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  1. Any Time, Any Place is looking for 3 active owners who are up to a challenge. This is a salary cap league that starts 20 every week - including an 11 man D and a punter. Rosters are 43 with a 12 man developmental squad. There is a francise tags available each year, as well as a RFA period coming up in April, as well as the draft to build the team as you see fit. Cost is $75, with weekly high score payouts as well as awards for finish in the playoffs. The league constitution is here: The teams available are here. We will roll dice to see who gets which team. Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Draft: You can also open the top performers listing at mfl to see how players score relative to each other. PM me if you are interested. Payment sent to keg will be required before you acquire ownership rights for the team.
  2. Who cares? Yet another media feeding frenzy created by the media.
  3. If that's the case, it 's because someone walked in with a garbage bag of Benjamins and dropped it on SEA
  4. Whistling through the graveyard
  5. I give even less of a crap, if that's possible, with the new format. How really, really moranic
  6. They are supposed to be posted today
  7. Something to add a little perspective. This isn't just the #1 offense, this is the best offense in the history of the NFL.
  8. Food for thought: SEA on the road Opp record 65-63 6-2 23.0 ave pf 15.1 ave pa DEN on the road Opp record 64-64 6-2 36.3 ave pf 27.4 ave pa Against common opponents SEA 4-1 27.8 ave pf 16.8 ave pa DEN 4-1 39.4 ave pf 24.4 ave pa
  9. We need to do the Australian rules football thing. It's more challenging and there's hugh entertainment in the officials' signals as a bonus.
  10. Because there's no risk at all and poor field position for the opponent with a touchback. What do you hope to gain by forcing a return? +/- 4 yds maybe? And risk a bigger return? Not worth it.
  11. 2 for 2 no less. Colorado resident, maybe?
  12. Do you do drugs, Danny?
  13. The free throw rule changed in basketball when Wilt Chamberlain dunked his.
  14. Should be interesting when DEN passes. SEA lead the league in both defensive holding and defensive pass interference calls. DEN lead the league in offensive pass interference calls. Pretty obvious that both teams like to push the envelope in regard to passing rules. Maybe a prop bet on the over for penalties might be in order...
  15. The NFL is showing a disturbing trend that seems to be in favor of killing the golden goose. Sometimes the best change is no change.