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    Clearly his old helmet did a poor job of protecting his brain.
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    +1. How do you apply leverage when you're a perennial knucklehead and have 2 years left? Only Jerrah could fall for this. The analytics are behind Zeke not being worth it.
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    NFL is reinstating Patriots WR Josh Gordon, per Adam Schefter
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    Dallas Cowboys OVER 11-5 wins the Division and gets to the Championship game.
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    They are in Steven A. Smith's section of the website. You have to listen to 15 minutes of his babble to unlock one.
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    I had to visit the emergency room. I had an erection that lasted more than 4 hours.
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    I guess what I would say is that, while I basically agree with you, I have way more faith in DMD's "subjective" than my own. I value his opinion because he's proven its worth to me over the years.
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    Jesus Hitler, calm down. It's his head, let him get busted up if that's what he wants.
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    As both a Longhorn and Bear fan this one hit me hard. Cedric had some serious demons, not saying that in any way caused this, but man he had some problems and for a while there I expected him to really go off the deep end. He has left us far too early. RIP man, hope your soul is at peace.
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    LOL Barkley did that last year, in-between breaking off big play after big play. You guys are overreacting. I watched every snap of Barkley's at PSU and with NYG his rookie year. You don't want him at #1? I'd be thrilled to have him at #2. Create whatever narrative you want...he had freaking 91 catches last year, so I'm not worried at all about an inept offense playing from behind.
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    You know something, have we considered who is actually the better RB? Almost every RB has excelled in Andy Reid's offense. What if Chubb is actually the better RB?
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    72-48=24 which is the difference in the two scenarios. You have not added 72 points to the difference in the scoring range within the position, you have added 24 points to it.
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    You definitely should NOT stream the games for free. A lot of people are googling "NFL streams reddit". The reddit thread has links to all of the games. These unsavory types who stream for free often speak of the high quality "Buff Streams" link.
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    anything over 15 million a year is overpaying for Dak and even that is generous. A large contract to Dak will further insure we wallow in mediocrity forever . I love his character , but he is an average at best QB that should in no way shape or form be getting paid amongst the elite qbs
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    This is exactly why I prefer to draft closer to the start of the season.
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    No doubt take him at 7. But he won't be there. He's not missing any time. I promise you Jerrah will get him signed. It may not be Gurley money but they'll get it done. Neither one has leverage. Zeke is on the books for 2 more years and the Cowboys are toast without Elliott. Pick your poison.
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    All the Chubb owners just got massive Chubbs.
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    Yeah, memories of some good days way back when. We need to dig up the Mystery Huddler posts.
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    I personally vote for Antonio Brown foot threads as "worst new trend in TheHuddle"
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    Each owner drops a marble off of a 10 story building. The marble to bounce 10 stories back into the palm of its owners hand gets first pick. The other team owners then set out to find their respective marbles. The order is set in the order the marbles are found. At this stage, you can really mix it up by dumping a 50 gallon drum full of slightly different colored marbles off of the 10th story of said building. Just so it’s fair. I would probably just draw from a hat though.
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    Aaaaaaaand how is that any different from last year?
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    I love your team. You've got plenty of pieces and could, if you wanted to, eventually get a nicer WR2 if Golloday isn't what everyone is saying he will be.
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    Enter Cheatsheetwarroom25 in the promo code box to get a $25 discount on any FFPC league. You can even join a $35 league for just $10.
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    The thing is, the fact we are even having this discussion should tell you there is a risk. For me I will not take a player with any risk in the first round when there is some many talented players available that have no risk. Besides this is a fact, when Hunt does come available to play he should be 100% healthy and there is no way way Chubb will be. just my opinion.
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    On the phone with them right now. They told me to cancel my account and re-open under my wife's name. What the heck? So I'm just canceling altogether and hoping to get the call begging me to stay. If I don't get it, I'll call them back next week to see if they want me back. Stupid.
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    Samuel is a good pick up
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    Haha, I would take that gamble at 5
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    Do you only start 1 RB then? The required RB starters is greater in most leagues, so the comparison needs to be expanded. If using the worst starter method for evaluating value, and using a standard 12 team league with line up reqs of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR and 1 TE you'd be using the #12 QB, #24 RB, #24 WR and #12 TE as your baseline for calculating value at each position. You also have to factor in the massive outlier that Mahomes season this last year was. I generally prefer to take at least 3 years worth of scoring into account. What the post above shows is actually how much steeper the drop likely was at RB compared to QB - QB 2-9, which is the bulk of the range of QB starters, had a 5 PPG difference. RB2 to 9 (again, adjusting for the outlier of Gurley's performance since we don't have multiple years worth of data to smooth this), which is just the RB1s also had a 5 PPG difference. What's likely to be steeper if we extend this to the full range of required starters - the drop from QB9 to 12 or the drop from RB9 to 24. The reason QBs are likely so valuable to the league Shaft is in is more to do with league size as Def. pointed out, and I'd venture a guess there is more in the scoring than just a shift from 4 to 6 point passing TDs to account for the massive amount of points the QBs score compared to other positions (50% more than the top RBs) With Mahomes, in order for him to justify his ADP, he will need to essentially repeat last years performance and not have anyone else close the gap on him. He was so valuable last year because he was being taken in the 14th or later.
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    Who are the other options at RB that are threatening a time share? The Duke just got traded, Hunt is out until week 9.
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    There are talks of the Texans pursuing Melvin Gordon. Don't they have a lot of cap space? They aren't burdened with heavy contracts. This could be a possibility
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    I agree I probably take Dede. Flacco will make him probably useful. I wouldn't argue with funchess either. He'll be a big target and playing with somebody who can actually hit him directly in the hands with Luck. He could have a surprisingly good year.
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    I apologize in advance for taking a thread a bit sideways (and not bidding AT THIS TIME on the Bears), but I just read this joke and had to share. The more we are engaged as a league, the better league it will be. But I will accept any punishments coming my way for going off topic.. You know Goldilocks and the 3 bears? Well mama bear and papa bear are getting a divorce. In court they bring in baby bear. The judge puts baby bear on the stand and asks him who he'd like to live with? "Well not papa bear he beats me," says baby bear. "So mama bear?" asks the Judge. "Oh no she beats me even worse than papa bear," says baby bear. "So who would you like to live with?" the Judge asks curiously. "My grandma bear in Chicago." says baby bear. "Your grandma bear doesn't beat you?" asks the Judge? "Oh no the Chicago Bears don't beat anyone." :-D
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    Everything is bigger in Texas, including fabricated drama.
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    Doddly manure? You spell like you add. Stupid fake ass Walmart Cowboy fan from the dumps of New Jersey.
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    Would love to see the browns good again, and the dog pound back to it's full fervor. Historic franchise. The NFL is always better with a solid Browns team in it. The certainly have the players to do damage.
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    It is early. I think that's why he is being drafted in the 4th round in drafts. The Kool-Aid hasn't started flowing, yet. Royce Freeman started off being drafted in the 5th and 6th round last year. By the time late August came, he was being drafted in the high 3rd round. Josh Jacobs is in a better situation. He might be an elite receiver. Once August arrives, I bet he is often drafted in the low 2nd round after people chug a few gallons of Kool-Aid.