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  2. Leveon Bell Trade

    Clayton was surmising. A polite way of saying he's talking out of his assholio. Gase was opposed to Maccagnan's guaranteeing $125 million to the following positions: ILB, RB. Are these premium positions? Then the doofus media, particularly the Jets London-tabloid style beat writers, extend that to "Gase doesn't like Bell". Lets wait and see how much Gase doesn't like Bell when Darnold has to throw the ball to him 50 times on check downs because idiot Maccagnan has never addressed the OL and let it got to sh!t. Great way to help your shiny new franchise QB.
  3. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Joe Mixon CIN RB - 4 years
  4. Trade: Big / Oddjob

    Cash (15$ each) processed for Kelce and Adams
  5. Yesterday
  6. Trade: Big / Oddjob

    MFL processed for both the trade and the two extensions. cash still needs to be processed for the extended year
  7. Trade: Big / Oddjob

    yeah. I'm going to extend Kelce one year.
  8. Trade: Big / Oddjob

    Mr. Big will give Adams, Davante GBP WR Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE To OddJob's Hats for Thielen, Adam MIN WR Kelce, Travis KCC TE I pay to extend Adams a year. Thanks.
  9. Leveon Bell Trade

    The situation represents potential issues. Bell busting or being overdrafted are definite probabilities. RBs can still have considerable value without being in loaded offenses. Gase is known for checkdowns and using RBs in WR formations; which bodes well for Bell's pass catching ability. Kenyan Drake had 50+ catches last year; was in a pretty heavy timeshare and ended up being the #14 RB under Gase. Bell is probably a lot better than Drake and should get substantially more work than Drake did last year. I doubt Bell forgot how to run and catch in a one year period. Another well known site has 15 different writers who rank players; the lowest ranking out of all 15 writers in PPR redraft is RB10. Saying Bell will be RB 15ish range 'if lucky' as it stands today, just seems like throwing something against the wall and hoping it sticks. He should be a RB1 if the situation doesn't blow up.
  10. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT WR – 3 years
  11. Leveon Bell Trade

    Top 5? He's been out of football how long? And this isn't the Steelers, it's the lonely Jets. The Adam Gase Jets.
  12. Leveon Bell Trade

    RB 15 if lucky? In PPR leagues? Stay off the Josh Gordon kiddos. If he plays regularly his floor is top 10, maybe top 5; primarily due to lack of heavily used RBs and pass catchers throughout the league. Lol....weed = Josh Gordon.
  13. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Dispersal is live and Hugo is otc - will be PMing owners to keep this going. I will edit the original post to cross out players as they are taken. I corrected the standings to reflect the VP ties. When 2 teams tie in VP the team with the least amount of pts gets the better or higher pick.
  14. 2019 fantasy football league openings(I need owners)

    Anyone sick of doing these mock drafts and having people leave after he first couple rounds to only have half the draft Auto drafted? Well I’m gonna be starting my $5 drafts this coming week. These are cheap fun leagues designed for everyone to do more realistic draft worth playing for. I’ll be setting these leagues up and only taking people off my list that I have going of about 53 people. If you would like to jump in some of these leagues rather then auto drafted mock drafts and have a real draft with dedicated owners then you’ll wanna jump in on my list. If you want in the list to be notified please let me know your email. Thanks Once I set up the leagues all details on league and payouts and leaguesafe will be sent to only everyone on my list. First then if I need an owner I will then come to the forums.
  15. Leveon Bell Trade

    I’d love to see Peyton Manning roll in there as the GM.
  16. Leveon Bell Trade

    Did I miss something? What the hell has Gase ever done? You'd think he's BB the way they treat him.
  17. One song

    Overnight Sensation - The Raspberries
  18. One song

    Sheba - Johnny & The Hurricanes
  19. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    well, explains why those teams were abandoned
  20. Dispersal Draft Order: 1. Sir Hugos 8 VPs 1039.30 (2-11) 2. Berln Lipstick Bomb 14 VPs 1323.55 (2-11) 3. Cantankerous Idiots 16 VPs 1196.80 (6-7) 4. Man with GGG 16 VPs 1203.20 (5-8) 5. Scarmanga 16 VPs 1260.50 (4-9) 6. Octoskins 18 VPs 1360.20 (4-9) 7. Baron Samedi 20 VPs 1291.40 (5-8) SKIP 8. Solitaire 22 VPs 1384.25 (5-8) 9. You Can Try 25 VPs 1386.60 (7-6) 10. Bomb Squad 25 VPs 1458.35 (6-7) SKIP 11. Dr. Julius No 27 VPs 1477.00 VPs (6-7) 12. Thunderballs 35 VPs 1557.40 (10-3) Sean Connery Division Winner 13. Mr. Big 38 VPs 1718.35 (10-3) - George Lazenby Division Winner 14. OddJob’s Hats 50 VPs 2113.45 (12-1) - Roger Moore Division Winner 15. DB5 39 VPs 1615.20 (9-4) 16. Faberge Legg Warmers 47 VPs 1882.95 (11-2) - Daniel Craig Division Winner LLD Dispersal Assets: Teddy Bridgewater NOS QB – 0 years Ryan Tannehill TEN QB – 2 years Jameis Winston TBB QB – 3 years Davis Webb NYJ QB – taxi Derek Carr OAK QB – 1 year Josh McGown NYJ QB – 0 years Kyle Lauletta NYG QB – taxi Josh Rosen MIA QB – taxi Kareem Hunt CLE RB – 4 years Rob Kelley WAS RB – 1 year Dion Lewis TEN RB – 2 years Joe Mixon CIN RB – 4 years Derrius Guice WAS RB – taxi Samaje Perine WAS RB – taxi Devontae Booker DEN RB – 1 year Leonard Fournette JAC RB – 4 years Carlos Hyde KCC RB – 3 years Chris Thompson WAS RB – 1 year Jaylen Samuels PIT RB – taxi Jordan Wilkens IND RB – taxi Cole Beasley BUF WR – 1 year Randall Cobb DAL WR – 1 year Marvin Jones DET WR – 2 years Terrance Williams FA WR – 1 year Tyrell Williams OAK WR – 1 year Carlos Henderson FA WR – taxi Dede Westbrook JAC WR – taxi Corey Coleman NYG WR – 4 years Taylor Gabriel CHI WR – 1 year Donte Moncrief PIT WR – 1 year Terrelle Pryor FA WR – 0 years JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT WR – 3 years Willie Snead BAL WR – 0 years Kenny Stills MIA WR – 1 year Daurice Fountain IND WR – taxi Jordan Lasley BALWR - taxi Trey Burton CHI TE – 2 years Ed Dickson SEA TE – 0 years Austin Hooper ATL TE – 1 year Michael Roberts DET TE – 0 years Luke Willson OAK TE – 0 years Tyler Conklin MIN TE – taxi Bucky Hodges PIT TE – 0 years Nick Vannett SEA TE – 2 years Maxx Williams ARI TE – 1 years Deon Yelder KCC TE – taxi Dan Baily MIN K – 1 year Justin Tucker BAL K – 2 years Daniel Carlson OAK K – taxi Jason Myers SEA K – 0 years Adam Vinatieri IND K – 0 years Eagles PHI Def – 1 year Ravens BAL Def – 1 year Bengals CIN Def – 1 year Chiefs KCC Def – 0 years Draft Picks 1.07 1.09 1.14 2.07 2.09 3.09 4.03 4.07 4.09 5.03 5.07 5.09
  21. Leveon Bell Trade

    Good points by everyone. With the way this has all went down over the past couple seasons I can't imagine any scenario where his production is anywhere near what it was. I look for a major letdown. I agree with Purple, perhaps in that RB 15 range if lucky.
  22. Bump - couple more votes to pass
  23. This has passed. I will start a dispersal draft thread later tonight or early am The players/picks will be listed in the dispersal draft thread along with the order of teams drafting. The draft will occur in the forum. Once that occurs we should be ready for league business. If you have not posted a Franchise Tag player please do so.
  24. Leveon Bell Trade

    He is a prime candidate to get hurt, especially right away. I have trouble believing that he stayed in good shape. His team would be prudent to slowly ease him back into action. If he stays healthy, I think he'll be fantasy elite. He is a great receiver. I doubt he gets less than 70 receptions. And he is big-bodied so he'll get high volume even if he averages 3.8 yards per carry. Any running back getting 250+ carries and 70+ receptions is fantasy elite regardless of efficiency.
  25. Leveon Bell Trade

    I think these trade rumors will make him feel unappreciated, and even if traded, I think he'll think... "what's the point?" and "give up" on his career. so, he's unlikely to break 1000 total yards.
  26. Leveon Bell Trade

    Gase was against the signing as he feels his offense doesn't need a tier 1 RB to work well. That led to the departure of their GM and now, this.
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