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    "Walks" being the key word here.
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    well, on the plus side I trust Gary Davenport more than the people at Rotoworld
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    I know I said I was in it till the end but now that Opie' s out what's the point? I'm not going to be greedy. I'm going to let the new guy have the rest of the board. Have it, Piranha!!!
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    dmd should make that entire quote the new filter for F***
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    If Darnold survives Gase it will be a miracle. Poor bastards.
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    1-16 as below.and etc through the rounds. The assets have all been traded to the existing 14 teams but the league will remain a 16 team set up until after the draft to allow the assets to be used. Then work through MFL post draft to condense the league to 14 teams eliminating the two empty roster squads. 1.01 1. Sir Hugo's Hipster Henchmen Draft has not been scheduled yet. [Pick added by commissioner.] 1.02 2. Scaramanga [Pick added by commissioner. Pick traded from Berlin Lipstick Bomb.] 1.03 3. Scaramanga [Pick added by commissioner.] 1.04 4. The Man with the Golden Gate Ginn [Pick added by commissioner.] 1.05 5. Cantankerous Idiots [Pick added by commissioner.] 1.06 6. OctoSkins [Pick added by commissioner.] 1.07 7. OctoSkins [Pick added by commissioner. Pick traded from Open 1.] 1.08 8. Solitaire [Pick added by commissioner.] 1.09 9. Solitaire [Pick added by commissioner. Pick traded from Open 2 The Bomb Squad.] 1.10 10. Piranha [Pick added by commissioner.] 1.11 11. Dr. Julius No [Pick added by commissioner.] 1.12 12. Scaramanga [Pick added by commissioner. Pick traded from Mr. Big.] 1.13 13. Thunderballs [Pick added by commissioner.] 1.14 14. Thunderballs [Pick added by commissioner. Pick traded from DB5. Pick traded from Open 1.] 1.15 15. Sir Hugo's Hipster Henchmen [Pick added by commissioner. Pick traded from OddJob's Hats.] 1.16 16. Sir Hugo's Hipster Henchmen
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    we think you're undervaluing it because of your bias against it being a money grab
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    Your opinion. From my understanding, there is a lot of "slotting" that happens... especially at the back-end, during the pre-season. Can it be cut to 3 games? Absolutely.
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    There were a couple posters drinking the kool-aid last year, predicting such things as a low TE1 as a floor and upwards to 75-100-15TDs as a ceiling. As a Jaguar. Under Blake Bortles.
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    Player 1 – Le'Veon Bell RB NYJ - You Can Try Bidding is now open. Submit bids to yodtblindbidding2019@gmail.com · June 4 10 PM ET - deadline for blind bids on player 1
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    We have adopted the heavily clarified DAD rulebook, which allows players accepted in a FT bid to be extended like normal trades. Just saying.
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    Money is more important than championships. Players will say the opposite but they are just repeating cliches they know the fans like to hear.
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    Mr. Big has until June 23 @ 6:31 AM ET to match $19
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    Not liking Garrapollo seems like a fairly normal take. He might be wrong but it's not weird. And Kittle had a great season last year without Garrapollo.
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    YES!!!! Just kidding. I'll grab Nick Vannett SEA TE – 2 years, and that'll do it for this draft. Thanks guys
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    A lot of potential in ppr for mckinnon and coleman, especially with the possibility of injury (which the rbs had last year...everyone looked good in the offense). Of course, this could turn into a repeat of his father.
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    Only guys I want from that offense are Kittle and Garappolo. RBs and WRs are going to be headaches.
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    Pass Thanks to Berlin and Henry for managing all this!
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    pass, sorry fathers day was busy .
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    Waiting on Man GGG to pick or pass 5.01 Hugo - PASS 5.02 Berlin - PASS 5.03 Cantank - PASS 5.04 Man GGG - 5.05 Scaramanga - PASS 5.06 Octoskins - PASS 5.07 Solitaire - PASS 5.08 You Can Try - 5.09 Dr Julius No - PASS 5.10 Thunderballs - 5.11 Mr Big - 5.12 Oddjobs - PASS 5.13 Mud - PASS 5.14 Faberge - PASS
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    does "stud" = "f'cking dude with a f'cking arm and as accurate as sh*t"?
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    Darnold is gonna be a stud once they get that offense figured out. The Giants are going to regret not taking him, which they already do.
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    I am trying to wrap this up. BearBroncos PM sent. If you know you are passing and have not posted PASS feel free to do so. If you still see players you want continue to draft in order. Once no one wants any more players on the board I will drop them from Open1/Open 2.
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    Below are the blind bids for Jared Cook, NOS TE Mud has until June 13 @ 10 PM EST to accept or reject. Oddjob's Hats offers: Austin Hooper ATL TE - 1 yr contract
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    I am placing a deadline in hopes that the dispersal will be complete and we can start the league calendar soon. I cannot post other future dates until the dispersal is done. Ranked in order below (DLF rankings) You Can Try - Le'Veon Bell RB NYJ Thunderballs - TY Hilton WR IND Oddjob's - Mark Ingram RB BAL Mud - Jared Cook TE NOS
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    Player 2 – T.Y. Hilton WR IND - Thunderballs Bidding is now open. Submit bids to yodtblindbidding2019@gmail.com · June 6 @ 10 PM ET - deadline for blind bids on player 2
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    Thunderballs accepts the chance MJD knows what he is talking and accepts the ultimate risk / reward offer Oddjob's Hats offers: Todd Gurley RB LAR - 1 yr Malcolm Brown RB LAR - 1 yr Kyle Rudolph TE MIN - 2 yrs
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    Packers to wear #15 to honor Starr this season
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    Below are the blind bids for Le'Veon Bell RB NYJ You Can Try has until June 5 @ 10 PM EST to accept or reject. Oddjob's Hats offers: Todd Gurley RB LAR - 1 year Malcolm Brown RB LAR - 1 year
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    "It seems that the days of Gurley carrying the bulk of the load in the Rams' running game are coming to an end." According to NFL.com's Ian Rapoport, it is understood that Gurley won't be the team's "bell cow" back and the Rams intend to spread the ball around in order to preserve Gurley's knees. "I want him to feel most comfortable. That's the most important thing, what he feels he can most function at, being the all-purpose back he's been and that's where we're at," Rams head coach Sean McVay said.
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    Dan Baily MIN K – 1 year
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    A long time ago there was 2 bye weeks in a season. I remember that year was not real fun for fantasy. This would have a major effect on the high stakes contests. FFPC it would actually help (If they kept byes at 1 per team) because I am tired of seeing the week 12 bye teams when they start their league playoffs in week 12. Kelce, Mahomes, Gordon, Allen ect all on bye this year when the playoffs begin and when you are playing for $250K or $500K main event and you have to decide in your draft do I draft a stud or pass on him because they bye on week 12 that just isn't how fantasy football should be played. As far as schedule goes it kind of wrecks it though. FFPC they play 11 games 1 per team so with more weeks they go to all play weeks like the others do ? RTS has 1 and NFFC has 2 do they just extend to 3 and 4 ? In your local leagues at least mine we start playoffs week 14 for both dynasty and redraft. I used to play week 17 in these so we had 14 game season now we do 13 games and 3 playoff weeks. So we could go back to 14 games and end in week 17 but then have no football for 2-3 weeks ? That is no fun. Week 17 off is one thing now but to have 2-3 weeks off no one going to like that and we have no idea how teams will approach it. Basically its a mess for fantasy football. For real life players don't need the extra games. Also I heard of talk of going to 7 playoff teams only 1 seed gets a bye. Don't like that much either.
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    It's definitely a loaded backfield. A good problem for SF, a bad thing from a Fantasy perspective. If all are healthy going into the season I'd expect one of them to be traded. Someone will loose a RB in the preseason and be desperate.
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    Is JuJu gone? I’ll take him. If not, I’ll go same team, same initials: Jaylen Samuels PIT RB - taxi
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    As I recall you were the one puking, I merely was enjoying the free transportation
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    Coleman didn't take the reigns in Atlanta after Freeman went down the way I hoped he would. It would appear that Coleman's the lead back by injury. Mostert's are break looked brutal. McKinnon's ACL, Breida seemed to not get right at the end of the season and left just about every game..Coleman may lead them in touches but I don't think he'll be a lead back in the traditional sense. Being back with Shanahan should bode well for him though
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    Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
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    If your not a gambler Vegas is a gawdy overhyped toilet. Sorry, it is.
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    I love Blake Cashman. Think Blake Martinez. They got a diamond in the rough.
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    Thunderballs tags Hilton Ind WR per Electric Relish
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    No, Dave's draft was much worse.