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  1. They supposedly like Tapper alot. We'll see
  2. Please no
  3. They have Irving, Lawrence, Crawford, Collins, Mayowa and Tapper. I don't think of them will get 8 - 10 sacks (Lawrence possibly if he stays healthy I guess) , because none of them are great and Marinelli likes to rotate guys in and out. Which is another reason I think they pass in the 1st Eta: you've known me long enough to know I'm not a draft/prospect guy so I'm probably wrong here lol. I'm just basing this off what I've read lately
  4. I'm getting a feeling they're comfortable with the dline they have and will be taking CB in the 1st. All depends what happens in front of them of course. Wouldn't be surprised if they trade down
  5. Yeah, it's rough
  6. Sorry guys. I assumed we were only doing a round (I thought that's all we did last yr). I only signed on because I thought you'd need help just to fill it. I didn't realize it would go at this pace either tbh. I've drafted in BOTH drafts that we're this "intense"
  7. Tampa Bay politely asks for a redo and selects John Ross WR Washington. Long day...
  8. Tampa Bay selects Garett Bowles OT Utah
  9. Ravens select Mike Williams WR Clemson
  10. Tag me when I'm up I'll check later, busy today
  11. I'm nowhere near the draft guy that I'm sure some of you are, and I know D usually is, but this seems awful high. I've seen some people that think he'll be there for Dallas at 28
  12. Yeah. I don't really care either way but I believe trades were brought up last yr and it was decided there wouldn't be any
  13. Not a big deal and there's probably nothing you can do about it, but this is completely unreadable on a phone
  14. Pencil me in for the Ravens and Bucs, if a homer shows up and wants them I'll take someone else