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    I have done the following: 1. Wore a genie outfit for the first time 2. Played Chris Moneymaker poker online with some buddies 3. Played Mystery Husband with my wife 4. Went and got a SuperCut 5. Ironed my Victory Pants 6. AY2FDCBM 7. Tried to come up with One Song. Failed. 8. Tried to enjoy some new crock pot recipes. Spit them up. Left a bad taste in the mouth. 9. Bought some new furniture. My wife likes Bears. 10. Opened a kegg of beer. 11. Went to Spain. Found some bunny love. 12. Looked at a couple of well rounded beakers. 13. Fell in love with a panda. 14. Became a sarge in the army. 15. Styled my hair with a little San Francisco flair. 16. Wrote a poem. Or 352 of them. 17.Explored a cave in the New England area. 18. Watched a little Scooby-Do 19. Tried a pack of extra large trojans. Too big. 20. Went to the beach and became a bum for awhile. 21. gg whomp 22. 23. Wore a hat one of the Czar's of Russia wore in 1945 24. Make a Film 25. Did some squats to tighten my bunz 26. Cleaned some riffraff outta my garage 27. chargerzed up my phone 28. Ate some grits before I got kicked in the shins 29. nuked a burrito in the microwave 30. Painted my bedroom aqua
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    News Bulletin: Kyler Murray just admitted to Banner University Medical Center Emergency Room in Phoenix with an uncontrollable erection.
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    Will Fuller might score 15 tds in the 6 games he plays this season
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    Look what diggs yielded. Holy hell O'Brien is inept
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    Dude, you're like the real media with a misleading subject line.
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    Yeah the conspiracy nonsense we can do without. If this Shadow of Death has yet to descend on your community then you are fortunate and I am very pleased you've been spared so far. If you have any doubts at the carnage COVID is wreaking, you're welcome to spend some time with me and I'll take you past the ICU rooms in our hospital that are filled with nearly dead people. One military friend said that he'd rather go back to the Afghan field hospitals he worked at than deal with this manure here.
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    And a couple/few hours later he said, “Whenever we’re ready, I mean as soon as we can, obviously. He then later added, “I can’t tell you a date but I thinks it’s going to be sooner rather than later.”
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    18-29 year olds do not space properly, maybe in that picture! I've worked my whole life with this population and the last thing they care about is "proper spacing." Check out a bar in a college town and you'll know what I'm talking about.
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    What in the heck were the Bears thinking giving Jimmy Graham 2 for 16 mill? Worse FA signing of the year?
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    Class act Michael Irvin is. You don't air out someone else's dirty laundry based on speculation. He should be the first one fired!
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    Likely, but if we are out of hospital beds, and critical medicine isnt moving, the end % maybe higher and we cant deal with the load on our system. My wife works in a hospital, we are isolating as I assume she WILL get it, and therefore all of us, and I dont want to pass it on to others
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    yeah... How reliable is Michael Irvin? I don't follow him at all. I can't stand his voice.
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    Chargers.. Just traded for Trai Turner. Mike William's Keenan Allen Hunter Henry Austin Eckler and big time talent on Defense.
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    Skylive....it may be a decade since I was here...but when I just heard Bill Withers passed, I thought of you...hope you are well.
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    Yes they did, but it is unknown just how much was guaranteed. It might be the same guaranteed money of $12 million, so a 2 year deal lets Robby hit FA a second time a lot earlier. He is betting on himself. I think Robby or his agent believes he will outperform his contract and land a much better deal in 2 years.
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    yep. It's actually a 1 year 12 million if they cut him after year 1. Robby is a deep threat A one-trick pony, and is NOT particularly good at jump-balls. In fact, he is under 50-50 on those 50-50's. Carolina already has Moore, who is fast and Samuel plus Teddy Dink-and-Dunk only. I just don't get it. I know Robby and Rhule go way back together to Temple days. Good luck to them.
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    I am MFL-dumb for the most part so I don't know how to invite you guys in and get you access to your teams. TFord has been awesome in helping me out, basically running the show the past year or so. He is out in the field somewhere up in Canaduh and not able to work on a computer just yet. We will get you guys the keys ASAP.
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    Rodgers dropped him on his FF team already
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    I laughed my ass off after the Packers kept him last year. terrible signing.
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    Didn't know that; that's good intel.
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    This. If they fired him today it would take 3 years minimum to recover. Too many draft picks gone and too little in return. Oh and by the time they recover, it'll be time to pay Watson.
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    Zeke got that same kind of deal Gurley got. The problem is the players are sitting out and not playing if you don't cave to their demands. Hard when a guy is in the prime of his career like Gurley was (he still is only 25) and killing the league to tell him to take a walk and not give him what he wants.
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    Actually I’ve been looking for a reason to gut my basement and cabin since it has needed to be done for over a year. Wife always comes up with something else to do though because she gets bored when I do chores on the weekends. Well now we can’t do anything else so the roll off dumpster is getting delivered tomorrow. I’m actually looking forward to finally getting this done
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    Absolutely, but Nuk was demanding to redo his deal, and I think owners and coaches are tired of this. You agreed to a 5 yr deal, play it out. Cam wanted to redo his deal as well, and they signed bridgewater, told cam to find his own deal. When I agreed to my 5 yr deal with my employer, I didn't start asking for more each yr, I've worked every day for what we agreed to. Athletes should be acting like better role models then entitled divas . Be a man, do what you agreed to do. Prove your signature (and name) mean something
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    It's true though. He put everyone in a bad spot, Hopkins and BoB, and got the details wrong to boot likely. As a former player he should be smarter than that, but I suppose he's just looking for the headlines
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    I think BW is better than you do. I think he's perfectly fine as a starter and I'd take him over Newton. But I agree with you it's a bit of a lateral move, or seems to be. I am not sure Carolina has enough horses to do much the next few years and not sure BW will move the dial much. But he will be an upgrade IMO
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    I don't get it. Does he really make anyone better? He's nice but not a full time starter. Twitter › mortreport Chris Mortensen The Panthers and Teddy Bridgewater are negotiating a 3-year contract in the $60 million range, per source. The deal is not done as they work out details but it is expected to be complete when new league year opens Wednesday.
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    IMO, odds are the Stidham starts.
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    Shenanigans. Even if its because a team doesn't want to pay him, you don't give him away for a ham sandwich. The trade is being labeled appropriately. BO'B has now managed to move two elite players (Clowney and Hopkins) for next to nothing while at the same time trading 2 1st round picks away for an average (at best) tackle in Tunsil. Bad is bad.
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    Texans have traded away Hopkins and Jadaveon Clowney int he last 9 months, and have not received a 1st round pick.
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    Wow! This actually made me forget about the Corona for a few minutes. This is like that bad fantasy trade everyone sees happen, but can't veto.
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    Bill want's to be remembered in the same breath as Herschel Walker. This is the dumbest (the really bad word)ing trade I've seen since I was old enough to comprehend the management aspect of football. Well done Bill, well done.
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    It will be the only live thing on television, will have insane ratings
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    Ha ha ha! I just don't get the toilet paper rush. I am so the beer rush guy...
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    Same here, shelves are empty. I'm on the Coast of SC. We are used to shelves being empty during hurricane season but this has a different feel. I'm not sure what the TP panic is all about, but whatever.
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    Just came home from grocery shopping. People are panicking around here. All four of my local grocery stores were out of toilet paper, paper towels, bottled water, diapers and other baby stuff, canned soup, canned vegetables, frozen pizzas and any lysol, clorox or purell cleaning products. More than anything else, I'm worried about my parents who are both in the mid 70s. My dad has underlying health problems even though he gave up smoking 20 years ago.
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    It's still fairly rare, and doesn't have a high mortality rate 3%-5%. Not to sound like trump, but 8 billion on the earth, and 125,000 infectious less than 10,000 deaths. Yes, it needs to be taken seriously, no, it's not the worst thing to happen, just new and with uncertainty comes panic. Look around you, everyone here is still coming to work, folks are still shopping, the phones are still ringing and we are moving on and doing what we need to be doing. The markets have dropped, the wealthiest aren't nearly as wealthy, but my house is still there, some.money still in my bank account, and my house is still standing, all fairly good things. My family is still near me, my kids are safe as are my parents. Life is a terminal disease, and we are all still strong today, it will pass. Like those before this, (i livid a few blocks from where SARS, was quarantined in 2003) be safe but brave and this too, one day, will be a memory of things we have surpassed.
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    That would be collusion, and against the nfl rules
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    Brutal? You serious, Clark? That sounds like football heaven.