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    https://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/BOI I like "bunch of idiots"
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    Simple explanation.... Taz was blacked out for a few years, during which time he was a die-hard Chargers fan, making no mention of the Rams.
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    ? So you think everyone else will be so blown away by this pick they'll just go home and not make any picks?
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    Wow. Congrats!!! Here ya go....
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    Brady has never looked good throwing the ball deep. 2007 was an outlier, mainly because of amazing chemistry between Brady and Moss. It’s really never been a strong suit. To his credit, he keeps trying and works to improve it yearly. i don’t see the loss of Cooks as being particularly devastating to that offense. Edelman, Hogan, Gronk and White already know the offense inside and out. Burkhead is back. And there’s still a pile of potential in Dorsett, Patterson, Mitchell, and Britt. I think this was a very smart move.
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    Local radio (here in SoCal) did bring this up how New England is more of a horizontal passing game - lot of quick looks, slants, crosses, etc. which is not Cooks game. As noted in other posts, you can;t argue with the success of NE or Cooks still having a decent year, but as far as fit he was not the type of WR that NE features in their offense. Alternatively, the Rams have a bit more of a stretch the field in their passing game to ideally open up some stuff for Gurley as well. Cooks better fits the mold of the outside WR that keeps defenses honest and can keep a safety out of the box as they need to provide over the top protection because of his knack with the deep ball.
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    to be clear, when I say that OBJ isn't that much better than Cooks, I'm talking value. Is OBJ really worth twice as much draft compensation for the trade and then twice as much of a contract? I think NYG are delusional to think a team will pay that much, both for trade and contract. the total value for a team to land OBJ on a long-term deal is what gets GMs fired. WRs are not that much of a difference maker.
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    Let’s be real.... If we are talking talent alone, OBJ is probably a top-3 WR, while Cooks isn’t sniffing the top 15. Stop with the nonsense that they’re anywhere close in talent. I like Cooks, but let’s face it..... He’s “just a guy” if not for him having Brees/Brady throwing to him for his entire NFL career. If the Pats didn’t feel comfortable with the idea that he’s easily replaceable, they wouldn’t have traded him. I’m guessing they feel that they easily got the better end of this deal, and they’re probably going to be right.
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    Such a great role model for " the cause"
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    Perfect landing spot for JPP. Aye Matey!
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    Gotta say that with all the QB's and a few other very talented players, not having a clear cut #1 player is making this draft fun as hell. Can't wait to see how this whole thing unfolds.
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    Is it ironic that I was reading this while taking a dump?
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    I love Landry. I'm glad he finally got the recognition he deserves. That is a massive contract. Props to Cleveland for securing one of the most underrated WR's in the NFL.
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    cool read. i'm surprised that Saquon was mentioned zero times.
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    it annoys me when teams go very cheap instead of just cheap. Last year, DEN over-paid for CJ Anderson because they didn't want to cheap out with a 2nd round tender. Instead, your Dolphins offered CJ a very good deal, which DEN matched because they were too dumb to admit their mistake. John Elway needs to be fired. This stuff happens way too much.
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    Jordan Matthews' hands are soft. Everything about him is smooth. But he is a player who has had boneheaded drops. In his first 3 years, he dropped 6, 5, and 6 passes according to Fox Sports. He had 2 drops last year in limited time. A lot of his drops over his career should have been simple catches. Bill Belichick won't tolerate a lot of bad drops. But being on the Patriots might help Matthews gain some focus. Here is a video of the Eagles 2015 dropped passes. Here is a video of the Eagles dropped passes in the first nine weeks of 2016. Matthews has some doozies in both videos. His drops in the 2016 video aren't as bad as his 2015 drops. So maybe he improved over that span. I might draft Matthews late. But more likely, Matthews is a player I will target as a street free agent early in the season while he is only playing 30%-40% of snaps. He will be a WR4 as long as Edelman is healthy. But Edelman has at least a 50% chance of incurring a season-ending injury. Whoever plays slot receiver with Tom Brady produces. Last year, Danny Amendola only played 49.87% of offensive snaps in the regular season. He had 61 catches, 659 yards, and 2 touchdowns. In his three playoff games, Danny had 26 catches, 344 yards, and 2 touchdowns. That is some very high per/snap production for a journeyman receiver. If Matthews plays 70%-80% of snaps, he could potentially be a top-10 fantasy wide receiver.
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    But this is the internet - we're supposed to disagree and tear down each others points
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    i think it's more than the number of targets, but also the type of targets. for example, it appears that games where Demaryius Thomas gets a couple of catches at the line of scrimage in the 1st quarter that he winds up with a much better game. I like DT, but he can lose focus as the game goes on if he's not integrally involved from the beginning.
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    How was he a disappointment? He had the 4th highest YPC of WR's with over 100 targets, exceeded 1,000 yards, and did what he needed to do. The Patriots system just spreads it around a lot. Moss had a season in NE that statistically resembled Cooks. The second part of your statement is true, the Pats are laughing all the way to the bank. They traded a first round pick, got Cooks at a good price, and are shipping him off before paying the man. That doesn't mean that Cooks was a disappointment. And I looked it up, Cooks catch % > OBJ catch %. For every amazing one handed catch OBJ makes, there's the drop catch in the NFC Wild Card game that lost them the game ....
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    Why do you think they're nowhere close in talent...? Talent wise - Coming out of college, they have basically the same build, Cooks had the edge at the combine, as well as the Biletnikoff award. Ultimately they were drafted around the same time (Cooks 20, OBJ 12), both being 1st round WR talent. Before entering the NFL, and being evaluated on their talent and merit, they were basically on par with each other. Performance Wise - Cooks has played 11 more career NFL games than OBJ, but has only started 2 more. OBJ has 500 more yards than Cooks, as well as 30 more receptions, and they both have the exact same YPR at 14.1. If you gave Cooks those 30 more receptions they'd both be sitting with the exact same yardage. OBJ has a far better TD total with 11 more. You want to blame Cooks for being paired Brees/Brady's when that's obviously not his fault or a detractor when we have nothing else to go by. To be fair, you should also say that OBJ has been forcefed targets his entire career by Eli. Playing for Brees/Brady also means you're one of many mouths that are getting fed. That's partly why Cooks cried to get out of Nawlins, even though he landed in a similar type offense ironically. I'm not disagreeing with you that OBJ is better, I agree with you on that. I disagree that they're nowhere close in talent though, and that Cooks isn't sniffing top 15. C'mon. You better not have Amari effing Cooper on that list. I think they are actually as close stat wise and in natural talent than any other 2 receivers, and match up damn near identically.
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    that's like a friend stealing your girlfriend and instead of being upset, you're all, "yeah, good luck with that."
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    that's not smoke and mirrors, that was dumb. Saying they have three guys that they love equally and completely... that might be smoke and mirrors. and I'm a lttle surprised that enough people even discuss the Browns still. they should probably be demoted to Canada
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    If they don't take Barkley at 1.04 if he's there I will lmao @ them.
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    Shocking. It's going to be pretty difficult to put an "I'm the victim" spin on this one.
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    Taz i think I remember you be being a fan of SDC ..... at least since I'd been aware of you posting here and apart of some of my FF teams. Believe me I'd like to do a too! LOL
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    You're an idiot. Bye Felicia.
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    No troll necessary. We all saw you tout the chargers for the past 10 years and now you're johnny rams fan. Bandwagon guys always get called out. You can point out that you had a deacon jones lunchbox all you want.
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    for nyone who thinks the Jets paid too much, consider this: Arizona (pick #15) tried to trade with the Colts to move up to #3. Local sports radio here in Phoenix, John Gambadoro, who is known to have reliable sources w/ the Cardinals, said they inquired about moving up to the Colts pick. The cost "was extremely prohibitive" and would have required the Cardinals 2018 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks and 2019 1st and 2nd round picks, and possibly more. The Cardinals currently sit at #15. Just food for thought.
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    The jets gave up a chance at 3 front line contributors to move up 3 spots in a draft where the talent upgrade from 6-3 is minimal. Draft as many good players as you can. Giving up that much for that move is ridiculous!
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    Depending on where Dez signs, you will see. I am right here.
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    I really don't see him being tier 1 again. He's lost a step and doesn't have the discipline to put in the work needed to compensate.
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    Yesterday morning I think. On the new show with Greeny... again, I think.
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    We've been doing this for years, man. Snap out of your coma.
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    man, i had a couple of cookies that looked alot like that one yesterday... they were sooooo good.
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    right, so all he will do is steal short yardage targets from Ertz. Maybe Ertz gets 80 catches, but rodgers' job is strictly to steal some targets. 25-30 targets for RR would suck for Ertz having a career year.
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    I don't think Burton makes the leap this year that everyone thinks. Maybe 40/400/5, but I think it takes him a year in CHI to get over 50 catches and by then, what happens with Adam Shaheen? I think the big news being overlooked by this signing is what happens with Ertz? They currently have no other (significant) TE on the roster and no rookie will do much. Could Ertz catch 100 passes?
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    I'll take the Browns and Raiders, that way I'm done before it runs out of steam
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    Ah, could be just the sources I have been relying on all have Hurst #1. Just a coincidence.
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    how many AFC championships does CLE have? I'd say Kelly is better than your entire franchise
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    if you know for a fact who you're taking at 1.01 and you're not entertaining trade offers, why not just say it? so, do they not know (silly!) or are they entertaining offers? Or do they think keeping 1.01 a secret somehow helps them with 1.04?
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    Seeing OBJ shipped to the Browns would make me happy on so many levels, haha. The most exciting being the huge blow to his ego
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    i agree, 13 months later if very very fishy.
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    Interesting...got a link? I haven't ran across this.
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    Heavy THC my ass. More like bath salts
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    100% on the money. Big upside + big risk. Jets put themselves into this risk by many years of bad drafting, particularly QBs. If only this team could get lucky in round 6 and find a diamond in the rough like Brady, or round 3 for Joe Montana and Russell WIlson and a the handful of other gems that have been found beyond the 1st 2 rounds. They happen, but not often.
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    money speaks, so FF-wise, JG is a solid dynasty play. as for possibly being over-paid, do y'all remember when they handed out contracts like candy to rookies before the rookie cap? And those guys all had ZERO career starts. So I'm not sure I get the hesitation on paying a guy who has a proven, admittedly limited, success. also, from what I've seen in recent years, the longer a team waits, the MORE money it costs them. If they tagged him and waited to sign in June, i guarantee it would've been more.
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    Like by association? I once dated two women who were best friends because of that.