair Finn. I just looked at the point totals through 5 weeks and the guys I gave have 58.40 more points thus far than the guys I got. So yeah only time will tell. My own opinion is Marshall and McCoy will be at least somewhat at their norms at some point this season, and that is what I am curious people agree or think those two guys are going to have flat out bad years. Interesting discussion....
  15. I don't want you to rate it bro, I don't care about that. My question is more around the value of Marshall and McCoy going. Not rating a trade I already made. Why would I care about that...LOL. But thank you for being true to yourself and your shtick....