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    You two are definitley an old married couple. You sure bicker like one. If you two had sex more often (with each other), you wouldn't be at each others' throats as much.
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    It's been 2 months sober and I'm cranky. Don't take it personal lol
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    I'm sorry - can we just take a quick side break to ask about your screen name.......
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    In one of my Dynasty leagues the commissioner in my league took all the star players off everyone's individual rostesr and put him on his own team. The league is outraged and I voiced my concerns. He's saying that because he's a commissioner and that he paid his dues early (the fee is large and needs to be split into 4 payments) he's entitled to borrow players from teams that haven't paid their full dues yet. Is this fair? A lot of members in the league are upset.
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    You get flagged for it. Why bother?
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    He can have the wife, keep him away from the girlfriend
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    That's nothing. Our league commish gets to sleep with our wives
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    Is this a serious question? Of course it’s fair. He runs the league and should be able to make sure he wins it. Otherwise what’s the fun in being a comish??? i fine these asinine questions tiresome. I feel like people are just trolling us.
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    Hyde was destined to have a good game. “According to a couple of team sources, #Browns RB Carlos Hyde is expecting the birth of his child any minute now. He’s expected to come straight to the stadium from hospital in time to play. I’m told labor was induced last night, so a potentially long & joyful day for the Hydes.” - Omar Ruiz And it’s his 28th Birthday
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    We're on pace for 6337 threads from lone star about commish issues.
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    I wish I played in the worse 12 Man League ever like you
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    He has never had more than 4 receptions or 51 yards in a game in 3 seasons. He has 1 career touchdown. PFF had him graded as the 7th worst wide receiver in the NFL last year. PFF has him graded as the 7th worst wide receiver in the NFL this year. He has a long way to go to even be considered average. And even then, he is 4th in line for targets behind Diggs, Thielen, and Rudolph. Flotsam and jetsam.
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    Rectum? It nearly killed him!
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    That was not the response I expected. Keep up the good work!
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    To settle your argument..... it is a moot (or as they say here - mute) point. Neither belongs in the hall.
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    Like an ex-boyfriend, of course I checked, and he's on the bench.
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    Signed, 3rd round Drake picker
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    You said "a Healthy Fuller". Haven't really seen that yet. Even so, I don't know about Coutee. Keke Cutie sounds like a stripper.
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    Here is my take on why Mixon is the primary and Gio is the backup. One is based on size Gio is 5'9" 205 while Mixon is 6'1" 225 so just based on that you would believe Mixon is better suited to be an every down back. . I am certainly not saying Mixon is better just because he is bigger, there are certainly examples of "smaller" guys being great every down backs. Even with the smaller size Gio only ran a 4.53 at the combine while Mixon ran a 4.45. Bernard has also had some injury history with a torn ACL in college as well as missing three games in 2014 and a torn ACL in 2016. Outside of the current injury Mixon has no injury history to speak of. Also Mixon was considered to be a first round talent however he "fell" to the second round based off of "character" concerns.
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    Hey, we got to week 4 before one of these popped up!
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    So, 6 days ago you asked for advice, 3 - 0 said dont do it, and yet you trade him.... and now you regret it....
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    This is one of the best Thursday night games I've seen in quite a while
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    I have been around here for quite sometime and I rarely post. Some may call me a “lurker”. This is the only site I pay for I enjoy the reading articles/projections and have been for many years. In my eyes what The Huddle along with other sites provide you with information what you do with that information is entirely up to you, use it don’t use it. To blame The Huddle or another site for your poor showing is wrong. Take responsibility for your draft/moves and look in the mirror for someone to blame.
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    do the skulls make my ass look big?
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    Time to change the batteries in the crystal ball DD.
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    As a James Conner owner, I fully support the Steelers decision
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    Why? So he can be much healthier the next time he gets hurt?
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    You forgot to make the poll public.
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    Because deep down inside, everyone likes the Browns
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    Vikings kickers are on pace to miss 32 out of 40 FG attempts.
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    You sure do post a lot about crap like this.
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    Ask the owner to make drops in order to make his roster compliant. If he doesn't then don't process the trade.
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    +1 Integrity of the league is at stake, not them both, set their lineups for the rest of the season, and look for 2 new owners. Your rules should cover this...
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    Dude reel it in a little...Geez.
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    Manning took a dump in his uniform in way too many big games to be considered the best ever or even the best of this group. All time great, yes. Best of those 4? Nah. I put him third, if I am ranking. Brady, Brees, Manning, Rogers. I will get accused of homer glasses, fine, but IMO when you look at team success both playoffs and regular season, passing numbers, longevity, and accolades, noting that none of those players other than Manning ever had any sustained time with terrific skill players, Brady is far and away the top of that group. Brees has done more with less in less time than Manning, ans has enjoyed similar overall success. Rogers...well...keep trying to stay healthy. The game is more fun when you are in it, but you keep getting knocked out.
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    Just dropped his ass this week because I hate predicting which week he's gonna give you 20, and which he's going to give you 2 points.
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    Fournette for Diggs is a great trade for a 1-3 owner.
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    Nice one! I had someone offer me Joe Mixon straight up for my Todd Gurley. And he was perplexed when I didn't accept.
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    I just love people that won’t take ownership of their own fantasy decisions and want to blame the site they use....I read up between 3 different sites and the MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS...if they are wrong then it is my fault!
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    It sounds like what you need to do is take their advice and do the opposite.
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    I told you, touching QB = roughing. You thought I was kidding? It's about that bad now. The really dumb part is that they did it not so much for "safety" as to improve scoring, which they feel attracts more viewers. The morons don't seem to realize that not letting football be football will lose more than it gains with the slightly more scoring it supposedly helps.
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    Thanks for hijacking my post! J/K. I'd go with Watson