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Found 96 results

  1. I am the commissioner of a 8 team, 3 keeper, $20 league with guys I know. The league is going on year 5, and someone finally decided they didn't want to play anymore. What I should do with the team without an owner is what I want input on. So this team finished last in the league. Before the season was over they traded away first overall pick in next years draft. They got a 2nd and a 6th round pick for it. The team has 1 maybe 2 keepers for this season. That being Amari Cooper and Kurt Cousins. I found another person I know that wants to join the league but doesn't want to just give away $20 basically because the team he would take on is a dumpster fire right now. Does anyone have any suggestions for me as to what I can do to make it semi fair for him to join? Or does anyone have any suggestions on what he could do as far as trading later draft picks to teams that have more that 3 keepers? Thanks, Chad
  2. We are doing a 10 person league it is 20$. Standard scoring. Only have 1 spot open better hurry quick. Draft is the 20th at 7 central hope to see you there. Email me at offspeedshot@yahoo.com 1st 120$ 2nd 40$ 3rd 20$ QUARTERBACK (QB) 1 WIDE RECEIVER (WR) 2 RUNNING BACK (RB) 2 TIGHT END (TE) 1 WIDE RECEIVER/RUNNING BACK/TIGHT END (W/R/T) 1 KICKER (K) 1 DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS (DEF) 1 BENCH (BN) 7 INJURED RESERVE (IR) 1
  3. We are doing a 10 person league it is 20$. Standard scoring. Only have 3 spots open better hurry quick. Draft is the 20th at 7 central hope to see you there. Email me at 1st 120$ 2nd 40$ 3rd 20$
  4. I play in a 10 team commissioner 6pt for passing TD league with 1qb 2rb 2wr 1te 1 flex (RB,Wr,TE). Qb scoring is pretty generous. A Qb simply throwing for 300 yards amasses 19 pts. This occurs because of yardages bonus triggers at 255 and 300 yards. In a league where having a great Qb (num 1 Qb has finished on champs team last 3 years) would you consider Brady or Rodgers in round 3 after already grabbing a Wr and RB or whatever? Thanks
  5. I'm the commissioner of a yahoo league and to save money and headaches of getting a board and stickers I decided to do an online draft. I've never done an online draft but I still want us all to get together and draft our players using our phones or computer. Do you guys know if there is a way I can project a live board onto the TV without revealing my players that I'm watching to potentially draft?
  6. I want to add the superflex position to better utilize available QBs and make the game a little more interesting, but I don't want to overinflate points and make the QB way more important than any other possible position (e.g. taking a QB3 over an RB2). I adjusted some of the scoring rules to nerf the scoring of QB slightly but this is new to me, so looking for advice. If you see anything else in my scoring setup that is a big red flag or will cause problems let me know. (NOTE: I also decided to add sever penalties for misses PAT and close FGs to add some significance to the Kicker position).
  7. Hello everyone! I am running a 2 QB Auction league over on It is on Sunday Aug 27th at 5pm EST This is a FREE league. We have family and friends in the league and looking for more owners. Expanded auction budget to assist with the 2nd QB slot. Tons of fun, bunch of points and hope you will join. You can also search the league via the custom search feature on fantasy. League name is : 2 QB Auction (original I know!)
  8. So I am the commissioner of a 12 team fraternity league. Everyone is very personally connected and sees every member frequently. The league was created two years ago for a test run and then I took it over last year with a ton of changes (standard-> .5ppr, nfl->espn, free -> buy in, no reward -> trophy and jersey, no keepers -> keepers). This year we will be keeping most of the changes, however there was an issue with keepers that will lead into my main question. We never decided how keepers would be kept (huge oversite I know). We didn't think about it until the off season, and then the voting for how it would be done (2 round penalty VS. just keep 2 then draft the rest of your team) was controlled entirely by bias. Owner with Mccoy and T.Y. wants to keep them and then draft, the guys who drafted D Murray and Gordon in the 5th and 6th want round penalties, etc. So after much discussion we decided to not do keepers for this year and then vote on which system to use for keepers pre draft this year. Now during the season, when keepers were still going to happen, one member of the league was mathematically eliminated from playoffs before our trade deadline (thanksgiving) hit. He then sold off Dak Prescott to our Taco for a 4th round pick, and traded Doug Baldwin to me for a 4th round pick and Jarvis Landry. Both of those trades were made with intentions of keeping the teaded for players. I ended up going on to win the league, in no small part due to Baldwin putting up 30 points in the finale. The new Dak owner did not make the playoffs. The player who traded away the players for future picks got 12th (last) place. With that backstory, here is the issue. Since we are not doing keepers, and those trades were made specifically for keepers, there is a thought by myself and the new Dak owner (as well as some bystanders) that the picks should not be granted to the last place finisher. However the last place finisher is obviously strongly opposed to that, as he got last place (in his mind) because of these trades he made (the punishment for last place is the league votes on a Name change for the last place team). He does not want to pay league fees unless he is awarded his picks for the trades (as they went through the 24 hour vetoed process and passed). I am not sure what to do, and obviously I can not decided without some bias. I have considered not taking picks from anyone and giving the last place team a compensatory 4th round pick (where he picks an extra player at the end of the 4th in between the turn). Or just giving him my pick (as his player essentially won me the league) and giving the Dak owner their pick back. However, I am not sure what the best course of action is. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading TLDR: League was doing keepers, is no longer. During time when keepers were happening 2 teams traded 2017 4th round picks for players from the same team. One of those teams won the league. Since no longer doing keepers, teams want their picks back (wanted to keep players they traded for). Not sure what to do.
  9. $100 Buy in 12 team PPR league. Online snake draft ESPN will generate random order. Roster is 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1FLEX 1IDP 1DEF 1K. Pay through either league safe, pay pal, or venmo whichever majority of league agrees on. Email for more info.
  10. Ok, for free agents, my league has always been a "first come, first served" no waiver time, no waiver priority league. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it's worked for us. This year we are voting in FAAB. I'd like to use FAAB so everyone has a chance to bid on any player that someone tries to pick up from free agency. But, I don't want any type of waiver priority. I want anyone to be able to pick a player and place a bid at anytime. So it's still "first come, first served" but a more level playing field with us using FAAB. I've tried setting it up this way on Yahoo, but all of their FAAB options have some type of priority waiver list setting attached to it. Does any other site offer what I'm looking for ? Thanks man advance, I greatly appreciate the help ! Also, on yahoo I didn't see where it told you how much FAAB you get, or the option to change it.
  11. This happens to every fantasy owner each year. Your team scores the 2nd or 3rd most amount of points, but unfortunately you lose your matchup because you faced the #1 scoring team that week. Requesting feedback on this idea. The league operates on a "points" system. Week by week, if you win your matchup, you earn 1 point. In addition, the top 4 teams also earn extra points (#1 scorer - 1 extra point, #2 - 0.75 points, #3 - 0.5 points, #4 - 0.25 points). Therefore, each week you can earn up to 2 points. For example, if your team was the #2 scoring team, but lost to the #1 scoring team, you still earned 0.75 points. Playoffs are decided by the teams who have earned the most "points" To summarize: 1) you earn one point for winning the matchup 2) top 4 teams are awarded extra points. Thoughts?
  12. This year, my friends and I are finally making the transition to Dynasty league instead of standard. Would love to hear some ideas on a few different aspects of running a dynasty league. 1) what is the best roster setting? Keeper - how many players should each team be allowed to keep at the end of the year? 2) IDP - like it, love it, or hate it? 3) other notes I should be aware of?
  13. I've had the following trades vetoed by the league this year: A: Melvin Gordon/Gio Bernard (before he was out touching Hill) FOR Lamar Miller/Doug Martin (injured, no timetable) B: Frank Gore/Devante Adamas FOR Le'Veon Bell (Guy had two glaring holes in his RB2 and WR2 slot). Is it fair for them to veto my trades if no collusion was found and both teams were trying to improve based on their own perceived value of the players? We are all playing under the same conditions, with the same people, yet I manage negotiate better trades than other owners and get punished. This league is starting to feel a little like socialist fantasy football where everyone gets a trophy and everything is exactly fair. Giving league owners the power to anonymously veto can be grossly abused in my opinion. Thoughts on the matter, it's really pissing me off?
  14. Playing Pryor in the WR slot - news is reporting he may be QB. In the NFL Fantasy leagues, or any for that you get points for passing yards and then the rushing yards he rushes?
  15. Full ppr KR 10yds= 1pt. PR 10yds= 1pt. TD=6 Fuller has been returning kicks. Will Cooks rebound? I have QB Flacco/Palmer RB L. Miller, Gore, G. Bernard, K. Dixon, B. Powell, D. Washington WR Fuller, Green, Landry, J. Brown, R. Cobb TE Pitta, Bennett I'm 2-2 in the league.
  16. Hi so this is a question I have on something I did as commissioner and I want to know if you guys think this is okay or if I should undo it. I offered a trade to someone (Amari Cooper and Ryan Matthews for Ezekiel Elliot and Chris Johnson). I notified the league to let them know they could veto it. After about 2 hours I decided I wanted to keep Cooper since he is on my favorite team and I just vetoed the trade even though no one else did. I want to know if I should have to reoffer the trade back. Another option which I would prefer if you guys think I should offer it back is that I would like to include Brandin Cooks in the trade instead of Amari Cooper even though he is ranked higher just because I like Cooper since I am a Raiders Fan. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  17. Who to start 1 point PPR 1 QB Winston 1 RB Elliot, white, Jennings 2 WR M Jones, Hilton, Wallace, Landry, Tyrell Williams 1 TE Reed 1 Flex
  18. Should I drop Sterling Sherpherd or Allen Hurns in favor on picking up Tajae Sharpe and Will Fuller? I lost Keenan Allen and we use a FAAB so I'm dedicating a lot of cash for these two players.
  19. Can someone serve as the commissioner but not have a team? I have been the commissioner of my league for years and this year I would like someone else to take it over. One of the members volunteered to serve as commish because he doesn't want to play this year. I assigned league commissioner rights to him and assigned a 2nd owner for his team. Its on ESPN. I am not sure I did this correctly? anyone have any experience with this situation? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hey wassup my 12man league needs players. The draft is tomorrow. If u want or need a league come join us and let's have a good season!!!! 12man standard league custom scoring using the NFL Fantasy app. Please text me if your interested!!!! 205-541-1501
  21. 3 Spots left!!!!!! 20 Team, IDP, on ESPN Fantasy Live draft Sept. 3rd 730pm EST (yay it's a saturday! DRINK DRINK DRINK ). this is the first year for the league, but next year if you stay there will be 5 keepers with draft pick trading during the summer up until our 2017 draft! $10 league due $100 - overall winner $52 - 2nd place winner $3 / week for 16 weeks - highest scoring team dues are collected through there are 2 league managers we both must concur where the payouts go! so it's safe and secure! just leave your email or msg me your email and I will invite you to the league and leaguesafe for dues. POSITION STARTERS Quarterback (QB) 1 Running Back (RB) 2 Wide Receiver (WR) 3 Tight End (TE) 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE) 2 Linebacker (LB) 2 Defensive Line (DL) 2 Defensive Back (DB) 2 Defensive Player Utility (DP) 3 Team Defense/Special Teams (D/ST) 1 Place Kicker (K) 1 Bench (BE) 8 Injured Reserve (IR) 1
  22. Hey guys, Have a 10 team league at ESPN. We have two divisions, and playoff wise we want to have the top two teams from each division to the playoffs. Also the 5th and 6th team (regardless of division) should go through to the wild card round and meet the 3rd and 4th team while 1st and 2nd are on Bye. Thing is, I am not sure how I can make this happen in the ESPN Setup.. I can only choose just to have 6 teams go through, but i am not sure if that ensures that the top two teams go through,or it will choose the overall best across the the divisions. Any help would be much appreciated!
  23. Please Read: First Year Keeper League. $10 Entry Fee Through League Safe. (Payout: Winner Take All Or 1st/2nd Place) 10-12 Team League. Draft Date Sept 6th 7 PM PT (But Flexible) Communication & Being Active Is Going To Be Important In This League, So We Will Have A Facebook Group For A Chat Board/Forum To Discuss News, Injuries, Trades, ETC. The only other requirement for this league besides entry fee is to have a team name related to your favorite football team/player & your logo representing your favorite team. League Summary:
  24. We plan on doing a 10 team Standard League on Espn with a $25 entry fee. Winner will get $250. We plan on drafting this weekend either tomorrow or Saturday so let me know if you want in soon.
  25. A Head to Head Fantasy Football League on ESPN. 4 playoff teams, Randomly assigned Snake Draft. Payouts: (1st) $750 (2nd) $250. There are 7 spots left in this league! Draft is currently dated for 8/28 at 12:00pm (Eastern Time). Email me if you want in at Payment will be executed through Leaguesafe and will be due the day before the draft.