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  2. Pass Intereference is now reviewable

    Like it isn't bad enough already when our guy scores a TD we hold our breath that replay does not over turn it on the 1 yard line or out of bounds we now have to hold our breath on every single catch or TD because we never know when some coach (or in final 2 minutes) a play gets stopped to review for an off pass interference. I personally hate it. I am all for getting a call right but refs are human and human is part of the game on judgements calls. This is going to open a huge can of worms and it is really going to make fantasy football that much more painful for us when we have our catches and TD's taken away on replay pass interference calls.
  3. Scott Fish Bowl 9

    1200 teams in this year's event. Last year they also used scoring for 1st downs. This is a superflex so at least for the teams with only 2 starting QBs you can start another position when on bye. Thus the reason Keg drafted guys like Mullens and Tyrod he wanted to ensure he had 2 starting QB's. I like the idea of 0.5 PPR coupled with 0.5 for 1st down. This way those short 1 or 2 yard catches are not worth as much except when they lead to a 1st down which should be worth more. Also TE's get double 1 PPR and 1 per 1st down giving balance scoring. The part I really don't like is the new rule this year of 5 bonus pts per 50 yards rushing, 50 receiving or 300 passing. So if a guy goes for 150 yards receiving they get 30 pts for those yards instead of just 15. Not a fan of that new rule.
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  5. Keeper help unsexy choices

    I think Robby Anderson is on the verge of becoming an absolute stud. Especially with another year under Darnold. He's a steal in the 9th. And Kelce is money every year. He's good for 1,000 + and 10 TD's EASY with Mahommes.
  6. Keeper help unsexy choices

    You think Anderson is going to have that good of a year? I wasn't thinking Kelce because it's not as high a value as one of the later round options...
  7. 2019 Rookie Draft: Round 3

    3.8 Miles Boykin, WR Baltimore Icarus
  8. 2019 LLD Draft is now live

    I missed pick 2.4 please select justice hill rob Baltimore
  9. We have a couple spots to fill up for a deep roster IDP Roster size : 30 10 offensive & 10 defensive players started weekly Snake draft Aug 31st Main lines: $40 Buy in (4 spots) & $175 Buy in (2 spots) Redraft League Snake draft PPR FAAB waiver system LeagueSafe (majority approval) 12 teams Trades are all approved within minutes (veto is only used for cheating cases)   100% payout for top 3 Yahoo For more details or to join us this season…
  10. Looking for active players to join us for a Snake SuperFlex League  Snake Draft Tuesday Sept 3rd 7:30pm EDT $150 Buy in  Superflex League Main lines: - Auction draft - .5PPR - FAAB waiver system - LeagueSafe (majority approval)  - 10 teams - Trades are all approved within minutes (veto is only used for cheating cases)   - 100% payout for top 3  For more details or to join us this season...
  11. One song

    Negasonic Teenage Warhead - Monster Magnet
  12. 32 Team split conference dynasty idp start-up, looking for owners. $60 dollar leaguesafe buy-in. 5th year super pot. My email address is Email your top 3 teams and I will get back to you thanks, Bradley
  13. One song

    Boots Of Spanish Leather - Bob Dylan
  14. $50 14 Team PPR Auction League

    bumping before bed
  15. $50 12 Team PPR Superflex Auction

    bumping before bed
  16. Hello Everyone - I am looking to fill a 10-man $50.00 buy-in redraft league We are a good bunch and we are looking for very active players Roster- 1-QB,2-RB,2-WR,1-TE,1-K,5 or 6 BN(will be voted on), 1-IR Payouts- Champ=$350 , 2nd=$100, 3rd=$50 Sleeper app and LeagueSafe with Majority approval If you are interested please click the link above.
  17. 14 team Gentlemen, I am looking for those who love IDP, offense and are active owners for this start up. This league is set up to make every position count. The scoring is unique to each position allowing every position to matter including having LB scoring set up to help OLB have value instead of them being the desperate Bye week start. $55 buy in Take a look any questions please ask. If you are interested in joining email me at
  18. Keeper help unsexy choices

    Kelce & Anderson.
  19. This is a league for real fanatics. While we have run this league for more than a decade, we're having a fresh auction this season. All players are available. Detailed rules are here: contact for more info. We spread the prizes around...highly competitive, but friendly league. You must like deep rosters and we include 3 DP. Auction attendance is mandatory. Auction is Sunday August 25th.
  20. Tyreek Hill again...

    If you feel as strongly as you do than it was a good trade for you. But Hill is a top 5 receiver regardless of how you feel about him off the field.
  21. League selected draft order today I ended with 4th pick. I do not think the first 3 picks will use a first round keeper, so they will use pick.
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  23. $50 14 Team PPR Auction League

    Bumping for the weekend crowd, still some open spots
  24. $50 12 Team PPR Superflex Auction

    7 confirmed, still looking for a few more.
  25. Get to keep 2 in the round they were selected: This league starts 2 qb's... 1. (5) Antonio Brown 2. (16) Travis Kelce 5. (45) Alex Collins 6. (56) Andrew Luck 7. (65) Michael Crabtree 8. (76) Carlos Hyde 9. (85) Robby Anderson 10. (96) Peyton Barber 11. (105) Julian Edelman 12. (116) Jameis Winston 13. (125) Philadelphia 14. (136) O.J. Howard 15. (145) Robert Woods) Def gonna keep Luck but torn between Winston, Howard or Robert Woods....
  26. Only 2 slots remaining - they are going fast
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