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  2. Trade Advice

    Yup, I'd do it. Big upgrade at rb, not nearly as much downgrade at te
  3. Trade away DHop?

    Nooooo way. Keep Hopkins. Only guys I would even think about trading hopkins for is Julio or maybe Hill and that's a BIG maybe
  4. Dynasty Trade - Cooks>AJ Brown?

    Are you in contention to win this season?
  5. Goff part 2

    While I believe there is upside for Goff down the road, there is no way I start him over Wilson. Am I better off dropping Goff for a great stash or other qb, or hold onto Goff for Wilson’s bye?
  6. Need other opinions on a trade.

    It's a 12 team league. My team: Mahomes Jacobs Damien Williams Cooper Kupp Dissly now Fells as I did pick him up last week. We have 6 bench spots. So there isn't much on the waiver wire the top 3 available is Davis, Willson and Goedert.
  7. Trade away DHop?

    No no no
  8. Trade offer

    He won't say yes, but if he does, you win big time. , But
  9. David Johnson - Fair Offer?

    Man I would not take that trade if I was him. Johnson is having a great year. Can’t believe he even countered I’d make the deal if I were you no brainer.
  10. Who to drop for Slye

    I would honestly just drop Slye or do a two for one trade. No way I’m dropping Williams or Fuller so that I can keep a kicker. But I guess it also depends on if you’re really deep at receiver.
  11. Simultaneous Trade Help!

    Well I'm either going to do neither or both, so that's the major concern.
  12. Rank These WR ROS

    Woods Cooks Boyd Green is coming now soon.
  13. Simultaneous Trade Help!

    Trade #1 - Fuller and ARob is a wash - so it is Coleman for Henry Trade #2 - Anderson has bigger upside the JuJu with Darnold back at QB - losing Engram is ok if you are getting Henry - I'm thinking Zeke will outperform Coleman by end of season (but DAL offense is scary bad right now) I would do both trades
  14. Should I take this Trade

    What's your team?
  15. Should I take this Trade

    Damien disappeared on Sunday. Is there an injury we don’t know about?
  16. Derrick Henry Trade

    Sorry to keep bumping this up. I wouldn’t mind having any of his Bell, Henry, Freeman it Coleman. Trying to find some sort of trade that helps his team and isn’t a big hit to my team. Any suggestions appreciated. I’m just looking for another solid back.
  17. AJ Green info???

    Last I heard it was possible he'd be back this week but who knows
  18. AJ Green info???

    Has anyone heard an update on Greens status? I cannot find anything on him?
  19. Sorry for posting so much today, but it's week 7 and usually this is the time to start making trades, start/sit options cause of bye weeks, etc 0.5ppr I'm trading Amongst 2 Teams and this is what's happening. Do these trades benefit my team? 1st Trade I send Will Fuller & Tevin Coleman For Allen Robinson & Hunter Henry 2nd Trade I send Juju & Evan Engram For Robby Anderson & Ezekiel Elliot My Team We start 3 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 Flex, 1 TE WRs: Adams, Juju, G. Tate, Metcalf, Fuller RBs: Breida, Coleman, Jacobs, Singletary, Montgomery TE: Engram
  20. Cook and RSeals are not horrible. At this point Ju-Ju is worth nothing except for name value. Crowder has great PPR value with Sam Darnold back at QB. I agree that if you can package an RB to upgrade at WR, but you have to hope you got a willing owner to trade with. Ju-Ju is doing nothing and will not do much as compared to last season. Big Ben being out hurt that entire offense.
  21. Officiating

    Agreed, they need invest more money into officiating. It has gotten really bad
  22. Rank These WR ROS

    Boyd R Woods B Cooks PPR
  23. Need other opinions on a trade.

    If Jacobs is your RB1 and DWilliams your RB2, then no I would not take that offer. What TE are availabe to you on the wire? You could just stream ROS than give up you best RB.
  24. Trade Advice involving Mahomes

    Not a horrible trade. Lamar gives you great upside with the rushing. Other than BUF, schedule ROS is good. Coleman is RB2, but SF is balling now and I do not see it stopping. Mahomes is solid. When (IF) he fully recovers from ankle he will be lights out like last year. Tough for him to be limited in running around like last year and trying to heal up. EDIT: You could try for more or better since they really want Mahomes.
  26. Kamara for Cook?!?!

    Same here and agree with handcuff. Good RBs you have for PPR.
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