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    Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports? No.
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    Sorry but this is a great meme
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    LOL, just making sure thats what you meant... i'm not sure i want to imagine that 3some (both of them, trying like gophers to get in there at the same time...) Damn, now i'm starting to imagine it... gotta get away...
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    Philly will burn whether they win or lose
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    Yup, but it was premeditated. Got minimum 25 years... it's taken me a while to evolve in my feelings. Getting married, having kids of my own. I used to be alot more black and white, it was easy to speak up and be opinionated when it was someone else's family, someone elses son, daughter, brother...
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    Am I the only one that would LOVE to see the Browns in the playoffs !
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    I am about ready to cut ties with Devante Parker. He seems to me to be a guy who will never reach his potential.
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    I'd rather have Barkley and Minkah
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    I am, along with an estimated 3 million other lunatics on a 30 degree windy day. Honestly, I wouldn't miss it for anything....I have literally been waiting all my life for it!
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    I think having the greatest coach ever, makes a far bigger impact than having the best skill player ever at his position. Look at what Phil Jackson did with the Bulls, and Lakers. In the same vein as Belichick with the Patriots.
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    Yeah i cant picture a scenario where Bill WANTED Josh to leave but also cant see him holding him back either.. consistency and continuity has been one of the main reasons for their success why would Bill want to mess with that if he were staying which it appears he is. I see Bill as being thrilled that Josh is staying around for 2 reasons, 1 it gives him a better shot at another ring and 2nd it adds to his legacy WHEN josh takes over as HC and if the success continues because Josh is one of his guys.
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    Jeff Fisher and John Fox are available.
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    :barf: Yeah the talent/production was there, just that thinking of a class that includes 3 POFSs with no class whatsoever including an accomplice to murder.........well that's the NFL for ya
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    Payback for what?? Cheating?? I am grateful McDaniels isnt gonna be our guy. Hes a laughing stock outside of New England. I really effin hope that Kraft used him as a pawn and will manurecan him after Belicheat retires.
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    Eagles coach has brass balls . One of the best coaching performances I have ever witnessed. Congrats Eagles fans. Big time season and that team showed giant heart after Wentz went down. A well earned SB win..Enjoy it
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    Congrats Eagles fans. Great game. Enjoy the moment. Watching pregame and they showed some 90 or 100 year old Eagles fan who only wanted to see a super bowl win before he died. Reminded me of my grandfather with the redsox and it puts a smile on my face today that that Eagles fan gets his lifelong wish.
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    I want to see Brady without Bill
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    Well...yeah... https://www.thedailybeast.com/why-the-new-england-patriots-are-the-most-tainted-sports-dynasty-ever?source=articles_sum&via=rss
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    Greedy is a word that my source used when describing Cousins. FWIW, the Skins feel that Kirk is a system QB. As for Fuller, when I broke that he was the player to be named later Skins fans were seriously hating on me on twitter. Some were even saying I was a fake account.
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    Yep people believe all sorts of stupid stuff. I'm a Pats "hater" I guess, but won't waste 20 minutes watching this and trying to argue one way or the other about Pats or any team being beneficiary of a rigged NFL. I've said it before, if I thought the sport were rigged I wouldn't watch, not sure why any fan would if they really believed it.
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    https://www.yahoo.com/sports/m/adc09070-3ef8-3574-a2aa-32f67c26c2d3/ss_juju-smith-schuster-flips-off.html and here I really liked juju
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    Sounds legit. Any openings?
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    When the XFL first started a bunch of us were bored and thought let's do an XFL Fantasy league (IDP, even though none of us had every played in an IDP). That was the most hilarious live draft I have ever done... We had no clue on 95% of the people we were drafting.
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    Swamm, how you feelin? I know you have to be 2 parts so fired up you can't stand it while 1 part scared to death you have to deal with Brady and Belly whom seem to have made a career off ripping the hearts out of those who seek the ultimate in football ecstasy. Then there are Cowboys, Giants, and Skins fans that would love nothing better than to retain the No SB Victory sledge hammer used to beat you to a swollen pulp with for the past, well, several decades. Me, I find myself in a quandary. On one hand, I can't stand the Eagles, as you well know, and the closest I have ever been to rooting for them is when Randle Cunningham played QB and they let me down. I was even pulling or them to beat NE when TO played on a bum wheel, yet they came up short and let me down again. I have gotten use to being able to hold on to the fact you have NO SBs to hang your hat on. However, on the other hand, I am sick and tired of watching NE win SB's. So again, I find myself rooting for you guys to take home your first LT. You deserve it. So for one Sunday I will put aside my hate, and prepare a ceremonial disposing of the aforementioned sledge hammer. Good luck Swamm. I really hope you guys get it done this time around. I will be pulling for you.
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    i hope this works. I like football.
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    No LMAO Not Gay Hell no I met him in a lobby of a condominium building in Bevery Hills while loading gear for a shoot. He stopped me and asked me if we needed any actors and tried to shake my hand. Meanwhile I'm standing there with arms full of gear looking at him thinking "Yeah my hands are full you creepy f#ck I'm not gonna drop this gear to shake your greasy, STD rilled paws".... grossest encounter I've ever had in the business. JORDAN!!!!!
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    So he's the Greatest overachiever of all time?
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    I came to this thread for a nice glass of Pats haterade, and it didn't disappoint. I'm on the "anyone but the Pats" bandwagon. The Patriots are essentially the New York Yankees of football. Anyone but them...
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    I must extend my congrats and tip my hat to the Eagles and their fans. I don't like it but it's the right thing to do. As much as I hate you Eagles and I am sick that my Cowboys can't seem to muster the grit and consistency to make a deep run, you have found a way. Now please Kick the Pats arses please. I have a healthy dislike for the teams in my division and a healthy respect but it's my division and I must throw my rooting behind the Eagles in this one. Good on you and go beat the Pats and finish your fairy tale season. You have no SB rings and this is your opportunity to remedy that so we no longer have that over you. I can tell you this though. Brady in Co. are going to be a handful..............Good luck. Congrats Swamm. Happy for you despite our disposition.
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    Oh and James Harrison with 2 huge sacks , late in 4th, but nahhh, no use for him in Pittsburgh
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    Jags go down as the next team to get Bradied. The guy is just too good. Much respect to the greatest QB in NFL history hands down. Good on you Brady. I tip my hat.
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    OC is in on it too. Fournette up the gut for 100th time despite how it hasn't worked about oh 99 of those times. God forbid a pitch outside or a reverse.
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    For those of you that remember steeltowndre, that's Warren.
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    Great game by the Eagles team. Congrats to the players, team, fans and city. Well played.
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    Going to the parade? I didn't when the Cavs won, but would for a Browns SB (if still alive and able to stand)
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    In general, hockey > basketball > baseball > football as it relates to an individual player's opportunity to influence a team's success. The sheer fact that guys like Trent Dilfer have SB rings tells you that, no matter how good a QB can be, it's just not as impressive as superstar athletes in other sports. Gretzky > Jordan > Brady (I'm not sure a baseball player has been discussed, and I don't have a strong feel for who would be considered GOAT) Gretzky really was otherworldly, and his career stats dwarf everyone around him. And hockey has a lot more parity than the other major sports... Also, the influence on game outcomes usually comes more from goaltending than it does other positions, making Gretzky's stats all that much more impressive. Jordan wins 3 straight rings, leaves for 1.5 years, comes back and wins 3 straight rings again. And in his second run, they win 70, then 69 games in back to back years (still the most wins in a 2 year span). Jordan even averaged 20+ in his last (age 39) season with Washington. Brady wins 5 rings in 8 appearances, both records for a QB. Certainly impressive, and certainly makes him an easy guy to argue as the GOAT for football (if you buy the "QB is the most important position in football" argument). But his career stats don't dwarf other QBs. He's not even top ten in completion percentage of active QBs nor is he top 5 in passing yards per game of active QBs (if you include Peyton Manning). He is second to Aaron Rodgers in lowest INT % for career. His postseason stats are amazing though, which is where the GOAT declarations have always originated for Brady anyway. Gretzky has to be the GOAT of all team sports. I won't even try to compare individual sport athletes...
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    lol...look at the chicken littles coming out to gloat
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    Or, if they win, go for the never before achieved Threepeat.
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    If by "win anything", you mean contend for the NFC, then you might be right. I don't think Washington's issues would be on the QB alone. Plus, aren't the Redskins in way better shape over the course of the next couple of years with Alex Smith than limping through with Colt McCoy and/or some rookie at QB? They have a zero percent change of winning anything with Colt McCoy, and drafting a QB prospect early this year comes with an opportunity cost (can't upgrade elsewhere with that pick). I agree that the trade looks worse for WAS with Kendall Fuller part of it. But that's just a testament to what it takes to get competitive QB play in the NFL.
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    If Cousins wants to be gone thats fine but not sure Alex Smith is ever going to take them where they want to be. The bigger issue is giving a great slot corner like Fuller as you say they can spend money fixing problems elsewhere but they just created another big one with this move.
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    Can't wait. Should be an intense competetion.
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    All I remember from that league is the guy with He Hate Me on his jersey. And the annoying video game camera angles that TNF goes overboard with now.
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    I'm just not on board with the pats picking up a sixth trophy. I don't care who it's against.
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    I remember reading somewhere that Jackson is looking for someone with play calling experience, then once he makes the call on who he approves of Dorsey must also give the hire the green light. I really hope there is some truth to this that way Jackson knows exactly how short of a leash hes on. The Vegas line has the Browns over/under at 4.5 wins...I would like to think that is also the over/under of how many games before Jackson is fired next season.
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    There can only be one six fingered man