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  2. Freeman announced out, need a fill-in... 0.5ppr D Booker vs OAK J Williams vs PIT
  3. How many players have you lost this season?

    Let this sink in for a moment.. losing Chris Thompson and having Freeman on protocol and unlikely to play I'm stuck choosing between Powell Mckissic or Corey Clement to fill 2 Rb spots .. GROSS
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  5. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm a day late to this party, but I wish you all the same and hope you had as much fun as Philip Rivers did yesterday!

    And the tears of Cowboys fans anoint the earth.
  7. Pick 2

    Dogged two bullets, I sat Darkwa and Engram. Got 15.5 from Perine, stick with Funchess or play it safe with DT?
  8. So I just acquired DT in a trade. It wasn't that I particularly wanted him, I just had to trade Lat Murray before his game to get someone as I didn't need Murray (given my RB's are Gurley, McCoy, Ingram and Ajayi). Here is my team currently (Standard scoring, 12 team league, QB, 2RB, 3WR, W/R/T, TE) QB- Wentz RB- Ingram, Gurley, McCoy, Ajayi WR-Baldwin, Crabtree, Fitzgerald, Thomas, Westbrook, Benjamin TE- Engram K/DEF- Streaming So basically I was thinking of trading DT and Ajayi to someone before the deadline. Here are the guys I think I can get: Cooks (although the owner is being difficult), Landry, Hill and maybe Mike Evans (But may mean i throw in Benjamin too). Do you guys reckon the upgrade I will get from trading for these guys is worth it? Or do you reckon new OC, new QB....there is a chance DT balls out the rest of the year?
  9. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    good lord...
  10. ROS - Corey Coleman or Rishard Matthews

    Because it's a 3 year keeper, Coleman
  11. Already regretting starting doctson and perine

    Yeah i started vernon davis.
  12. Jordy dropped

    Hes not worth it. Im debatting dropping him in a 12 team league. He hasnt scored over 8 points full ppr since rodgers got injured
  13. One song

    Stagger Lee - Lloyd Price
  14. Thomas rawls benched?

    I was optimistic the 1st time I heard that about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I figured they were working on developing his patience and vision to deal with a bad O line and they might get it under control. So I kept him. Then he got the official start. Lacy was hurt. There was no competition. And he still sucked. Now once again they are saying he needs more patience. Meh, I'm done with the guy. I picked up Ekelar who has way more potential down the stretch. He's been out performing Gordon on a per-touch average for some time now and might get more opportunity. I really like Rawls. He won me more than a few matchups a couple years ago. But I have to admit that he's been a total bust and drafting him in the 7th round this year is part of the reason I'm struggling to make the playoffs. I swung and missed on both him and Gillislee.
  15. The CLOWN SHOW

    This thread is great GUYS, the Cowboys are fine, the Chargers are just a Super Bowl caliber team. Duh!
  16. Already regretting starting doctson and perine

    Great td grab by Doctson! perine had a solid game too. 130 yards from scrimmage. I’ll take it.
  17. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    One of my teams in 2010 had: Ray Rice - 1220 rush, 556 rec, 6 total td's Arian Foster - 1616 rush, 604 rec, 18 total td's Calvin Johnson - 1120 rec yds, 12 td Roddie White - 1389 rec, 10 td Brandon Lloyd - 1448 rec, 11 td I don't remember the QB, TE or Def but does it really matter after those five?
  18. PPR/3 year keeper league... Coleman probably more dynamic but no real QB. Thoughts? WHIR/Thanks.
  19. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    So my buddy and I share a team and I had Olsen in the entire time. My buddy convinced me to change it to Vernon in the lineup. He was giving me stat lines and so forth.. Eventually, with about 20 minutes before kickoff, I inserted Vernon. Tomorrow, I am kicking by buddy off the team or at the very least, he owes me lunch for that F up. The only good thing from yesterday was Adam Theilen and Keenan Allen produced some points.
  20. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    What a turkey
  21. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    0,0,0. They didn't even try to throw it his way. Kept him in to block the entire game. Thought he was going to be in the top 5 in stats this week among TEs. WRONG. Had him in daily and it cost me A LOT of money. Could have been in the real money but 157 points just doesn't cut it.
  22. Already regretting starting doctson and perine

    HTTR! Don't ever doubt them lol.
  23. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    His snap count was massive, pretty much every snap. 1 target. I hate Fantasy
  24. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    Did he get hurt? Good coverage? How was he not part of the game plan?
  25. The CLOWN SHOW

    Don't give up on Taco yet. He's way too light in the arse this year. Just like D Law's first year. Doesn't have enough bricks in his pocket yet. Give him a year under the SnC program and we'll see. He's been right there on a number of occasions but just is a step late and a brick to short to get there. Need more talent at back up positions and see what happens.
  26. Already regretting starting doctson and perine

    Yep. Looking a lot better in the 2nd half. We need a TD!
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