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  1. I have to go for a big upside based on my teams performed and playing against a few players who went off. I need the upside of Lewis going off and having a magical night. Blount going 100 yards and 1TD won't help me much
  2. My whole (the really bad word)ing team except Eifert and Sanders. A special FU to the Jets defense who can't stop a nosebleed. Hyde is going to deliver the kill shot to my team this week. Till next season...
  3. Am I overthinking things or is Sproles a better play this week over Blount who faces Balt Def? Also trying to decide between Diggs, Sanders, and Eifert. Eifert is currently in the lineup but concerned about weather and if they need to throw much today. PPR with bonus for yardage over 100 and long TD's.
  4. Or Shady blows his hamstring in the cold
  5. I picked up NE def this morning and decided to leave KC on the bench
  6. I'm just glad Romo wasn't playing. He would have been crushed with the pass rush the Vikings D was getting last night. Dak didn't play great but his legs kept plays alive.
  7. He's not coming back this season. It's a formality and I need them to hurry with the IR designation. My league allows placing a keeper on IR status and freeing up a roster spot
  8. We Dem Boyz!
  9. Diggs
  10. He's not playing again this year. If he comes back he won't last long. The back needs more time to heal than what's left in the season. Wishful thinking, ask JJ Watt
  11. Bump Edelman and Lewis.
  12. I thought the same thing when this happened to denvers head coach but the offense was so dumbed down and vanilla. Makes me even more nervous about starting Diggs
  13. Enunwa. He's been better when Fitz is at QB
  14. Kaep Howard, Kelley Marshall, Watkins