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  2. Hello, I will be commissioning another 14 team PPR auction league again this year. The details are as below: Roster: 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex, 1DS/T, 5 bench Buy In: $50 Payouts: 1st: 450 2nd: 150 3rd: 50 4th: 50 Payments are managed in Leaguesafe with payouts being confirmed by majority vote at the end Draft will be held Saturday August 10th at 3:30 PDT. Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you the invite. Email is:
  3. Hello, I will be commissioning another 12 team PPR Superflex auction league again this year. The details are as below: Roster: 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex, 1Superflex, 1DS/T, 5 bench Buy In: $50 Payouts: 1st: 400 2nd: 100 3rd: 50 4th: 50 Payments are managed in Leaguesafe with payouts being confirmed by majority vote at the end Draft will be held Saturday August 17th at 5:00PM PDT. Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you the invite. Email is:
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  5. Hi And hello—been a longtime dynasty owner and huddler-still in 3 dynasties for over 10 years—believe in actively building either by draft or trading—am still playing in the 16 team baseball league sponsor here at the huddle—anyhoo looking to join if still needed thanks John

  6. Melvin Gordon to sit out training camp

    really is a shame what happens to running backs in this league. the numbers about performance as they age doesn't lie, just seems unfair
  7. Am I Overthinking?

    I'd still go Zeke. I don't think he's holding out. He doesn't have much leverage.
  8. 2019 Rookie Draft: Round 1

    1.9 - Noah Fant, TE, Denver Broncos Sam Allen
  9. Rumor: Ezekiel Elliott planning a training camp holdout

    I was thinking that Ezekiel could hold out until after week 10 and still accrue a season but I was wrong. I guess Players under contract can't do that. Zeke really has no choice except to show up by August 6th with or without a new contract. Yahoo's Charles Robinson reports Ezekiel Elliott must report to camp by August 6 in order to receive an accrued season toward free agency. Elliott is currently scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent after the 2020 season, but that would not be the case if he fails to gain at least one accrued season before then. Elliott could get the all-important fourth accrued season next year, but holding out deep into camp this time would prevent him from doing the same in his contract season. Robinson believes Elliott will ultimately decide against holding out. SOURCE: Yahoo Sports Jul 16, 2019, 9:20 AM ET
  10. 2019 Rookie Draft: Round 1

    1.8 -Darrell Henderson, RB, LA Rams
  11. Am I Overthinking?

    Early draft coming up NON-PPR Scoring I have the 3rd pick in the draft (Kamara is NOT available), assuming Barkley and CMC go 1 and 2, do I consider David Johnson or Hopkins at 3 considering Zeke is threatening a holdout?
  12. He has no real leverage this year. Would be more concerned if this isn't handled by next year.
  13. 8 team league QB strategy

    I've never been a early QB guy. In my 12 man leagues, I am always the last to draft a QB and that usually doesn't happen until round 8 or 9. In an 8 man league, I would definitely wait until later. There is a lot more parity among QBs compared to the difference in the other positions.
  14. I would keep McCaffery for second round pick. I also would possibly grab another top RB in the First round. Rb drop off on points is greater after top tier backs are drafted. Draft WR if one of the top backs did not fall to you in the first....
  15. One song

    Train In Vain - The Clash
  16. Worst NFL idea ever

    Great point. In reality it would be like adding 2 pre-season games except they count in the standings. I really hope they ditch this idea.
  17. We are heading into our 4th season and are looking to fill some teams. If you are interested or have any questions please email me with your top choice of 2 or 3 teams (listed below). $1k Football Madness League League Overview: •The idea behind the league is to have a March madness type tournament at the end of the regular season where the Champ will win over $1,000 dollars with just a small entry fee. In order to achieve that, the tournament will have to start in week 11. Since the NFL has used BYE weeks into weeks 11, and sometimes 12 that has to be taken into account when putting together a team. •League Fee will be $65 (includes fee) •The league will consist of 64 owners. •League will consist of 4 divisions. XFL / Arena League, NFC, AFC, USFL. • Championship Bracket (all 64 teams will compete) • Consolation Bracket (32 teams that lose in the first week of the Championship bracket complete) •100% of league money is paid out minus MFL fee. •All money will be held and paid out by •Player Universe - All NFL Players – Each division will have their own player universe. •Scoring Type - PPR (Point per receptions) and performance based decimal scoring. •Standings – Winning percentage Payouts: •$65 X 64 = $4160 minus $140 MFL fee (early bird price) •1st - $1000 •2nd - $600 •3rd - $350 • #1 seeds (4) - $100 •Sweet Sixteen (16) - $25 •Elite 8 teams (8) - $65 •Final Four teams (4) - $100 •Consolation bracket winner - $100 •Team that scores the most regular season points - $100 •Season pick em winner - $75 – Runs NFL weeks 1-17 •Season survivor winner - $75- Runs until one is left including NFL playoffs. •ALL MONEY WILL BE PAID OUT AFTER THE CHAMPION IS CROWNED. Divisions: •The league will be made up of four divisions (AFL / XFL, NFC, AFC, USFL) each with 16 teams. •Team names are already set using teams from those named divisions. Team banners and league graphics are set, owners are not permitted to change those banners. Open teams: XFL / Arena Los Angeles Extreme Orlando Rage Cleveland Gladiators Orlando Predators Chicago Enforcers Tampa Bay Storm NFC AFC Cincinnati Bengals Houston Texans Miami Dolphins New England Patriots USFL Arizona Wranglers Denver Gold Michigan Panthers Orlando Renegades Tampa Bay Bandits Oakland Invaders
  18. 2019 Rookie Draft: Round 1

    1.7- Hakeem Butler, WR, Arizona Come-A-Runnin' Boys
  19. Yesterday
  20. I am a member of an 8 team 1/2 PPR league. I am more apt to stream a QB than take an early round QB (Mahomes, Luck, Rodgers or Watson). I am torn on where I really want to target my QB: Do I start around the 69th pick with Mayfield? He's definitely a higher tier than any streamer. Do I wait for a Winston, Goff, Prescott or Murray 105+ pick? Or is that tier way too late for an 8 team league? With that thought process should I focus on the tier of Wilson, Newton & Wentz 80-90s pick? Are they streamers or keepers?
  21. Rumor: Ezekiel Elliott planning a training camp holdout

    Jerry doesn't have a history of playing hardball in contract negotiations. In fact, he might be the most player friendly negotiator in the NFL. So maybe Jerry is planning on signing Ezekiel to a new contract but is just trying to minimize it. The fairest solution would be to give him a contract with a high annual salary but with only the first two years guaranteed.
  22. Oh I understand and agree. The reality is that the only back that recently got the monster contract was Todd Gurley and that doesn't look like as good of a value now as it did prior to last season. The next highest contracts went to Le'Veon Bell, Devonta Freeman, LeSean McCoy and David Johnson. I am no "capologist" and realize that numbers can say different things, but it appears to me that RBs realize how short their lifespans really are and want upfront money, and teams realize how short RB lifespans really are and do NOT want to waste upfront money. The apparent decline in Gurley has to make any NFL team think twice about doling out $50M+ contracts and more so the guaranteed money. No argument about Elliott's value to the team. It just looks to me that this conflict between RBs and teams is getting worse and more contentious which makes far tougher to forecast what is going to happen to RBs when they holdout. 2019 RB contract Value Rankings
  23. Established 12-team Dynasty League needs three new owners (one has already been filled) as the previous owners had to bail this year. Great league format - 2 QB/2 TE plus deep rosters and PPR scoring. We're quickly approaching our rookie draft (we'll do the dispersal draft as soon as the slots are filled and then the rookie after that), and all teams have all picks in tact (or better - one of the teams had two firsts and no seconds). The normal buy-in is $150, plus $100 deposit for following years. All teams are available at a $100 discount for the upcoming season. There are some awesome players available in the dispersal draft (including some stud QBs which is valuable in this format). Available players set to enter the dispersal draft include: Alvin Kamara Nick Chubb Sony Michel Chris Carson Mark Ingram Duke Johnson AJ Green Christian Kirk Tyler Boyd Will Fuller Marvin Jones Golden Tate Dede Westbrook Russell Wilson Cam Newton Dak Prescott Matt Ryan Eric Ebron Evan Engram OJ Howard Vance McDonald Here are links to the open rosters to show the players that will be available in the dispersal drafts (draft picks will be available as well): and and, and a link to the league rules (scroll to the bottom of the page for the full writeup): Let me know if you're interested!
  24. Rumor: Ezekiel Elliott planning a training camp holdout

    Ezekiel is far more important to Dallas' offense than Le'Veon was to Pittsburgh's offense. Ezekiel might be more important to his team than any non-quarterback in the league. Running backs have a limited lifespan. It's not in Ezekiel's best interests to play before week 11 unless he gets a new contract.
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