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  2. NFL player sues United Airlines

    That sounds like a Friday night where I'm from.
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  4. NFL player sues United Airlines

    No I didn't, I said he was dumb for not moving. Completely different from saying he was at fault for the way the woman was acting and treating him. Completely different from saying he was at fault for the stewardess refusing to move her. If it were someone I knew, man or woman, one of the first things I'd want to know is if they tried to get away from this person other than to ask the stewardess to make them move. If their answer is, "no, it wasn't my responsibility" then that's just plain idiotic. Maybe the NFL player has a good reason not to. Maybe this all happened in a much shorter time frame than what it seems. There's a lot to this story that we don't know. It just doesn't make much sense to me not to try to get away. That's ridiculous. If she grabbed his crotch and he protested then surely other passengers, especially the guy sitting right next to him, would sympathize with him. Not to mention the fact that the woman was drunk off her ass and high on pills. Did you even read the article?
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  6. I think the criticism that the onside kick has become pointless is largely true so I think something will need to change, I just don't know if this is it. Yes it favors certain teams somewhat but those teams also tend to be the better teams anyway. I guess my personal preference would be to make it slightly tougher but it would be nice to see a table of options with some data.
  7. Personally I think they should have livestock randomly grazing around a baseball field to make it more exciting
  8. NFL player sues United Airlines

    You just put the blame on the player. If a drunken man were groping a woman on a plane would you be suggesting she should have moved herself? The SJW's would have your ass for that one. She wasn't punching him in the face, it wasn't nearly so overtly egregious. She was elbowing him in the arm and grabbing his junk. That's not something your neighboring passengers are going to notice or get up in arms about or come to your defense on. Hell even if they saw her grabbing his junk a good percentage of them would probably be thinking salacious thoughts of how lucky he is or how he might turn that to his advantage. This isn't on him to resolve in any way, shape, or form. Can't even imagine the response had the tables been turned, dude would be out of a job and maybe a career.
  9. NFL player sues United Airlines

    It was a red eye flight during Covid restrictions, so the flight wouldn't be full and the article said that they eventually moved the woman twice, so they obviously had other open seats. I think you're mistaking what I'm saying as putting blame on the player. Absolutely, the airline is at fault and they should have dealt with the issue when he first brought it to their attention. But that doesn't change the fact that he continued to sit there and have to take the abuse from this woman simply because the stewardess wouldn't move her. That's just dumb on his part in my opinion. If someone walks up to you and starts punching you in the face, you don't just stand there and let them keep punching you while you wait for someone to do something about it. You either fight back if you are able or try to remove yourself from the situation. The player isn't able to fight back for fear of the repercussions and nobody there is willing to help him, so get up and get away from the woman. Responsibility had nothing to do with that. Who cares how he is perceived for moving? If someone wants to complain about it, big deal. It's better than just sitting there suffering the abuse. Let them complain, so that he can tell everyone within ear shot what's going on and why he's moved.
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    Drag - Joy Wave
  11. Greg schiano appears to have a great plan based on statistics... But also had one of his players seriously injured on an unnecessary kick off. It's absolutely worth considering
  12. You don't like my proposal of having mini windmills, water hazards, funhouse mirrors and clowns running around on the field? I think it's brilliant.
  13. NFL player sues United Airlines

    Well stated. Shame on the Airline.
  14. NFL player sues United Airlines

    I didn't make my point well but people just can't get up and move seats especially if the flight was near full. He complained twice and they didn't do anything. And the fact he didn't move himself is irrelevant to the wrong done here, it's not his job to solve the problem it's someone else's. How do you think it is received when a big black athletic man gets up and sits wherever he wants to on a commercial flight?
  15. NFL player sues United Airlines

    I'm not sure I follow either. The stewardess presumably was the one being apathetic and his fears were of racism, I understand that, but neither of those things were chaining him to that seat. The obvious thing to do would have been to remove himself from the situation that he was in a best he could and deal with the extenuating circumstances, like the woman and the apathetic stewardess, after the plane had landed and they could contact the authorities.
  16. But in defense of the rule change... How often would the Superbowl MVP be in That situation?
  17. NFL player sues United Airlines

    Sorry if I'm misunderstanding. Who's a racist, him?
  18. NFL player sues United Airlines

    A combination of apathy and racism.
  19. NFL player sues United Airlines

    I quoted his exact words, to which you replied maybe she deserved it. Of course it's not joke but it doesn't justify that level of response either. She should be restrained, prosecuted, and outed on social media so they can overreact and completely ruin her life like everyone else's would be.
  20. NFL player sues United Airlines

    What prevented him from simply getting up and moving somewhere else?
  21. NFL player sues United Airlines

    I don't think Steve really endorsed beating her up. But sexual harassment is no joke, man or Woman. He certainly has every right to defend himself, that's all we are saying.
  22. NFL player sues United Airlines

    He was not assaulted to the point that "bitch slapping her and knocking her out" is justified, no. If a young stud black NFL player blasted your daughter in the face like that because she'd had a few too many and was making a fool out of herself you'd be out of your mind pressing charges and suing him for his NFL paycheck.
  23. NFL player sues United Airlines

    He was assaulted. For him its self defense.
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    I Don't Even Know Myself - The Who
  25. Here's another with an eye opening statistic "But on third-down plays of 15 yards or longer, Mahomes was 12-of-16 for 255 yards and three touchdowns"
  26. Here's a good article that gives some statistics. This author felt a major reason this was shot down was because some teams are much better at 3rd/4th and long
  27. Second-year wideouts

    I picked Deebo mainly just because he is a truck. That guy could use a lot more receptions one would think and he reliably gets yards after the catch. He seems like he has the most reliable outlook. I like Marquise but he is really small. Like 165-175 lbs small, not sure if he will hold up.
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