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  1. Played Cincy D last week instead of Denver - and wondering the same this week. GB @ CHI or NYG vs DET These are the best options on the WW. Thanks and 100% WHIR
  2. Stick with Hilton, IMO
  3. Personally I like Ware and Forte - but that's just me. D. Thomas should be good unless Paxton Lynch starts - then go Kelly. Good luck!
  4. Not sure if this is Standard or PPR - but I would consider switching Jay Ajayi for Lafell - but only if weather is OK and only if PPR. Watch Reed too as he may be out again. thanks for answering mine.
  5. RG III starting - 100% WHIR. Thanks!
  6. Bump will help with yours!
  7. Thanks for your service! In my opinion I would play Britt in all your pick 1's (except vs Sea - then I'd play Woods) and play Britt/Tate in all of your pick 2's. Regards,
  8. Newton owner wants Rivers straight up. Pull the trigger? Both have decent playoff schedules. WHIR
  9. 0.5 PPR Not sure I trust Hyde and his opponent is decent against the run. Houston no slouch either. Thanks and WHIR!!
  10. 6 points passing TDs. 1 point per 50 yds passing. Coin flip or clear favorite? I'm worried AZ will run the ball all day - but I love the matchup. Thanks WHIR!
  11. Was hoping Hyde would play - so may need one of these. 0.5 PPR. Thanks will answer yours!
  12. Oops forgot Demaryius Thomas as my 3rd WR. Added to Sig.
  13. Tough one for sure - I actually like Mariota. Vegas has O/U a full TD higher than the Detroit game - and MIN plays much better at home. I think TN will be forced to throw.
  14. Team in sig below: I would be sending Rivers/Hopkins for Evans. I like Rivers but he's a wild card - can probably survive with Palmer and Cousins. Evans would be an upgrade. Thoughts??
  15. Both are disappointments - My Team: RB: Bell, Hyde, Riddick, D. Williams WR: Hopkins, Marshall, DT, Hurns, Ty Williams Could use some RB depth - thoughts?