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  2. 49ers and the "positionless" offense

    A lot of potential in ppr for mckinnon and coleman, especially with the possibility of injury (which the rbs had last year...everyone looked good in the offense). Of course, this could turn into a repeat of his father.
  3. Draft Tuesday June 18th Need Owners ASAP

    Only need 2
  4. Only guys I want from that offense are Kittle and Garappolo. RBs and WRs are going to be headaches.
  5. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Devontae Booker DEN RB – 1 year
  6. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Pass Thanks to Berlin and Henry for managing all this!
  7. Coach's analysis of Darnold

    dmd should make that entire quote the new filter for F***
  8. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Thunderballs select Deon Yelder KCC TE (taxi squad).
  9. Draft Tuesday June 18th Need Owners ASAP

    We still need 4
  10. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Daurice Fountain IND WR – taxi
  11. Somebody did grab the spot. We don't use or need League Safe because the elagues has been around for 17 years and the payments are sent to me and I send all the payouts. Unfortunately, we are using Yahoo. I'll let you know of any other openings. Thanks for asking.
  12. One song

    Hundred Mile High City - Ocean Colour Scene
  13. One song

    Coconut Grove - The Lovin' Spoonful
  14. Draft Tuesday June 18th Need Owners ASAP

    Still need just a couple we’re almost full
  15. Free Yahoo Dynasty League

    Are there any openings left?
  16. This probably will be my last $5 league for a little bit I may run one more at the end of this week if my wife goes out, otherwise tomorrow night Tuesday June 18th will be last draft for a couple weeks till after 4th of July as I’ll take a little break so if you want in this may be last chance till middle of July probably. These $5 leagues are like mock drafts but worth playing for something rather then having your mock drafts become all auto drafts. Draft Date: Tuesday June 18th Time: 8:30PM EASTERN 60 second picks Buy in $5 PPR ESPN 12 teams Snake Draft Money kept: Leaguesafe(payed once draft is full) Best Regular Season Record: $30 Playoffs 1st: $30 1 QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1 TE, 2 FLEX(wr,rb,te), D/ST, K, 8 BENCH SPOTS
  17. Interesting article on the NinersWire There have been positive reviews of Dante Pettis recently but all I can think of when I read the article was that the 49ers offense may be a headache to project every week if this holds true. Excerpt:
  18. Still looking? Do you use LeagueSafe or another third party site for the $? What site do you run on?
  19. Mr Big has until June 19 @ 7:37 PM ET to match $35
  20. You can Try has until June 19 @ 7:37 PM ET to match $50
  21. Solitaire has until June 19 @ 12:56 PM ET to match $10
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