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  1. Doubt Fournette all you want & I can't say that I really disagree, but in today's NFL where the majority of teams opt for a RBBC approach, I just don't see how anyone could possibly consider passing on getting what looks to be the closest thing to a workhorse back in quite some time.
  2. Agree. Patriots were already a plug & play offense based on whatever matchups they wanted to exploit, but at least before they only had one real option as a grind-it-out, short yardage/goal line type guy in Blount. Now wit both Gillislee & Burkhead, who knows. Not to mention, Blount hasn't actually left New England yet, though I don't see them keeping him. Gillislee was looking real interesting towards the end of last year and I'd come very close to pulling the trigger on him in my dynasty league multiple times. But, that was strictly with an eye on the future knowing that McCoy wouldn't be around forever and the possibility of him being the next guy in line. Now? Who is the last New England RB that you could really count on, Corey Dillon in 2004? And just how long did that last?
  3. Well (the really bad word)! That was supposedly who the Saints were targeting at 11 and coveted over Lattimore.
  4. AD says it's happening: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/19237595/adrian-peterson-says-signing-new-orleans-saints Saints gave Adrian Peterson a two-year deal. They would like him to play two years and he wants to play the two years. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) April 25, 2017 ----------------------------- I still don't think that precludes them from taking McCaffery if he's there, but I have a feeling that he won't be anyway. I think the pick at 11 will end up being the best CB available Conley or Lattimore or possibly Allen if he somehow falls.
  5. Saints & Peterson close to a deal per Rapoport https://twitter.com/rapsheet/status/856590954660233218 ETA: Saints beat reporter Jeff Duncan is confirming he is hearing the saints are closing in on a deal with him and both sides are motivated to get it done.
  6. Don't think this was a good deal for the Saints on the surface, but he just wasn't the greatest fit and likely would have walked anyway once his contract was up.
  7. I agree and that's probably why that is what they're asking.
  8. That's not a rumor, it's a guess by Alex Marvez. The rumor is that they're asking a first, which I could see them wanting. They spent a first to get him, he's done enough to warrant a first, so that kinda makes sense. And from the Saints perspective, why not put him out there if he's not happy? Thomas is definitely a #1 WR and Cooks' role could be replaced either via FA or in the draft. Cooks is an amazing talent, but IMO he's underutilized in the offense because a lot of the time they just need him to stretch the defense. That's why he disappears for some games.
  9. So, do they draft another RB? West played well at the end of the season, but I don't think they see him as an every down back and Ware was pretty much garbage from about week 14 on through the playoffs.
  10. Excited? Cheering? More like disgusted & frustrated. Just because we make jokes of it doesn't mean we enjoy it or want it to happen.
  11. Meh, looks fine to me, but I like simple. Really don't care what color it is.
  12. Unfortunately I think Tampa is next in line.
  13. Flacons have hired Stever Sarkisian from Bama as their new OC.
  14. Thankfully Tielen didn't cost me. Snead didn't give me what I'd hoped, but the rest of the team all scored well.
  15. Opponent has Brees. Went for the block, which I never do, and started both Thomas and Sneed. Should have stuck with what got me there and played Thielen.