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  2. LLD Reminder - RFA Begins May 9th

    RFA is officially completed for 2020
  3. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    Posters like you didn't kill this forum. It could actually use more like you. This forum was filled with dicks and they moved on. Things haven't rebounded because the content is substandard and uninspiring and the website changes haven't been easy to navigate at times.
  4. Heroes vs Villains

    Entry fee is now $25
  5. Miles Sanders worth

    Thank you both for your replies. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. And yes, I misspoke when I said the 2.12. It was the 1.2 and the 2.2 pick being requested. I like Sanders, and want to pull the trigger, but in the end I can't justify giving up both picks for him.
  6. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

  7. Yesterday
  8. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    Which Steve?
  9. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    I'm confused, because I said it was irrelevant? I get called a dick and say something back, and posters like me killed this forum?
  10. Miles Sanders worth

    I think I'd rather have Taylor over Sanders. As for Kirk, I am sure I'm in the minority, but I think his value actually goes up with Hopkins in town. Kirk isn't a #1 (like he was asked to be last year), but he can be a very good #2 as he will/should draw weaker coverage. This has to be (should be) Fitz's last season. Put that together, I'm at a tossup. But if you like Sanders over Taylor, I would definitely take it because as I think you are undervaluing Kirk.
  11. Miles Sanders worth

    Quick clarification - you don't list the 2.12 as a pick you have, so do you have the 2.12 as well as the 2.2, or is the deal for the 1.2 and 2.2? If the deal is for the 1.2 and 2.2, it's an easy no for me. If it is the 1.2 and 2.12, I'm still on the no side, even though it is closer to a decent offer that possibly with a few tweaks would sway my opinion. Though I do think Sanders would be an upgrade to Ekeler in the non-PPR format, it doesn't really address your real need which is a WR upgrade. Kirk is likely barely even a flex option in non-PPR, especially as long as Hopkins and Fitzgerald are there not to mention the slew of other young WRs ARI has fighting for reps. If you can start 3 RBs, you can make a stronger argument in favor of the deal (if it is for the 2.12), but I'd be trying to get a better WR added in rather than Kirk. As it is, I would keep the pick and take Taylor/CEH if they are there, but ideally I would shop the pick for a major WR upgrade.
  12. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    Moderation attitude
  13. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    It wasn't one person, it was an attitude shift
  14. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    That's not what killed this forum. It was Steve
  15. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    Shaft, i like you but it's posts like yours from too many posters that has killed this forum.
  16. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    Yup, you figured me out. Dialed me right down to zero.
  17. I was a big fan of the XFL and I'm super bummed about it folding. I liked the changes to the game so it inspired me to start a XFL themed dynasty league with a little different setup than the typical fantasy football league. Please check the settings because this league might not be for everyone.This is an 8-team league with all the team names being based on the XFL teams. This is a PPR league (2 pts per reception for TEs) and IDP as well. There is a $75 buy in for each team including my team. The winner gets $300. Payment handled through LeagueSafe.The startup draft is a little different than normal. We will be starting with a 4 round snake Rookie Draft. Once that draft is complete we will do a 44 round snake Free Agent Draft. Both drafts will be slow drafts. The draft order will be reversed from the two drafts. If you have the 2nd overall pick in the Rookie Draft, you will have the 7th overall pick in the Free Agent Draft. The draft order has not been determined yet.The rosters are combined of 48 active players with 4 IR spots and 4 Taxi Squad spots. The Taxi Squad spots are for first year players. The starting lineup is below:2 QB2 RB2 WR2 TE3 Flex (RB, WR, TE)2 DE2 DT2 LB2 CB2 S1 D Flex (LB, DT, DE, CB, S)There are also double headers every week so you will play each team 4 times during the regular season. The top 4 teams make the semifinals in Week 15 and the championship will be held Week 16. Again, this league might not be for everyone. It is just something I came up with for fun and hopefully there are others that would want to join a league that is a little out of the norm. For a more detailed look at the league check the link below. The By Laws for the league can be found on the league page under the tab “Links” at the top. Highlight “League Links” and there you can select on the By Laws. email me at if you have questions or are interested in the league. That is the best way to contact me.I will update this post as frequently as I can once teams are filled.Teams available:Houston Roughnecks (taken)Tampa Bay Vipers (taken)DC DefendersDallas RenegadesLos Angeles WildcatsNew York GuardiansSt. Louis BattleHawks (taken)Seattle DragonsThanks for the consideration,Aaron
  18. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    Speaking the truth hurts you that much and then you start acting like a teenager going through puberty, as usual.
  19. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    Barely ANYTHING in this subsection is Fantasy related BRO. You don't have to click on a thread if you don't wish to view it, BRO. Don't be a dick!
  20. Miles Sanders worth

    Dynasty / std / 4 round draft Current roster: Deshaun Watson Austin Ekeler Ezekiel Elliott Cole Beasley Adam Thielen Zach Ertz Jacoby Brissett David Johnson Ronald Jones II Rashaad Penny Tony Pollard JJ Arcega-Whiteside Parris Campbell Brandin Cooks Andy Isabella Tyrell Williams Noah Fant Buffalo Bills Minnesota Vikings I have the 1.2, 1.9, 2.2, 3.9, 3.10 and 4.9 picks I've been offered: Miles Sanders and Christian Kirk for my 1.2.and 2.12 picks. I'm trying to decide if I think the value is there. Sanders may or may not get the bulk of the carries in Philly. They typically use RBBC. If I don't take the offer I'd draft Jonathan Taylor @ 1.2, and try to pick up a decent WR with the 1.9 and 2.2 Right now I'm leaning towards taking the offer. Sanders is still young and has a lot of talent. Plus, I usually target three down backs if at all possible. As for Kirk, his upside is low until either Fitzgerald retires or Kirk gets traded. I figure Sanders is a known commodity and Taylor is an unknown. Thoughts?
  21. Trade: Octoskins/ Oddjobs - Processed

  22. FROM FRANCHISE PLAYERS/PICKS TO FRANCHISE PLAYERS/PICKS EXPIRES OddJob's Hats | MonkeyOne Year 2020 Draft Pick 3.07 Year 2020 Draft Pick 3.14 OctoSkins | Mattyice76 Year 2020 Draft Pick 3.04 Sun May 31 2:00 p.m. Comments: Accept
  23. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    The point is it has NOTHING to do with football or fantasy football. He wasn't even relevant when he was playing.
  24. trade Berlin/Solitaire - Processed

  25. Berlin Lipstick Bomb | berlin Year 2021 Round 2 Draft Pick from Berlin Lipstick Bomb | berlin Solitaire | The Rhinos Year 2020 Draft Pick 3.03
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