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    That's not bold, that's drunk.
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    I hold no pity for fans of teams that win games.
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    This sort of logic has no place in the House of Branch Covidians.
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    I traded Michael Thomas for Thielen 2 years ago because I'm stupid. I still have and will start Thielen so you can rest assured that he'll have a garbage year.
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    It’s buy low , sell high. Not the other way around.
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    Cleveland is where stud players go to die.
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    Hopefully you drafted the players who will score the most points
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    Dude, he caught 76 balls last year.
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    It's probably safe to drop Andre Reed at this point - the guy's gotta be in his mid-50's...
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    Kudos to the schedule makers. I've been waiting my whole life for a Bengals/Browns Thursday Night battle. 31-20 Browns
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    That only works in fantasy football. He'd be a liability until he learned the playbook and by that time Thomas would be back. Josh Hill has the experience, knows the plays, knows the blocking schemes and can produce. Trautman has shown a lot of promise as well.
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    Joe Buck is getting bamboozled by piped in crowd noise, dumbass.
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    I like the Snell of napalm in the morning. Snells like .... victory.
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    I picked him up, I’m not going to be a week late getting him like everyone else. I like him.
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    He is a 5 foot 9, 174 pound late round white wide receiver Based on what he did with Welker (5 foot 9, 194 pound, undraftd) and Edelman (5 foot 10, 198 pound, 7th round pick) it seems that Miller is basically a lock to be a top 12 WR. I say that facetiously, but he absolutely fits the mold of the kind of WR that was elevated by playing with Brady.
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    I stand for our flag and our country!! I will be taking ZEROS the entire season. God bless and good luck to all. TRIPLE H
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    It's 6 feet OR a mask, so you're right there. The reason we're all still socially distant is because so many donkeys do neither. The virus couldn't give a hoot about your or my politics. Sad.
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    i have given up on the media. to me, thats where the problems are. i watch local news for weather and that about it. turn off the national crap. love football and love Brees. i am glad for your saints and hope they go all the way this year.
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    At least they get to live in Cleveland.
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    The best way to stop the spread of STDs is not to have sex(quarantine). If you're going to have sex, wearing a condom can lower your chances of a STD(mask), and just as important, having sex with people who you know don't have a STD is beneficial (6 feet apart because we don't know who has covid). That's the logic (mine at least) behind the mask, 6 feet, and quarantine.
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    Who's ready for this one??? It seems like years since football has been here and I say: It's alright!
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    It's one week and they both had good games from a fantasy perspective. David Johnson only had 11 carries, but that happens when playing from behind most of the game - he did average 7 YPC, and it's not like he had a 50 yarder to blow that average up. Lookd pretty decent overall - add in 4 targets and he's right around where we thought he would be, the 15-20 touch/target range. CEH was playing with a lead and as expected got the lions share of carries - 25 - averaging 5.5 YPC (also without a huge 50+ yarder to push that average up) but was a complete non-factor in the passing game - very early but remains to be seen if he will have any sort of role going forward. If KC is playing with a lead most of the time (a decent possibility) then we can probably expect similar from CEH - in the neighborhood of 20 carries and minimal passing game involvement - if it is a closer game, then it remains to be seen how much he will be on the field if they are in primarily passing situations.
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    Hahaha, that's what we all are doing.
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    If cooper explodes for an big early game, trade him quick
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    Watch this be a 16-13 defensive/sloppy/rusty affair. LOL
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    Id hold onto CEH and see how he performs in that high explosive offense. Like @CharlesG said if they drafted him in the 1st round they must really see something in him.
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    you download software on to it so that you can watch pretty much whatever you want. It's basically theft but I look at it as I'm a TV vigilante and taking back what was mine to begin with
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    Agreed, bench Taylor and Edwards. They may turn out to be viable weekly starters, we just don't know yet. The other three have known established roles.
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    Processed Roster: 19 players Taxi: 7 players Contract Years: 44 years Dead Years: 1 Enunwa
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    I'd drop Duke with or without AP.
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    I agree with Montana. That Washington team is a mess. To take a 5th round flyer on a rookie running back in that offense seems crazy to me, but don't take my advice. I've been wrong before...once.
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    Its all good bro, i was yelling at my kid while I responded. I view the entire Washington team as very high risk
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    Still no. You need a WR or you'll be outscored there every week. I'd go RB/WR on the turn and best available there on out.
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    I feel like we ranted on this last year, to no avail. Gone are the tiers, only to be followed by the tears and wailing. I liked them too - if they come back I think it would be helpful, although admittedly somewhat arbitrary...pretty much like everything else in FFL.
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    I grabbed him late and would love this. Based on reports it seems like he will be the guy. Looking forward to seeing if he can run away with the opportunity like many are projecting.
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    Username checks out.
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    Supposed to be back at practice tomorrow. Supposedly he had an epidural in his back that had him off the practice field for a few days. As for contact negotiations, supposedly they are close to agreeing on an extension. About 2 million apart.
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    On the decline? This is a joke, right?
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    same as Mostert - 4 games over 12carries. Ended up with 5.7 ypc and 9 or 10 TDs. My only point is that OP shouldn’t have to overpay for Mattison if he has Mostert.
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    I have to disagree. If Cook goes down Mattison is an immediate and clear RB1. Mostert has to deal with Tevin Coleman splitting the touches. There's nothing behind Mattison.
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    No he's fine now according to reports. Dude healed faster than anyone in history when he had that high ankle sprain last year. He's a freak.
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    I agree with the above poster
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    Very solid team my friend good job
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    It was a legitimate, curious question. And you didn't even mention that the rounds the keepers were drafted in matters. Be more descriptive next time and don't expect people to magically know your league rules...just a bit of advice from an active member here.
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    I get the mass exodus from many a ffb veteran, I do. But that is not for me. Football is football and all the menutia rolls right off me. I am more excited this year than most...because of all the uncertainty. Seems like one better be on top of their game more so than ever!! I hope they play all the games, and I will be there watching my heehawks every game they do play. With the way the world is right now, I am looking forward, more than ever, to sit back with my laptop, watch Redzone and be entertained.