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    kdko didn't say anything about a lawsuit. the first person to bring up a lawyer was you.
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    I seriously doubt this is an attempt for him to avoid Hard Knocks. I think this is just Josh owning up to the fact he has an addiction and he's receiving additional help. Being an alcoholic, I find this extremely admirable that he knows he might need additional counseling. I applaud him for doing this.
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    lived in CA most of my life until I moved to CO in 2000. I've been there through the good and bad times with Raiders (Oak, to LA, back to Oak, and now to Las Vegas). Loyal fan. I've seen to many fair weather fans in many cities, which questions how true a fan they are. Hypocrites.
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    Yeah, we'll see about that. SB hangover is real. Can Wentz wear the same magical slippers as Foles' during his magical ride to glory? The East looks like it's back to being a real meat grinder. All Divisional games will be huge.
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    This post made me realize I have zero interest in any of these guys...and that's probably a mistake for FFL. Someone will catch the ball, even if it's not pretty. I have no faith in Allen Hurns so I voted Beasley, more as a total no-confidence vote in Tavon TBH. In a real draft I'd probably pick Gallup for his relatively better ADP value. I'd be interested in what the Dallas homers think.
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    I went to training camp this past Saturday. Looks like Landry's gonna be a ball hog and caught a short touchdown in 11 on 11s. Rashard Higgins is showing separation and getting lotsa looks. Antonio Callaway is quick with decent route skills. Looks like what the previous front office wanted Corey Coleman to be. Hyde got first team reps. I didn't see Chubb play much. Njoku was doing catch repetition drills.
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    Perfect situation to get cut?
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    JuJu in the 12th is too good of a value to pass. You are not getting any bargain by keeping Diggs - you can re-draft him around the 4th but JuJu is going WAY before the 12th round. I am a little hesitant to totally believe that the Minnesota passing game will not have a transition period with their new QB.
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    Love this strategy when drafting at/near the turn. Starting a position run can get solid value back to you at the next turn.
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    You make a good argument for his case but I still don't see it. If he holds out for more money when he's done nothing but hurt himself and his team with his own actions then I think his career is over. He has way more to gain by playing under his current contract and be the "good soldier" then playing hardball. If he hasn't figured that out after 7 years in the league then he is not someone I want in the locker room. It's not hard to stay out of trouble if your career depends on it. He's costing his own career, no one else is causing his issues. A hold out now would further push his lack of professionalism toward the trade.
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    Bill Belichick often praises players on opposing teams but rarely praises his own players. So I'm less apt to believe that this is just coachspeak. A Gronk injury could thrust Hollister into a big role. A Gronk injury is not an unlikely event. Hollister is a player worth monitoring. Or more accurately, Gronk's injury status is worth monitoring. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/12491/jacob-hollister Coach Bill Belichick praised second-year TE Jacob Hollister, saying, "I think he has a great future." An UDFA pickup last year, Hollster appeared in 15 games as a rookie, catching 4-of-11 targets for 42 scoreless yards. A catch-first tight end who didn't block much at all in college, Hollister has a chance to make some strides behind Rob Gronkowski and push Dwayne Allen for snaps in "12" personnel. Jul 30 - 7:44 PM Source: Mike Reiss on Twitter http://www.bostonherald.com/sports/patriots/2018/07/pats_tight_end_jacob_hollister_could_be_answer_to_edelman_void Karen Guregian Monday, July 30, 2018 Meet Jacob Hollister. Of late, the undrafted free agent out of Wyoming, now entering his second season with the Patriots, has been working in the special side group with Tom Brady, which is always a positive sign. He’s looking more poised and more confident this camp. While it’s not fair to compare him to Hernandez football-wise just yet, at the very least, he’s piqued our curiosity in the early going. First, as in OTAs and minicamp, he’s stood out with his play. It’s hard not to notice he has great hands, making several notable catches over the course of the first four days of camp. On Saturday, he held on to a missile Brady fired in the back of the end zone along the end line which drew praise from the quarterback during 7-on-7 red zone work. Then Sunday he made a lunging grab of a Brian Hoyer pass in the back corner of the end zone with safety Eddie Pleasant tight in coverage. Hollister, who is 6-foot-4, 245-pounds, is considered a multi-dimensional or “move” tight end. In other words, he can line up just about anywhere. The Patriots have tried for years to replicate what they had with Hernandez, who was also a “move” tight end, but they just haven’t found a suitable model. Martellus Bennett has been the best they’ve had partnered with No. 87, but he and Gronk were never really healthy at the same time. They also had Scott Chandler, but they’ve never been able to duplicate the kind of favorable matchup situations they had with both Gronk and Hernandez on the field. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels could move them all over the formation and that wreaked havoc with defenses. Dwayne Allen may have proved a valuable blocking tight end last season, but provided little as a pass catcher. Hollister, with a year under his belt, could be ready for a break out.
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    I hope you're right that Mixon is the running back we saw in those final 4 games. There were games last year where he looked lost. Le'Veon Bell also looked lost at times his rookie year. Le'Veon averaged 3.5 ypc his rookie year and didn't even have one game where he averaged 5.0 ypc. I think it could be because they are big, powerful running backs that run outside the tackles and so they have to make decisions. That type of decision-making takes time to learn in the fast-paced NFL. Running between the tackles or running to the edge takes far less thinking or decision-making. Le'Veon became a master of waiting for his blocking to develop and then exploding. Things did seem to click for Mixon in his final games of last year. Here are Mixon's 19 touches in his final game of the season against the Ravens. He looks Le'Veonesque.
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    Yes, but I was on the end and I had a feeling that there could be a huge run so I decided to try and start the run instead of get in at the end.
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    Barkleying up the wrong tree
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    Penny will start the season as the back-up to Carson...bank it. Problem is no matter who starts that o-line is a sieve and no one is going to last too long trying to run thru it. Another year of revolving backs...
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    What are the starter reqs and general format (standard or ppr)? Also no Zeke thoughts?
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    Supporting AF as contractor in Communications Squadron. Prior Navy, was in the first Gulf War.
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    Someone has to explain the appeal of McKinnon at his current ADP. He's never handled a full load, he's not the biggest back, and even at the end of last year it was Latavius getting work near the goal line. Why won't that happen this year with SF? Honestly it's the size of his contract I think that has people so interested. I get that people want him to be the next Devontae Freeman but his record suggests nowhere near that level of talent. What am I missing? ETA: sorry to be so negative - I'm very glad he's ok. just feel like his current ADP is a trap.
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    I won the very first Smackbowl in 1999. It was the year of the 15-1 Vikings, but I had a roster filled with Falcons players and the NFC championship cleared the decks for me.
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    I'm surprised at how little love Case is receiving. He was very good last year. He did start slowly but that was to be expected since he hadn't practiced with the 1st stringers in the preseason. Once he got going, he really got going. He had better than a 100 quarterback rating in 6 of the last 8 games of the season. He only had 23 total touchdowns on the season but had 16 touchdowns in the last 8 games and was the 5th highest scoring fantasy quarterback over that span. His second half of the season was so strong that he ended up with second highest qbr on the season trailing only Carson Wentz. It is too bad that Denver's defense is good. A bad defense is a fantasy quarterback's best friend. Denver has the receivers to put up big numbers if they are trailing. But it looks like their defense isn't likely to let that happen. The Vikings defense didn't let Case put up much garbage time stats either. The Vikings trailed by more than 7 points only 2 times last year. So it's not surprising that Case had 10 second quarter touchdowns but only 9 second half touchdowns. The Vikings were almost always ahead in the second half and played conservatively. Every year the quarterback position gets deeper. There are 20 fantasy quarterbacks who are roster worthy this year. I am totally comfortable starting 15 of those quarterbacks. I see no reason to draft a quarterback before the 10th round. In the 10th round, quarterbacks like Ben Roethlisberger, Marcus Mariota, Jimmy Garoppolo, Philip Rivers, Andrew Luck, and Matt Stafford can be available. It isn't possible to know which ones will be available in round 10 but a couple of them will be available. Case Keenum is available even later. If I wait until rounds 10-12 to draft my first quarterback and there is a run on backup quarterbacks before I can grab a quarterback, Case Keenum is a nice fallback option. His adp ranges from round 15 to round 20. He is also a low-cost second quarterback to draft. It is nice having 2 legit quarterbacks to be able to play matchups. And it is easy to justify using the roster space since so little draft capital was used if your first quarterback is drafted in the 10th round.
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    Jonathan Stewart looked bad too. Barkley's a good one. That first run had me shaking my head, thinking here we go again...but after that, not much
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    Oh it’s not just the advise column, or my post, it seems to be like this on the general football forum too. There just doesn’t seem to be nearly the chatter there used to be. I know this particular question is involved but you use to get some talk on a post like this. Not anymore
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    Rick Stroud is usually pretty good with his reporting. Demar Dotson still isn't really all the way back yet and this whole team has the feel of an untethered boat before a storm. I can't for the life of me figure out what this franchise is doing. If Peyton Barber has value, God help us all.....I don't care much for Jones at his current ADP (I like other RBs around there a bit more) and I think a flyer on Barber in the late rounds makes more sense for now.
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    Put him behind the Dallas OL and he would be a less annoying Zeke.
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    Totally agree. If Michel can't get any pre-season action then this is gonna be the usual RB poop show in NE and I won't touch this backfield with a 40ft pole. The ideal scenario is that Michel gets cheap in drafts, you can take a flyer on him and then it becomes very clear in the first 3-4 weeks how it'll break. He was what, 4th round ADP or something like that? If he falls into the 7th or 8th round then why not take a shot? ETA: looks like he's recently closer to 6th round in non-PPR. Falling a couple more rounds would make him worth the risk.
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    i'm going to process the following two threads, let's see what happens...
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    Rumor is he wants it in contract that Bears can't reclaim/stop bonus for any reason, including personal conduct suspensions, drug test failures, and etc...Bears supposedly willing to give on the language for the new tackle rule (not take money due to on field fines or tackle suspensions), but not that far. Can't say I blame them really either.
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    Chris Carson is getting a ton of praise and figures to be the opening day starting RB over Penny.
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    I have not once said what I think the Browns should do. All of my posts have been from Josh's perspective. If I were the Browns, I would probably not pay him until next year. If I really wanted to win this year, I might give him $3 million or $4 million to get him to play. If I were the Falcons, I would not have redone Julio's deal. If I were the Packers, I would not redo Aaron Rodgers deal. If I were the Giants, I would not redo Odell's deal. If I were the Patriots, I would not redo Gronk's deal. If I were the Seahawks, I would not redo Earl Thomas' deal. I understand all of these players trying to get more money. I understand their teams not wanting to give money until they have 1 year left on their contract or until the player is an unrestricted free agent. I think the Falcons are crazy for giving Julio more money when he has three years left on his contract that averaged $14.25 million per year. Josh Gordon is a stud. He is getting paid $790,000 in his 7th season. He has already lost $30-$50 million with his suspensions. I can understand him playing hardball to get paid. Why would he play for 5% of what he is worth and risk injury? Because Stevecrab the Browns fan got his feelings hurt by his suspensions and therefore you think he owes you something? Probably about half the league. But it only takes 1 team to pay him. Or maybe 2 teams to bid against each other. Jerry Jones would love to give him a mega-contract right now. Owners and general managers don't view the value of players similarly to your average football fan posting on a fantasy football message board. They don't get their feelings hurt and hold grudges. They want to win and are willing to pay players with checkered pasts to achieve their desire to win. I do not troll. If I post it, I mean it. I'm done. Go bicker with one of your regular bickering mates.
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    I have to say, with this being a 10 team non-PPR league, I think that Diggs could likely be improved upon with a 4th round pick (unless there are a ton of high value keepers that have the usual 1st-4th round type players being kept for much later picks), and would suggest only keeping Collins. None of the other players really offer much value at their keeper cost.
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    Collins & Diggs or Fitz. I just don't see the value in keeping a QB in non-superflex 10 team league.
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    Good Luck Keg! I look forward to your draft results.
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    Teams don't pay anything to suspended players. There is zero financial risk to the team if he has a contract with no guaranteed money. He would only get paid if he played.
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    Josh Gordon looked great last year. He would have easily gotten a contract making $10 million per season this off-season if he had been an unrestricted free agent. Although, there would have been little or no guaranteed money and tons of offset language. $10 million per year doesn't mean much if there isn't a signing bonus. Sammy Watkins got a 3-year/$48 million contract with $30 million guaranteed. Wide receivers that are difference-makers get paid.
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    No way that happens without an actual season played. That $20 mil season was 2013. These posts are click bait.
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    What makes you think he won't be #1 again? Nothing has changed in LA for a regression. In fact, the opposite is true. Top 10? lol I would love to see who you have in front of Gurley.
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    I wonder if this is about money. Gordon is entering what should be his 7th season and he is due to make $790,000. He knows that there would be a lot of fan backlash if he came out publicly that he was holding out for more money. Neither he nor the Browns want the fan backlash. He might be asking for a bump up in pay to something like $7 million this year or a 2-year/$20 million contract. He has gotten the shaft a bit. In 2014, he returned after a 10-game suspension but the Browns suspended him for the final game of the season for violating team rules. If he had played the final game, he would have played 6 games and accrued a season. Last year, he also only played 5 games and so he didn't accrue a season. So he is set to be a restricted free agent next year and an unrestricted free agent in 2020. He has done nothing violent. He is dealing with a lot of financial punishment for smoking green corn. If the Browns aren't willing to renegotiate his contract, it might be within his financial best interests to skip the first 10 games of this year and next year to avoid injury.
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    One thing you have to also consider, and it's also one of the hardest things to factor, is the opportunity cost of drafting him and how that affects your overall team scoring potential. If we work on the assumption that it is either Gurley as the RB1 or Brown as the WR1 that we consider with the #1 pick, and that we draft the opposite position in the next round, then we need to try and factor in what the point differential is between Gurley and the RB we are looking at the end of the 2nd round compared to the difference between Brown and the WR we are looking at the end of the second round. Looking at ADP data (MFL link from Huddle was not working, so used a competitors ADP data for PPR as source, so won't link), the RBs available in the 21-28 range are McKinnon, Howard and Mixon. The WRs available in that range are Evans (barely), Baldwin, Hilton, Thielen and Tyreek. So we're looking at a combo of Gurley and most likely a Hilton/Thielen type or Brown with a McKinnon/Howard type. Obviously this is a bit simplistic only looking at the first two picks, but it is an extremely important exercise to go through when planning out a draft strategy. Each pick is not made in a vacuum, but needs to be part of an overall draft strategy to build the team that scores the most points.
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    I think Crabtree represents a lot of value.
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    i like davis and would be willing to roll the dice with him...unfortunately im not sure hes much of a value right now from what im seeing with ADPs and insider drafts/mocks....im kind of hoping to see him less valued and more of a bargain come draft time...but that doesnt seem likely cause if he has a solid camp and stays healthy he will likely at least hold if not move up boards i want to get some of him...but every time i think of him i think of kevin white, devante parker and last year amari cooper.....hes the type of guy that could put up 80 catches with 10-12 tds at a 5th round price....or just stink or be a nagging injury frustration
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    spain is long gone, though he preferred sheep.
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    Nearly everyone in our Usual Suspects league. Year 20 of the 14 team league. Riffraff, Skippy, Big Country, Roadrunner, Figme, Penguin, Willy, Pratts, MikeC, Beach Bum, CEO of the BFPK, Dope. No longer in the league, but still around: Merlin, Defector
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    So its a year later. The last post by the great me is still here. Supreme court is in check. Economy is going great. I have made a buttload of cash in the stock market. Part was common sense. invest in WWE. invest in Amazon and twitter. Korea is in check . Media is in check. Big con. Nobody cares about the dreamers. I mean we care but is it a big protest issue on where we decide to vote? naw, They grasping at straws and are desperate. The media is screaming about tariffs and china. They haven't a clue. They would rather the country and economy lose and go to the crapper than have Trump win or even look successful. The man is doing just what he said he was going to do. The swamp is still quite large and some are refusing to leave but it will get done. Sad thought tho. Supreme court decision today on the travel ban. The decision should of been 9-0. Why anyone would vote blue in the fall is mind boggling. one last comment. The new tax laws that go into effect next year. genus payback. WHO IS THEY? you know who u are! Bonus post -- Great news - Trump gets to pick another SCOTUS!
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    And Owens is wondering why he wasn't a first ballot HOF'r. And bitching and whining that it took this long (3yrs lol) to get in. Well....he just answered his own question. Countdown until NFL films does a reboot of "A Football Life - Terrell Owens" crying and expressing regret and remorse for not attending the ceremony.