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Found 448 results

  1. last monday I was staring into space & i was staring at the trash can & i see the girl i liked looking at me while she was walking over to throw something in the trash can. Then later I was staring at the wall & when i look over she was Leaning her Head Against her Hand While looking at me & smiling. Then on Wednesday i heard her saying ” i don’t know why he looks at me.
  2. T Lockett vs ARI M Mitchell vs NYJ AJ Green @ HOU J Hill @ HOU Non PPR, just need to fill my flex. Rest of my lineup (for now) is in my sig. I'm leaning Lockett as he seems to be hitting his stride and surprisingly has the best matchup with the ARI DEF giving up 38.2 pts to the WR per game over the last four weeks. I know M Mitchell had two TD's last time around against the Jets, but he's cooled off lately (albeit against two solid DEF's) and I'm concerned about that game getting out of hand early and him not getting the targets. As for AJ, I'd love to just ride-or-die with him as he helped get me to the ship, but he seems too risky coming off that injury against a solid HOU DEF. And, oh BTW, my opponent has L Bell, E Elliott, and L McCoy going this week. He hasn't paid attention all year though, not making a single move since the draft, and still has B Walsh as his starting kicker, with several other duds in his lineup. So I'm thinking I should still win in spite of his studly stable of backs, but if I lose to somebody who doesn't even care to keep an active kicker in the lineup, I might have to hang up my fantasy cleats! Thanks for the help!
  3. wr

    need 3 Beckham vs Lions Watkins vs Browns Jackson vs Panthers Inman vs Raiders Jeffry vs Pack
  4. Some very tough decisions this week. I also have Mckinnon and if AD was out I would probably start him over Ingram. Thoughts? Can he possibly get a full workload?
  5. I guess a good problem to have but a tough choice. Performance scoring, plus big bonus for Pass TDs over 40 yds and QB Rushing TDs. Ryan v. SF or Cousins v. Car
  6. After 1st round bye - I now have to choose my fate: Should I bench Brees and go with Flacco?
  7. Need to choose 2: -Michael Thomas -Adam Theilen -Mohammad Sanu Leaning towards Thomas and Theilen, but nervous of thomas being shadowed in Arizona. Can I play Sanu over thomas? Extra help: Brate or Ertz Thanks!
  8. Bilal Powell (vs. Miami) or Spencer Ware (vs. Tennessee)? Powell is expected to get most of the work for the Jets.
  9. Title, but it would be helpful if they were ranked from best to worst. Thanks!!
  10. J Winston @ DAL C Kaep @ ATL E Manning vs DET Non PPR. Opponent has OBJ, so I could pick up Eli and mitigate his effectiveness (never quite sure whether to do this or not). I'm favored by about 10-15 pts depending on my lineup. Thoughts?
  11. I need to pick 2 from this pool for week 15 (0.5 PPR): Doug Martin, Malcolm Mitchell, Brandon Marshall, Jordan Matthews, Steve Smith Sr., Kenneth Dixon Really struggling with this one...
  12. G Tate vs CHI TY Hilton vs HOU J Crowder @ PHI M Mitchell vs BAL T Williams @ CAR Need two. Standard, non-PPR. Leaning towards G Tate and TY Hilton as they're both at home in domes and have been on a tear of late. Chicago's D has been better than people think over the last few weeks against WR's though and G Tate has been fairly inconsistent, especially if M Jones plays. Houston's D has been solid (if J Joseph can't go, that helps) and Luck has been spreading the ball around pretty well. I also know a lot of folks are high on the matchup for J Crowder and T Williams as well though, and M Mitchell seems to be hitting his stride now that Gronk and Amendola are out. Ugh, my head is spinning! Thoughts? Thanks.
  13. First round of playoffs. Yahoo standard PPR scoring I'm feeling that Palmer is the safer play but cant afford to make the wrong decision. I want to start Carr but am nervous for 3 reasons: 1) poor numbers against KC already this season 2) Short week 3) KC's defense has improved Who will give me a better chance at 300yds and 2+ TD's? (INT's don't hurt very much)
  14. Need 2 RB....J Howard vs Det, S Ware vs Oak and L Miller vs Ind Pick 1 S Watkins vs Pitts or D Jackson vs Phi thanks
  15. With the issues surrounding Bortles this season, I picked up Boldin and am thinking about benching Robinson for him. Standard Yahoo PPR league. Good idea?
  16. Having a crisis here. Don't know who to play at my flex. 14 man Standard League. Steve Smith Sr playing bengals Doug Martin playing Seattle Chris Ivory playing buffalo Kenneth Dixon playing Bengals Devante Booker playing KC I could also change out Hopkins for Smith but Hopkins is my Wr2 in behind Evans right now. Thanks for the help!
  17. Reed @ Dallas, or Rishard @ Chicago? PPR
  18. Standard league. We start 3 WR with no flex. My WRs are Beckham, Fitzgerald, Crowder, Britt, and R.Matthews. Crowder at home against GB. Matthews on road at Indy. Leaning Crowder because he is liable to get more catches, though Matthews is on a hot team in a game that is sure to be a defense free slingfest. Help me out huddlers!
  19. I have one RB spot a flex spot to fill. My RBs are Prosise, Rawls, KDixon, Kelley and Henry. I could also flex Randall Cobb. Would I be crazy to start both Rawls and Prosise given the hype Pete Carroll has been putting put about both? Who to start?
  20. Team 1 in signature. I am having trouble convincing myself that the lineup i have is the correct one. We have a 5 way tie for 4th with 2 weeks left so this is win or go home game. WDIS? Diggs vs. Cardinals Crabtree vs. Texans Moncrief vs. Titans Thomas vs. Panthers Look at my team and let me know if i should change someone else out also. thanks.
  21. Paul Perkins.... C.J. Fiedorowicz.... or DuJuan Harris. Please help!!!!
  22. ESPN league .5 PPR, Start 2RB, 2WR and a Flex. In ESPN, Montgomery can be either WR or RB. My roster is: QB: Brady, Ryan WR: Bryant, Evans, Britt RB: Ware, Howard, Booker, Montgomery, Hightower, D.Lewis TE: Gronkowski, Gates K: Bryant D: Broncos, Texans My current plan is to start Dez and Evans, Ware and Howard, with Montgomery in the Flex. I am considering Booker because the Saints run defense is terrible, but concerned about his performance in the last game. Also, I'm concerned that because Denver's defense is banged up, the Saints could pull away and minimize the run. Montgomery is also on the road vs. Tennessee, which is probably another defense free slingfest. Who do I start?
  23. 3WR, 2RB, W/R/T Flex, PPR. Thanks in advance, will help you too -- post link! My opponent's team: QB: M Ryan WR: K Benjamin WR: R Cobb WR: A Green RB: M Forte RB: E Elliott TE: D Walker FLEX: C Coleman DEF: Los Angeles K: C Sturgis My team: QB: Dak Pres WR: A Brown, M Sanu, J Crowder, S Coates, M Jones (bye), S Watkins (IR) RB: D Martin, J Starks, P Perkins, D Harris, T Coleman (unlikely) TE: A Gates, C.J. Fiedorowicz DEF: Ravens K: B McMannus
  24. Tannehill vs NYJ Mariota vs SD Big Ben vs BAL ??