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  2. Hunter Henry

    I got lucky and grabbed him as a FA before the weekend's games. Didn't start him though bcuz wasn't sure he would be 100% to go. It's all good though, I won the week and have him going forward if he stays healthy (knock on wood). My plan was to roll with Hock but jeez... nice drop in the endzone last night
  3. Robert Woods, John Brown or Terry McLaurin?

    I have these same receivers. I rank them this week as John Brown Robert Woods Terry this week. John Brown is a good football player who's gonna get his in this matchup. Bobby Woods didnt have a catch for the first time in like 3 years last week. His feelings are hurt and he is good in the good matchups this year. Terry is amazing and will probably be a top 10 play but his matchup though.
  4. Week 6 Milk Carton

    Stop making me cry....
  5. Trade away DHop?

    Good point. I guess it's a bit easier to gamble at WR, since there are more options. Even my other receivers - Tyrell Williams has outscored him in 3 out of 4 games and Robinson twice out of 5. Thomas has outscored him 5 out of 6. Seems like Watson is becoming a better QB and spreading the ball around more and doesn't need to force it to DHop as much anymore. That said, it's still tough to trade him away!
  6. Officiating

    Isn't that kind of the NCAA setup, official in the booth can decide to have more thorough review of plays and overturn on field ruling. Problem is, even they don't include most penalties like the illegal hands calls on Flowers. Basically what you need is review of every play, with the idea being to overturn the most egregious and obvious mistakes, even on "subjective" penalties like holding. Which was what the NFL essentially did with allowing PI review this year. (Teams are starting to understand they probably won't win [something like 1 time in 20+ tries so far] so they're not trying that as often, probably why Patricia didn't challenge last night.)
  7. Yeah, maybe. I mean the NE def has allowed fewer TDs (only 3 on the season), fewer rushing yards per game, fewer total yards per game, 8 more sacks, more than twice as many turnovers. In any case, they are both great, and they very well could shut him down. We will find out!
  8. Robert Woods, John Brown or Terry McLaurin?

    I think SF may be better. New England is better for Fantasy because they're so opportunistic, but in terms of just shutting an offense down, San Francisco has been unreal. I know Goff has been great this year but 78 yards? That's absurd. McLaurin is great but Keenum still has to be able to get him the ball.
  9. Thoughts on this offer?

    So this trade would make Breida your RB2, and Lockett your flex?
  10. Leveon owner wins imo. Whoever gets Leveon.
  11. So in talks with OBJ owner. He wants Lamar and said OBJ is on the block. Who if anyone would you trade with Lamar for OBJ? Full PPR yardage bonuses (+5 for 100 yes rush and rec 300 for pass). I'm comfy with Wentz, and Josh Allen and Cam are on the wire. Thanks guys!
  12. Oh, when you said "for Leveon" I assumed you would be acquiring him. I like this trade better for the team getting Bell.
  13. Trade Advice involving Mahomes

    I'd do that. I'd actually keep that offer on the table, counter with something you like more, then if your offer is declined you accept the original offer of Lamar and Coleman.
  14. Hopkins Trade Help!

    2. It was probably the fact he didn’t start them in time. But they all scored less than 10 points. He had bell at flex
  15. Looking to upgrade at RB. I would be getting Chubb. Fair trade? My team below: QB: Wentz WR: DHop WR:Thielen RB: Bell RB: Mack TE: Waller Flex: Breida K: Tucker Def: Cowboys Bench: Michel C. Edmonds Olsen M. Jones Jr. M. Brown D. Adams
  16. Hopkins Trade Help!

    How many WR do you need to play? Allen, Boyd, Gallup all played this week.
  17. Trade Advice involving Mahomes

    Yea, playoffs are 14-16. Week 16 is the championship and I plan on being there considering I’m in 1st place.. toot toot. Plus, if I stay in first place I’ll have a week 1 bye. Mahomes would be playing CHI in the chip... Jackson would be playing CLE.
  18. Hopkins Trade Help!

    It’s full PPR. He did a trade last week that left him with no receiver to start this week cause his benched were injured so he ended up losing.
  19. Mixon/Lockett for Henry

    Mixon ≠ points you need Signed, a sad Mixon owner
  20. Hopkins Trade Help!

    I don't think he is super thin at WR - hes a little thin, but he's got some really solid players in all five guys. What scoring is this league? With his roster, I'd do Hopkins for Johnson, not for Bell though.
  21. Fair enough. The only game Terry has not performed was against NE (maybe the only DEF better than SF right now), so there is that in favor of your argument. We shall see!
  22. Hopkins Trade Help!

    But the fact that he’s super thin at WR and all of his benched players are hurt should sway him if I give him a decent offer. Would you take hopkins for Bell or hopkins for Johnson?
  23. Trade Advice involving Mahomes

    Well for fantasy purposes, the playoffs are just some regular season games. That would probably be weeks 14-16, where Mahomes has NE, DEN, CHI. Pretty brutal matchups. Jackson on the other hand has BUF, NYJ, CLE. Buffalo will be tough, but much better matchups overall.
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