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  2. How to value Chubb

    Where is hunt going in those drafts? So, with luck there is no injury and chubb does what he did last year for 10 weeks. We will need to hit on some upside mid to late round rb's to compensate for the potential dip with timeshare.
  3. Anyone out there been running a dynasty league on ESPN? Our group is finally going to transition into dynasty and id like to see what kinds of things other leagues do and look like. Ill start with our league. This isnt set in stone either and im looking for tips and ideas. 14 teams 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 WR/TE Flex 1 Flex 1 IDP (I want to do two IDPs but I would like to have one LB and one DE/DT/DB flex, I dont think that can be done on ESPN. Anyone help?) 1 Kicker Im still shaky on roster size. Im thinking 27. 3 IR and 3 Taxi squad. Auction waivers. 1. Ill need to do some sort of spread sheet for this right? How do you guys do it? 2. Would the waivers be a wasteland with this kind of setup? I kind of want the waivers to at least be kinda active? Do you guys do something like forcing a team to drop a number of players every year? 3. How do you guys do your Taxi squads and how does that work on ESPN? Im thinking holding on to a player for 2 years and then they have to come out. 4. Also, how do you guys draft rookie classes every year? I dont know what to do here.
  4. Best keeper options

    Just first two 2 picks and I won so I have the 12th overall pick. But since I traded picks last year, I'm missing a lot of picks. I have the 12th overall pick, the 24th overall pick and then I don't pick again until pick again until pick 61. Hoping to get some of those picks back before the draft, but that's why I'm saying keeper value in 2020 is more important because I don't see myself doing much this year.
  5. How to value Chubb

    You don't see many in season trades but also I am not sure if Cleveland would consider Hunt as a bargaining chip. They haven't seemed to eager to get rid of Duke Johnson which makes me think they likely won't. I am not an expert on in season trades though. These things are hard or impossible to predict which is why when in doubt I prefer to draft the best athlete rather than the setup. The problem is both are pretty damn good. We are talking two perhaps top 5 RB's or close.
  6. Email me at if interested!
  7. How to value Chubb

    In my recent drafts, he's gone 2.08,2.08, 2.08, 2.10, 2.09, 2.09, 2.08, 2.11 and 2.12. Wow. That is some consistency. I have never drafted him. I think Hunt's impact will be felt right when you need Chubb the most. I agree - no Hunt and I would want Chubb in the first round.
  8. League Name: The Transformers (Dynasty) 12 Man Dynasty ($10 Buy in) Please pay as soon as you join. 1st Place: $60 (To be paid by LeagueSafe) 2nd Place: $40 (To be paid by Leaguesafe) 3rd Place: $10 (To Be paid by Leaguesafe) 4th Place: $10 (To be paid by Leaguesafe) Separate vet & rookie draft. 20 man vet snake draft 3 round rookie snake draft Roster: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (W/R/T), 12 Bench, 3 Taxi If you’re interested, please send me a private message with your sleeper username for an invitation. If you don't have sleeper account, let me know. Thank you
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    My Own Summer - Deftones
  10. How to value Chubb

    yep, early 2nd
  11. I'm interested in this league. My account is
  12. 16 Teams / 4 Divisions / 13 Keepers / 4 Division Winners Host 4 best Wild Card Teams / All rules voted on by Majority +1, so no crazy rules. This is the Toughest League in the World! You can be proud of yourself if you can win here. THIS IS NOT AN EASY LEAGUE. IF YOU'RE A ROOKIE...THIS LEAGUE IS NOT FOR YOU. TOO WIN A SUPER BOWL, YOU MUST FLAWLESSLY HAVE A GOOD DRAFT, SKILLFULLY ADMINISTER WAIVER WIRE PICKUPS AND IF NECESSARY FILL A HOLE OR TWO BY TRADING. Too Win a Super Bowl, You must flawlessly have a good draft, skillfully administer waiver wire pickups, and if necessary fill a hole or two by trading. If you want to churn your roster, or play wack-a-mole, you need a free-league, because you suck and would come in dead last anyway. If you want to trade your 2nd and 3rd round picks for the number 1 pick in the're dreaming and need a league with idiots in it. All trades are voted on and nobody is going to let uneven trades go through. This league is starting it's eleventh year and it's stayed in business because it's fair. We use a professional draft, not snake. So the weaker teams have the advantage. This works well because no team has ever won two Super Bowls in a row. I like to say, "It's easier to get good, than stay good." Yeah, the Super Bowl winner drafts last in every round. So the competition stays pretty even. 16 Teams. 4 Divisions: NFC North, NFC South, AFC East, AFC West. 18 Player Rosters, 13 Keepers, Draft July 13th, 9 p.m. eastern 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex, 1TE, 1 K, 1 DST. Return Guys score for team they are on to add to viable waiver wire possibilities. No Crutch PPR. PPR was started because WR's were inconsistent. Now it's mostly RB by committee. I pay all hosting fees, buy the trophies and pay shipping. $27.50 entree fee: 100% Payout, $175, $125, $75, $25, $40. This means if you win Wild Card Weekend, you're in the money! The $40.00 prize is for Coach of the Year, the team that scores the most regular season points. This can be won alone or added to any other prize. Contact: Steven V. Duran Managing General Partner NFL Championship Football League Text: NFL Team to (940) 206-8007 when you want to talk and get a link...
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    Reminiscing - Buddy Holly
  14. How to value Chubb

    I like Chubb a lot. He did really well with not a great OL in Cleveland and the credible threat of throwing and potentially being ahead in games with a solid D for Cleveland would lead one to believe he'll be grinding out a lot of games. But he also has a pretty nice talent in Hunt coming back in week 10. I think without Hunt he's an easy 1st round selection in a 12 team league but not sure how to value him with Hunt. I'd say drafting Hunt as a cuff is likely advised if you do. If one goes down the other becomes very valuable. How high would you draft? Early 2nd?
  15. Mr Big has until June 25 @ 10:31 PM ET to match $10
  16. D. Adams or Evans n PPR?

    Rodgers loves him some Adams... and I'm a huge Buccaneer fan who loves Evans. Keep Adams.
  17. Keeper league!

    Williams & Evans Gurley is a large question mark because of his knee, and they traded up to pick up that rookie RB to take carries away from him AJ Green has been broken the last couple of years, so while he'll produce he has a potential to keep being injured
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  19. Vegas Auction $350

    Still looking for owners to fill out this exciting league !!!
  20. Guillotine $35

    Need just one (1) more
  21. 140 Bronze Orphans ($122) at Noon, 24 Silver Orphans ($285) at Noon and 7 Gold Orphans ($561) - Just came online - over 250 orphans sold since 10 am
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