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    What a kick in the F'in nuts. Here is a guy who has true skin in the game. He isnt a keyboard warrior wetting himself to show how anti racist he is. Hes a guy that donated millions of dollars to his impoverished community , many of which are black , and hes getting dragged through the mud royally because he felt the kneeling was disrespectful to the flag even though he agreed with the reason. Tons of NFL players on twitter blasting him even though most of them probably haven't done a fraction of the charitable work this guy has done. A shame to watch a good man get swallowed up in an internet shark tank
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    Heard a bit from Bruce Arians today on Sirius. He's considering keeping a third QB separate from the rest of the team in case the other two QBs test positive for COVID and have to sit out for a couple of weeks. Of course, viewing this through the lenses of a fantasy owner, this made me think about handcuffing key positions on rosters. On a larger scale, this could be a real problem for an NFL team if several players test positive and have to miss a couple of weeks. A few years ago, the new concussion protocols started costing players time unexpectedly. This year could be a similar animal. Players may have to sit unexpectedly if they test positive, and large numbers could be affected. Until now, I haven't been a big proponent of IR in fantasy leagues. This situation, however, may change my opinion. Question to huddlers here....have you thought about this for your leagues and if so made any plans to account for COVID?
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    This is pure garbage. Stick to facts or don't post. It's still at least 10x as deadly as the flu. Have you been paying attention to the news - this is nothing like "any other respiratory illness." There is zero data to support that flying is more risky than close personal contact. When someone you care about catches this, come back and tell me how you feel.
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    I feel that Drew Brees body of work was all he needed to prove his character to me. These social media civil right pioneers dont impress me at all when its just words and no action. Brees has a body of work of action and he had to do the walk of shame . The social media aftermath of this tragedy is everyone tripping over themselves to show how anti racist they are and how white people are the debbil . When I see people march or make a donation or physically do something to help, I commend you and take you seriously and I appreciate your true efforts to a cause you believe in . When I see you just post pandering nonsense that in your mind makes you feel like hoards of black people are going to carry you to the barbecue , It rings very hollow to me . Skin in the game . Its more than pretty words and cute memes and Drew Brees has a ton of it . A real " family teammate" may have said to everyone during the time Drew was getting lambasted , before you roast him , look at all of the good he has done for the black communities . The fact that he disagrees with kneeling during the anthem shouldn't negate the fact that he has proven to be an ally in the plights that face black people
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    Washington Corruption ?
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    Polished or not, Brees knew what he was saying. He was smart enough to know what's happening nationally and what his response meant.
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    I dont see "quite the difference "
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    The popular opinion isn't necessarily the key part although it could affect the fan base and sales I suppose. The main problem to me is this alienates some teammates and opponents which does affect Brees and the Saints in general. Overall it sounds like he is a generous guy but this was one time to keep his opinion to himself out of respect to his teammates. There is a time and place and this wasn't it. That's not my problem or your problem but it is Brees' problem. Part of being a leader is keeping the peace and knowing when to share or not, and understanding that other people have a different experience than you. He needs to go to war with these guys and telling them he thinks they are disrespectful to the US and unpatriotic while they are suffering challenges he doesn't face is going to drive a rift he didn't need. And FWIW, the Star Spangled Banner was written in 1812 or 14 or whenever it was and you'll notice "land of the free" in there with the glaring contradiction that black people were anything but free at the time and it was still sung unironically. I know that was a long time ago and many died to rectify that wrong, but suffice it to say our country has a difficult history with this issue and your experience may not be the same as others. I also think it's worthwhile to read Tony Dungy's comments: https://www.google.com/amp/s/thespun.com/nfl/nfc-south/new-orleans-saints/drew-brees-tony-dungy-reaction-comments-protest-pat-mcafee-show/amp%3ffbclid=IwAR1MRMm3Og7Ch92XPpcIPmJW9nDr1tSPZXpVZSPhS2bzEsvbeyWeceBEsBs
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    One can have an opinion but the other can't. The flag means something to Brees, it means something different to others. To each his own, no problem.
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    Same here. I think people are over the escapade, it's a joke.
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    I just want friggin Football. Who gives a shizz. Shut the F up and play football already. It's Football dammit not a God Dam rally! How about they play nothing? Just come out the locker room, line up and get it on. THANK YOU
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    You misinterpreted my post. This thread is about NFL players getting quarantined, not an encompassing discussion on Covid. I'm part of plenty of other groups for that. At no point did I recommend anything, let alone not testing. I stated that people in certain profession are not testing because the ramification is that a positive test means they can't work. And we presently don't know how contagious an asymptotic individual is. The south has been very cavalier, which is why we have so many patients under 40 in our ICUs. Going back to the above, this is a FF football forum. I'm not here to debate anyone about a virus that we really don't understand well. You can find plenty of people on FB for that lunacy.
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    So if I am understanding right, the taxi squad is only a year one thing? You do not have a taxi squad for future years? Basically this first year you get to keep 3 players (1 per position) plus your 4 rookies if you don't activate them, but then there is no taxi squad going forward? As for Burrows or CEH/Taylor/Dobbins, that completely depends on how your main draft goes, as with only 3 keepers (plus the taxi squad), you have to take into consideration the odds of any player you taking being a viable keeper option after year one for you, especially considering your rule of only one per position. So if you have Lamar Jackson for example, there is little chance that Burrows or any other rookie QB will be a keeper option for you. As for the rookie backs, again, it depends on who you end up with out of the draft, though as RBs tend to have much shorter careers in terms of elite fantasy relevance, I'd say there is a higher chance that one of the rookie RBs this year is a viable keeper option for you after year two.
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    To clarify, this is a new startup right? And is the swap in the main draft you moving up to the 5th pick in the 3rd and 5th rounds from your current 8th pick, or are you giving your 5th rounder for his 3rd rounder? I think it is the former, but the wording in the OP has enough ambiguity that I'm not sure. If it's the latter, then it's a no brainer to drop 2 spots in the rookie draft to move up two rounds in the main draft. If it is the former, then I don't really see any advantage to the deal as the difference between the 3.05 and 3.08 and 5.05 and 5.08 is pretty negligible whereas in the rookie draft, most consider CEH, Taylor and Dobbins as the clear cut top 3 in varying order, though with 2 QB it could push Burrow and Tua into the top 2 picks (countered though that as it is a 10 team league, there are enough viable QBs that it's not certain that they should move that high from a value perspective), then lots of debate for the 4-7 picks between Akers, Swift, Jeudy and Lamb. I would think that if you are inclined to move the pick, you could get more value than the small bump ups in the 3rd and 5th. You can especially get more from a QB needy team if one of the first two picks is a non-QB.
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    I always carry protection as well because you never know when you'll run into a rich eastern European escort. Oh wait you said, Precautions.....nevermind
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    Finger Poppin Time - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
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    That's ok, there's no chance that the season starts in September anyhow. He'll be fine
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    Sorry to be that guy, but wondering about fantasy impact (again my condolences to Niners fan, hope he heals quickly), Id imagine Kittle will get a zillion balls thrown his way. Maybe a bump with Pettis but he's uninspiring. Maybe a boost to the run game although not too clear on that as they ran a lot anyway and will need to throw to offset that. I don't know much about this Aiyuk guy. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/fantasy-football-what-deebo-samuels-broken-foot-means-for-him-and-the-49ers/amp/
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    While we are experiencing a second, anticipated bump, the mortality rate will likely decline. But it is still in the 1-2% range of symptomatic individuals. The problem we have is we're testing asymptomatics. We have no comparable data for that -- we don't test asymptomatics for the flu. So we don't know what an asymptomatic positive means. In reality, they are probably having mild unrecognized sx such as fatigue, muscle aches, reduced stamina but don't appreciate it. The virus will likely follow the path of prior coronaviruses and fade out over the course of the year. The best way to control it is to test everybody and quarantine the positives until it dies out. The real issue is that it's a CDC reportable disease. So, if you test positive you have to quarantine. The fix for that in people with little to no symptoms is don't test. For business owners, and other true essentials (who need to work to keep their business afloat) it's in their best interest to avoid that swab. This goes for athletes as well. From a social moral standpoint they should test. But from a business standpoint, it's not in their best interest. My guess is they'll avoid testing unless someone has severe sx and if they do test, they'll try to keep it quiet and claim injury. To go back to the OP, in our dynasty league I'm not adding additional IR spots. I don't expect to lose many players, if any, to the virus.
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    Combining that with yards after contact might be interesting. And yards before contact
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    While I was kicking this around with some friends the other day. I was making a mental list of idiot players to avoid drafting and thought wait a minute, that isn't going to help. Like you said anyone can get it.
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    Actually 41st per: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/rankings/average/running-back/
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    Freeman would sign for $63 and a chill dog right now.
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    What's wrong with him wanting to transition? That's his right.
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    One of the guys on the Saints board that has his own podcast posted this. It's a pretty good listen.
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    He's all over the place isn't he? Just take a dam stance and stick to it. He's over the top at this point.
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    Thinking all athletes, in all sports, will be kneeling . . . with the fans.
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    Brees didn't have to wait very long to make the dumbest statement on race in a 24 hour cycle. Our president spoke this morning.
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    You where not asked your opinion, and in my opinion, your pushing your opinion
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    Let's not do this to another thread, Ok?
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    I totally agree, that's where he went wrong but everyone is scared to say what they really feel right now. I don't think there is anyone in the World who isn't appalled by what happened to Mr. Floyd. He was intentionally murdered by that a-hole cop and he deserves to die along with his crooked buddies. I can't apologize for for what happened 300 years ago or even 50 years ago. I wasn't there, it wasn't me. But we do need to make sure everyone is granted the same opportunities and justices TODAY.
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    It's amazing. You would think that Drew Brees owns 20 slaves. It's a disgrace what they are doing to him.
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    Lebron should shut the F up about anything other than basketball. He makes millions just off his shoe deals alone, while the kids making them make pennies a day for starters. He should just work on getting into the top ten or five of NBA players of all time and keep donating to Cleveland.
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    MFL has been paid using league safe. Took me forever to get the extra discounts applied because league was not in my name so I added myself as commish to the league to get this done. Cost was $49.95 taken straight from the LS account for LLD. This means $720.05 will be available for payouts this year. LEAGUE EVENTS 6/4/2020 A payment of $49.95 has been made to MyFantasyLeague.
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    True but this was not social media, it was an interview, in the pre social media day it still would have spread but a bit slower. In the old days people sat at the bar and said things to the guy next to them, who'd nod in agreement or just mumble and that was the end of it. Nobody else knew their views. The real buffoons of social media are the people committing serious crimes, and posting video live while doing it. Like the instigator in some of the riots (Matthew Rupert from Illinois) even when somebody expressed concern about it he was like "no worries, we ain't doing nuthin wrong".
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    Good point
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    It worked for Zod.
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    They won't be happy till they get blood. Since when is Drew Brees a racist? https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/columnist/nancy-armour/2020/06/04/george-floyd-drew-brees-needs-do-more-than-apologize-comments/3144320001/
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    Agree, because kneeling will make the World a better place. If the whole World kneeled today, all of our problems will be gone tomorrow.
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    Who would of though Drew Brees would be a heat getter? Seems like a pile on to me.
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    The Onion is extremely reliable.
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    Roger Goodell Insists Martin Luther King Jr. Would Have Wanted 17-Game Football Season In Front Of Full Stadiums
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    Another way of looking at it... the designation of "NFL's best WR" implies that the player is going to play again (active/current). I give him a less than 50% chance of ever taking another NFL snap, personally. In fact, I'd say it's far more likely that he spends significant time behind bars than plays in the NFL again.
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    Jesus Irish I come back after a decade hiatus and you are fishing for stock tips from these momos who can’t even figure out what QB to start? Come on man!
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    The NFC East was one of the worst divisions in football last year. The Cowboys had that division by the balls till Dak choked down the stretch. The Eagles were a walking MASH unit with no weapons and somehow still won that crap division. That's why Dak isn't worth top 5 money, he's not a winner.
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    dak isn't worth a first. Two 2nds atbest.