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    Dallas sucks, goodnight.
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    Won the Super Bowl 2 years ago. Definition of a fair weather fan.
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    Yes, it's my own game thread. You got a problem with that?
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    Sorry but obligatory...
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    I find it adorable that some of you guys really think Kap still wants to play football. He can take his Kunta Kinte shirt and half white afro and shove it up his ass . The NFL doesn't owe him anything. He made his bed and now he is laying in it as far as being a player again
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    And probably anyone who was in the Military or Law Enforcement. Did you forget about us?
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    I told my girlfriend before dinner 🥘 Mom is deaf so speak loud and slow. Told Mom my girlfriend is retarded 🤪 Happy Thanksgiving
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    Can she walk? Don't they move around during the game, switch sidelines to do interviews/commentary?
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    Lol. Clearly someone is clueless
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    Dude has 9 children, he's probably just tired
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    I'm rolling with freeman. If Derrius Guice can do it with an abysmal o-line then freeman can do it with a crappy o-line.
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    Agree, what Tomlin is doing there is amazing. He's working with dog shizz and they are still competitive.
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    Loved Perry's work with Jane's Addiction.
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    unless he gets traded or the coach gets axed, David Montgomery
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    Yeah this is why you can never be that confident in anything to do with fantasy, it just makes you look foolish mr fantasy guru. Glad i didnt start williams.
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    Yes lol unfortunately so
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    Forget Golladay. Detroit is trotting out a 3rd string QB today.
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    The algorithm finally figured out you had nothing worthwhile to add to the discussion. Sorry, buddy. Happens to the best of us.
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    Well they are America's team.
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    Seriously, if you were in a foxhole with these tards you'd be dead in five seconds. They're ass.
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    Except when it involves his wife. I'd say she might have a bone to pick with you but by now she's probably done with bones.
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    The way that offense goes, even if he doesn't run he will have 10 targets in the passing game. In full PPR that's big time.
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    Most do not go to work interviews in "instigative" attire (for lack of a better word) and than make antagonistic comments directed to said interviewers when its over.
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    I didn't know they had many fans. LA belongs to the Rams. SD wants nothing to do with them.
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    It's a mess. One, they have made it clear that they're not overturning anything unless it's beyond blatant. As in the WR must be tackled and on the ground before the ball arrives, in order for them to overturn it. Two, they're reviewing everything on plays that require a review, which means that, in some cases, they're "finding" PI in places where it didn't even impact the play being reviewed (and calling it nonetheless). I was originally against it, then warmed up to the idea (slightly), but this is even worse than anticipated. It's not only failed to accomplish what it was intended to accomplish (at least it appears that way... I guess we'll see once the playoffs begin), but it's also opened a can of worms that can do more harm than good.
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    Goff seems to have really regressed this year
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    How in the world are Deandre Hopkins and Amari Cooper sleepers? Hey, I heard this guy named McCaffrey Might do well for your fantasy team in the playoffs.
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    Their posts seem to have a lot of similarity to them.
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    There's no way I'd sign that BS if I was Kaepernick.
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    Kaepernick has stated many times his protest has nothing to do with the military. It was an Army green beret veteran, Nate Boyer, who suggested he kneel as a sign of respect to veterans. You're choosing to see interpret what Kaep does as hatred and disrespect to the military, because you want to. This is really no different that people who were offended by civil war statues; they choose to be offended; they see the statues as symbols as hate and disrespect. Both sides engage in political correctness; they are just oblivious to the fact they personally engage in it.
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    Nah, there are many who are involved in both fields who are not offended or indifferent. He has the right to protest and society has the right to marginalize him for it, right or wrong.
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    I would be leaning towards dropping DJ not pick him up lol
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    They been playing well as of late. Another playoff defense to keep an eye on is the packers as they have a nice playoff schedule
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    the drops/tipped ball has been huge.
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    Garrett is everybody's bitch.
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    And that doesn't count Brissett taking over for Luck when he retired. Had some time and was bored, so here's the complete list of NFL Teams starting 2 or more QBs this season (many others had a backup come in for mop-up duty or in game injury for a few plays). I'd say well over half are for injury, maybe 2/3 to 3/4. Dolphins - Fitzpatrick, Rosen Jets - Darnold, Falk, Siemian Steelers - Ben, Rudolph, Hodges Bengals - Dalton, Finley Colts - Brissett, Hoyer Titans - Mariota, Tannehill Jaguars - Foles, Minshew Chiefs - Mahomes, Moore Broncos - Flacco, Allen - 9 of 16 teams in AFC (at least one in every division), 27 total QB starters Giants - Eli, Jones Redskins - Keenum, Haskins, McCoy Bears - Trubisky, Daniel Lions - Stafford, Driskell Saints - Brees, Bridgewater Panthers - Newtown, Allen Falcons - Ryan, Schaub 7 of 16 teams in NFC (West only div without one), 24 That would be 51 total starting QBs, 19 more than the minimum.
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    The dilemma for me would be If you don't trade, you are weak at WR. If you do trade, you are weak at RB. Zeke will be more consistent than anyone on his team. He would have to blow me away with a offer. I would look to package Drake( coming off a big game) with a WR to upgrade at WR.
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    Exactly. I don't understand why you would ever want to trade CMC - he is essentially a guaranteed blow up every week. I have him in standard, and he is averaging 26 ppg for the entire season. You play PPR, so his numbers are going to be even more astronomical. ...and you want to give all that up to upgrade from Sanders to Adams/Edelman? If I were the other team I would accept and thank you for your charity. Maybe take you to lunch.
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    It’s not non-contending teams’ job to help playoff teams get better.
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    Drop Cooks for sure, he is still relearning the alphabet.
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    So I'm guessing you'd go... RB: Kamara + Coleman W/T: Hunter + Kelce You like that better than... RB: Kamara + Jacobs W/T: Hunter + Woods ?
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    I would personally rather have Jacobs over Coleman. Jacobs has more points in standard than Fournette or Carson...in one less game. The main draw of your deal would seem to be Kelce, but you already have Henry... can you play 2 TE? I don't like this trade at all personally, but if you are desperate for a pass catcher and can play both TE...
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    Stick to ESPN, Draft Kings or one of the other big time leagues. NEVER PayPal someone you don't know money.
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    The WIZ was the least of their problems. O-line is #1 issue. He is the proverbial scapegoat imo.