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    You're going to the Superbowl, get over it.
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    I'm really having a difficult time continuing to be a fan of the NFL. I love the Saints, but when the league starts becoming so ridiculously unfair because of either completely incompetent or completely biased referees it's difficult to ever think that your team has a chance when ultimately the game can be so easily determined by bad calls. What's worse is it seems to be getting worse every season. I'm just so fed up with it.
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    I think it's very clear that in football, that premise is completely inaccurate.
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    Thing is, this type of referee mistake is 1) entirely preventable, and 2) well beneath a minimum standard than an NFL fan should expect. People saying "just get over it" are the same people who, if something like this happened to them in their personal life, would literally be talking about this until the day they die. Honesty and transparency go a long way in life. The NFL leadership should try it some time.
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    Everyone wants the officials to be consistant. I am not sure we can ever ask that they always “get it right”, but we can ask that they be consistant with their calls in the context of a single game and be in the ballpark of what each rule calls for. i am in the camp that thinks the NFL needs full time officials, and that weekly training, review of film, case by case discussion, and peer review is the best remedy for these problems. More review is not it, IMO. Also, please remove the spot foul aspect of PI. It’s devastatingly game changing for a penalty that is often a. Missed b. Ticky-Tack c. Wrong. Make it a 15 yard foul, and if it’s called in the last 2 minutes give the offense an extra 10 seconds (opposite of the 10 sec run off). re: this situation, people need to move past it. It did not end the game. The play call was questionable. The Saints still had to make the kick. The Saints still had a chance, winning the coin toss in OT, but choked. If they had just played better in regulation and not given up the lead, the situation would not have occurred. I know it’s hard to swallow, but you have to move on. In the end, they didn’t put themselves in a position to decisively win the game, and when games are coming down to last minute plays anything can happen. That’s sports!
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    Saints got jobbed. They also got outplayed and outcoached
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    Reminds me of the summer in colleges when I was mowing lawns for extra cash. An especially nice looking woman invited me in for a glass of tea. One thing led to another, and I find myself having sex with her bent over the kitchen table. Suddenly, we heard the front door open, and she said "That's my husband, quick try the back door!". So that's what I did. In retrospect, I should have run out the back, but you don't get an offer like that every day...
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    for the first time in years, i don't care. this post-season has sucked.
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    I'm just confused as to what Elway is trying to accomplish. One of the best QB's of all time and he may be the worst QB evaluator ever. It's unreal.
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    I'm a feminist. I'm proud to be feminist. But when I watch the video, it looks like the woman is the instigator. At first, Kareem looks like he is trying to diffuse a situation. The woman keeps coming at him. She hits or slaps him in the face. Kareem does do a couple of aggressive shoves. My guess is that she was saying some pretty rude stuff in addition to coming at him. Men are usually the aggressors but sometimes women can be just as crazy. Or even crazier. I think this is one of those instances.
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    Flacco and Keenum are opposites in most regards. Flacco is very tall, Keenum is very short. Flacco is immobile, Keenum is mobile. Flacco has a rocket arm, Keenum does not. If Denver can provide good protection, Flacco will be better able to utilize Denver's skilled receivers. Keenum would be a better quarterback if Denver's offensive line fails. I'd rather have the quarterback who will succeed with a good supporting cast than the crafty, short guy that can turn lemons into an average offense.
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    So the 'skank' probably deserved to get assaulted and no one can criticize Hunt's actions because Big Ben did something worse? Man, I miss the days when the most active poster had more than a few brain cells firing.
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    He ain't Ray Rice. Ray Rice literally knocked his woman out cold. I've been in similar situations trying to speak reason to drunk and rude people. It's a difficult situation. I didn't see anything in the video that was that bad. He is young. He has had multiple encounters with drama. My guess is that he figures out it isn't worth it trying to resolve other people's problems. I bet he has no more tmz-worthy situations again. It's a good signing by the Browns. The Chiefs probably should have stuck by him but that really isn't possible in today's climate.
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    but there are way bigger POS in the league that have premier jobs and no one says anything about them. Why? Why is Hunt the posterboy when he's no where near the worst? For one thing, it's possible that skank deserved it. I don't know, but from the limited info I read, she was trespassing and being racist. *IF* that's true and it was a guy instead, everyone would've said Hunt was in the right. I'm not saying he is right, but the world is NOT B&W, it's gray. And what he did in all three *supposed* events are no where near as bad as some other guys. In one event, the "victim" didn't press charges and almost refused to speak with the police.
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    Browns are going to bring back the wishbone
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    Well if ever there was a reason to step up to the dish or the wire...this is it, baby!
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    This is interesting. "While several reports suggest that’s the Eagles plan — including one from ESPN’s Adam Schefter — it continues to feel like somewhat of a long shot it happens that way for several reasons, including one brought up by my colleague Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk. A tag-and-trade might violate the CBA. Florio dug this up from Article 4, Section 8, subsection (b): Basically, it seems like the Eagles’ plan to tag and trade Foles violates the spirit of the franchise tag rule. The Eagles don’t plan on having Foles on their roster next year; the only reason they would tag him is to trade him. Florio writes if Foles were to fight the tag, an expedited grievance would resolve the issue before the start of free agency on March 13. We don’t know what Foles’ feelings on this scenario are, but based on how quickly he voided his option year by paying back $2 million, it seems like he would rather become a free agent. Pretty much anyone would rather become a free agent. That’s why our Andrew Kulp doesn’t understand why Foles would sign a franchise tag if the Eagles placed one on him (see story). Foles really has all the leverage".
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    i could honestly tell something was wrong with gurley about a month-5 weeks before the reg season ended...was seeing more and more brown(till he got hurt) and gurley didnt seem to be running hard or with that smooth glide he usually seems to have i smell possible investigation
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    I'm at the docking bowling alley, in full garb, as I've been doing for years. Two different strangers approach me and gimme shat. You's had the ball first and ten at the 15 . . . Kamara right, Kamara left, Kamara up the middle = first down 80% rate, v. our suspect run D. We done enuff to win the game. Write a nasty letter to your OC and leave us alone.
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    Your not annoying me at all. It's all good fun. No hard feelings. You can hate on me if it makes you feel better.
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    Can you imagine if Tom took that hit on the sidelines that Goff just took
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    Time to stop crying and move on.
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    We now have 4 back up Qbs running our offense . Garret, Moore, Kitna, and Dak
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    as a commish i know one thing, I would kick lone star's whining ass out of any league I ran.
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    The Saints fans want you to believe that the time in the game where this missed call happened makes it more important than the missed calls that happened earlier in the game in their favor . I have said it a million times. I would be sick too. First thing I did was make a post on BFDs page saying it was a brutal way to go down . Its true . That doesn't change the fact that A. There is no guarantee they win even if the call is made . Odds heavily favor that they do, but no guarantee. Take it from me, I watched the Cowboys botch a gimme FG that most likely would have put the Hawks away in the playoffs many moons ago. B. The Saints botched their opportunities after the call. C. As I mentioned, they had fortunate calls that were missed against them earlier in the game As far as my suggestion. You get 2 challenges in the full game for penalties . You can either use it to dispute a call that was made or a call that was missed . apply that to this game , The Rams get the ball first and goal after the facemask that was missed against goff. The Saints get the badly missed call reversed . It isn't ideal. Its more stoppages . CN has a point about it basically allowing a coach to throw a flag , but if the flag was badly missed , let him throw it. You only get 2. That seems like a drop in the bucket since im always hearing "You can throw a flag on every play"
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    sounds like you need a new commish
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    Please lord, no more Patriots. Please give us something new !!
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    I don't think officiating has gotten progressively worse. People have selective memories and whatever happened yesterday seems bigger than things that happened years ago. It is the same with politics; every new president is the worst evah! Again, Superbowl 40 had at least a half dozen monumental bad calls that affected the outcome of the game. The Saints had two bad ones yesterday and the timing of the last one is making people over-react.
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    It's unacceptable for the ref to miss BOTH the PI and the helmet to helmet hit on that play. I get that people say "one play does not decide the game" but in this instance, it did. The Saints could have run down the clock and kicked their winning FG as time expired. It changed everything. That simply can't happen in the NFL...
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    Yesterday was absolutely incredible football . The missed call put a black eye on it , but those games were very entertaining
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    Regardless of how & why, two OT Conf championships suck? You younguns don't know what NFL entertainment is. Try to step back and realize how tense & dramatic the 2 games were. Rams opened -1, now +2. Sounds like y'all can make some easy $. Reverse tease the game and get some good odds.
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    Yeah ho hum, Pats again. Then I hope Brady retires or sucks soon. Enough already.
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    It's one thing when refs hold the flags for both sides allowing hands checks and grabs. That happens a lot in the playoffs. This though was the single most egregious no call I've ever witnessed. You've seen my posts over the years. I'll complain about calls, but I have never claimed the outcome of the game was on the refs. All told, yes, Payton had some poor play calling and Brees was off on some of his throws. If they do a better job we probably have nothing to gripe about. The Saints didn't lose the game on that play, but they certainly deserved to win it on that play. As for the Chappy comment, you know me better than that. I'll be here, I just don't know how much my heart will be in the game any more.
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    Do you have a sloped forehead?
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    Good thing Reid was saving his timeouts. Even Romo was like you gotta give these guys a breather.
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    are you seriously giving those fans a hard time when it was one of the most offensive games called by referees ever? you're special.
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    I'm indifferent on the winner of this game, but this is complete BS! This game should be over.
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    Wow, terrible non call
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    How is this proof? The Saints have the 2nd ranked run defense and Kamara is having a solid game.
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    Lol I was just having fun and thought I'd mess with you. I didn't send anything.. Busy traveling lately and I missed the sign-up.. Next year..
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    Who cares,plenty of people that don't see things in pure black and white like you. What about her putting her hands on him? Should she be fired from her job, or is it OK because she's a woman? Or because he's a big bad black man? Yes he can and should have walked away. He went out in the hall because she was out there causing a disturbance. Should have called security or cops and let them deal with her.
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    Should be very interesting, and may get ugly
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    Goff was awful. Taking terrible sacks to move out of FG position, miserable critical INT. No bueno. Definitely some great defense on display if you could watch the all-22 but man, a rough game for excitement purposes
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    yeah, but most NEP wins get an asterisk too, so...
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    Ticket prices are plummeting since the conference games. I'm guessing the ratings will drop as well.
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