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  2. And they say Gurley wouldn't do anything

    I was absolutely wrong about him, and very vocal about it. I'll happily eat crow on this one. Personally, I still think he sucks, but he's clearly been the fantasy performer of the year so far. Congrats to everyone who got him this year...he was a great buy in the 2nd, and exponentially better if you got him any round after.
  3. Quick flex help

    I would go Adams. Bengals offense sucks so the packers might have the ball a lot. More opportunities, great offense, excellent QB.
  4. I don't think I would make that trade. I like Gronk . He's always gonna get banged up but his upside is tremendous . AJ I just dont trust. He;s also an injury risk but the offense sucks. Freeman will be a TD machine.
  5. Quick flex help

    For my team 1, i have several good options for my flex. Leaning buck if west doesnt play. Im not too big on crowell this week despite him playing the colts; they've been decent against the run. I'm also considering Adams. Thoughts?
  6. Howard for Mixon?

    The more I think about it I think its time to sell Howard while he still has value. Im talking about ppr btw. He wont be the work horse anymore with Cohen taking about 8 carries a game. You can also take away all of Howards pass catching work and then some. Cohen is just the guy to have in that team. Howard at least in a ppr league could be a TD dependent RB3 . The offense isn't good enough to bump him up. As far as Mixon that just a risk. He has not looked fantastic with the work he has been given opefully the OC change helps because I have him in 2 leagues. For me its worth the risk.
  7. 10 team std. Other owner offered me Gronk and Green for Doyle and Freeman and I'm wondering if he knows something I don't. Gronk is hurt and AJ Greens line sucks. My WRs need help as Sanders and Parker are my best but I have Ajayi, Crowell, J. Stew and Quizz/Martin as my other backs and J. Graham as my other TE.. His other backs are Cook, CJ Anderson, J. Allen. Thoughts? Should I counter with Evans and Gronk instead? Also worried about being thin at RB with Ajayi already having knee issues.
  8. Trade Keenan Allen for Melvin Gordin?

    Im a big Allen fan when healthy. But I would totally make this trade. Gordon contributes in the passing game and has double digit TD potential. He is also in a premium position. Take it.
  9. Rodgers Trade.

    i wouldn't trade Rodgers for that package. If you make the trade good for you lol.
  10. RB heavy, WR light

    All depends on who has what, and who needs what. Buck allen maybe available to just pick up, cohen since you have howard, henry would come cheap, if someone is desperate enough they might do a montgomery or Crowell.. but its al situational
  11. PPR league id be gaining Gordin. Just making sure im getting the better end of this deal.
  12. Rodgers Trade.

    Appreciate the input!
  13. RB heavy, WR light

    Who should I go for, as an example?
  14. wide receiver help

    Benjamin (anyone against saints D) Hopkins (watson gonna feed him)
  15. Lynch for Matt ryan

    I'd do it for sure. Your QB situation definitely isn't great. You may struggle with the flex until Martin is eligible, but once he is you'll be off to the races.
  16. Rodgers Trade.

    Maybe not bad then, especially if you could nab Kamara and Kearse ... better in full PPR but still intriguing at .5 per catch.
  17. No brainer I take this trade right?

    Yea it's a gamble for sure because if Demarco stays healthy then you're looking at on/off production from Henry which isn't too reliable, while white is going to get his targets and should consistently get at least half-way decent points. It's a coin flip to be honest. Since you made the trade, I'd say you kinda rest on hopefully West getting healthy or Demarco continuing to struggle with production and health (as bad as the whole Demarco thing sounds...)
  18. One song

    Cake - Short Skirt, Long Jacket
  19. Who to flex, Miller or Cohen

    Id lean miller
  20. RB heavy, WR light

    See if could do a trade of qb&wr for RB.
  21. Today
  22. RB heavy, WR light

    Newton/Wentz/Taylor Mccoy/Howard/Fournette/Lamar Fitz/Sanders/Marshall/Decker/Wright/Tyrell Walker Not feeling so good about this team come week 3....what should I try to do?
  23. Who to flex, Miller or Cohen

    ^ Really? A tough matchup for Miller? New England is literally last in the league vs. rushing through 2 games. Yeah that comes mostly from week 1 vs. KC and yeah Houston will be playing from behind, but going against the team that has allowed the most fantasy points to RBs through 2 weeks has to count for something...
  24. Howard for Mixon?

    It's risky, but if you're in a risk taking mode with your team at this point and NEED a starting RB or flex, I'd do it. Cohen looks great, Howard is hurting and hasn't been crazy productive. New OC for Mixon may mean he could snag that starting job soon since Hill has been dreadful.
  25. AJ Green

    Right so its sorted ill go for him. The trade though is it fair?
  26. AJ Green

    Listen, AJ Green is as sure a bet as Calvin Johnson was. Do you want a receiver who, at his absolute worst, gets you 9 points? Who at his absolute best gets you 50 points? He's the best high-floor high-ceiling receiver you can have. Just look at this year - 10 catches for 141 yards through 2 games of the the worst QB play he's seen. He's the epitome of a WR1.
  27. wide receiver help

    Thomas and Benjamin
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