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  2. Raheem Mostert wants out of San Fran

    All good points. Definitely they did a good job on offense and I don't mean to diminish it but I felt that the defense was the driving force for that team personally. All the running backs had a fair amount of success seemed to me, which seems to argue more for the system. It seems like we agree on that. Anyway it will be interesting to see how far he takes it.
  3. Michael Thomas deal

    Snap accept, especially if PPR
  4. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    I see. The Score is struggling especially right now. I am missing some Buffone and OB. Even Mike North a little. The station is so heavy now and can't stand Holmes position sometimes. I know Dan Jiggetts personally and even though he is a Joe Paterno supporter, he has some great insight into what the team needs to do moving forward. And his wife makes awesome brownies!
  5. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    Honestly haven't been listening to much of anything since still work at home, but mainly I'm up the dial with Waddle & Silvy. I haven't been able to handle McNeil since leaving the afternoon saloon and Bernstein is just really bad IMO (though Kap is an elitist chalupa I just endure the 5-10 minutes before reaching the office so I don't have to change stations, yep I'm that lazy with radio).
  6. Raheem Mostert wants out of San Fran

    Mostert's contract was for special teams. He is wanting RB money for that team. I think if he walks it is a huge risk for him and the prospective team. We do not know if it is just a product of the system or not... and for him, breida just him even more opportunity for touches. The defense was excellent last year, but shanny runs some wonderful offensive schemes. You may not recall that even in recent poor seasons the running backs all thrived when they played (most fought injuries).
  7. Michael Thomas deal

    Do it now! You are so stacked
  8. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    You talking TV or radio? Do you listen to the SCORE?
  9. Raheem Mostert wants out of San Fran

    I get that the NFL isn't fully guaranteed contracts and they will dump you at the drop of a hat, but it seems like if you underperform, well tough give me my guaranteed money. And if you overperform, even if you just signed a contract within the last year, it's I want more $$. Mostert has been cut from 5 teams or something, has one pretty good year individually but I think most of us agree the team success was largely because of their defense. I understand what he's doing, he is 28 and realizes no one will give him much of a contract when this is up so trying to get it now. But is this what should happen? Will contracts change because of this? Will teams start drawing harder lines? Like ok you sit then without pay and get fined?
  10. Michael Thomas deal

    1 qb 2-3 rb 3-4 wr 1-2 te kupp or brown would drop from my lineup more or less so I’d be starting Mahomes a Jones cmc aj tyreek godwin MT ertz was thinking I just do it to create some buzz during this boring ass off season. Not like it’s really gonna hurt me much. On the other hand I love watching these rookies come out firing and developing into stars, it’s a rush. Hard to put a price on in my mind.
  11. Michael Thomas deal

    I couldn't make that deal fast enough.
  12. Raheem Mostert wants out of San Fran

    He's pressing his luck right now. Be happy you're on a roster right now.
  13. Michael Thomas deal

    In general, that is a very cheap in my mind. But, who falls out of your starting lineup if you take it? How many WRs do you start and how many flex? Assuming that your last player is Tyreek in Flex, I'm with you being iffy on giving up that much depth. If the offer was for an RB, I would hop all over it.
  14. One song

    Rock Island Line - Kelly Pace & Group
  15. One song

    Come A Little Bit Closer - Jay & The Americans
  16. Raheem Mostert wants out of San Fran

    San Fran should have plenty of money for Mostert. Their QB only throws 2 passes per game.
  17. $1000 payout

    20 Starters. 8 Teams. 1 Champion 8 Team league, hosted on Fleaflicker. $128. entry fee/ Champ wins $1000 (LeagueSafe) Start: 3 QBs, 3 rbS, 6 WRs, 2 TEs, 2 Ks, 2 DEF, 8 on the Bench Scoring is pretty standard (PPR, 6pt pass TDs) RULE BOOK Entry form and LeagueSafe info
  18. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    I am thinking Monty is due for a jump. I think Foles makes a difference or enough of a difference to open it up a bit more. The OL seems to still be an issue though. Maybe scheme/coaching too but I don't pretend to be an expert on that. Nagy seemed to oddly throw a lot last year is my only observation, too much it seemed
  19. I have a guy in my league offering me MT for Akers reagor 2021 first that’s probably at top 5 2022 2nd 2023 4th and Boy I am chomping at the bit on this one all day. I have : mahommes a Jones damien cmc godwin kupp AJ brown tyreek slayton lazard mecole ertz goedert herndon of notables. Pretty sure I can win without MT and keep my youth depth but boy would it be a treat to welcome this lad into my fold.
  20. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    Only time will tell for certain, but just don't think anybody will be scared of Foles throwing either. Would be nice to hear something other than the same old complaints about the team on the local shows though.
  21. FA bid - Hayden Hurst

    Sold to Gameday Demons
  22. Raheem Mostert wants out of San Fran

    Driving miss daisy, oh yeah
  23. Raheem Mostert wants out of San Fran

    Well, yeah. But she know wants me several times a week. So it really wasn't just once. Edit -> autocorrect added a few extra words
  24. Raheem Mostert wants out of San Fran

  25. Yesterday
  26. Raheem Mostert wants out of San Fran

    I agree. Debil's advocate: "I produced more, and often when it counted. I should at least match my colleague." Personally- you need to show consistency over some time to get the contract.
  27. Raheem Mostert wants out of San Fran

    Isn't that how you got the promotion?
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