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    Are you saying Flip flopped? ....sorry, I'll show myself out.
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    That was my doing. I sacrificed a goat to the fantasy gods at halftime.
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    I just saw Antonio Gate move like a giant panda to catch a 2 point conversion, I think Olsen still has a chance.
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    Anyone who hasn’t seen the video needs to watch it. The behavior isn’t excusable, but it also isn’t nearly as severe as what Ray Rice did. It’s also nowhere near as bad as Zeke Elliott beating the living daylights out of his girlfriend more than once. But because it wasn’t taped, Zeke only gets suspended. What Hunt did was much less severe, but video makes it a career ender? All this does is prove the NFL is all about appearances and doesn’t really care about domestic violence. They just want to protect their brand. It’s nauseating. I’m not saying Hunt doesn’t deserve this, but it’s blatant negligence for the NFL to accept worse just because there isn’t video evidence.
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    Yep, Lamar Jackson.
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    Cool story, can you tell it again?
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    He was caught on tape abusing a buffet
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    Can we all agree that teams just don't want to deal with the p.r. headache that would come with him?
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    It's not that they don't matter, it's that they are unpredictable.
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    lol, I just watched the video. That kick to her while on the ground sounds horrible and then you watch the video. I see way worse from elementary school kids on the playground. Was Kareem wrong? Of course, this was no beating... ya know, not like when Adrian Peterson beat his child and left welts on the kid... yet, he's playing. This is a nothing story and MTSuper7 is right... pure reactionary bullmanure by the NFL. The NFL can (the really bad word) itself.
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    Am I the only one who didn’t see a punch hit this woman? I saw a couple of pushes, then Hunt charged which knocked a couple of people down, then a relatively tame looking kick (he clearly didn’t put anywhere near his entire force into it). Again, not condoning these actions, but stating this as a means of trying to understand how this level of offense is worse than what other NFL players only get suspended for. DIsclaimer: Broncos fan with zero shares of Hunt anywhere, in case you think I have a personal interest in seeing this guy reinstated.
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    He sits out 3 plays until Lee gets hurt again
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    Read the submitter's handle and had a whole different idea about what I might find here...
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    If you aren't Jewish I'm not seeing the humor here at all. If you are I'm not seeing the humor here at all.
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    Going into today's game he had a questionable status with a hamstring. The injury today had nothing to do with his hamstring. He did not reaggrivate his hamstring. He looked fantastic. There was no reason he should have sat or today. It's not like the injury he left with was a result of his hammy. He took someone's leg to his knee. It was a freak injury..
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    Goonie goo goo
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    I’m starting Howard this week with confidence. I mean, I’m starting Howard because I have a good feeling about this situation. Umm, I’m starting Howard because I’m out of options.
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    Would love to see the real David Johnson please stand up today
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    I am not your boss (I don't think), but this is EXACTLY what happened to me. NOW, if it turns out that I am your boss, expect a crappy final few weeks of 2018...unless I win somehow.
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    100%. Not a shred of guilt. And a great big thanks to the idiots at Yahoo.
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    Well, he's better than Sanchez.......... This blackballing is ridiculous..... and I don't even really think Kaepernick is all that good....
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    ***BOND BOWL*** 2018 LLD Leaderboard Round 1 Week 14 Bond Bowl Playoffs 1. Oddjob’s Hats xxx.xx 2. Faberge Legg Warmers xxx.xx 3. Mr. Big xxx.xx 4. Thunderballs xxx.xx 5. DB5 xxx.xx 6. Dr. Julius No. xxx.xx
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    I agree. I'd love to see what CJ could do on a real team.
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    Can we ban or at least remove the ability for this guy to make threads?
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    Your right. And no better place to revive your career than in a juggernaut offense like KC's.
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    Finally someone who makes sense. Anyone who watches the video and compares it anywhere close to the Ray Rice incident is on glue. I agree he acted like an idiot but this is a huge over reaction
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    My understanding is that the Police have had the video for quite sometime but would not release it. They have the video from the hallway as well as the body cam videos of the on scene interviews with all involved parties. They determined not to make any arrests and obviously the DA has decided there isn't enough there for a case. I've watched these videos numerous times as well as the interviews and police statements. This is being so blown out of proportion it's absurd. Total sensationalism at it's finest. Hunt kicked these two girls out of his room when he returned from a night out and found them there...both were 19. There story is they were told to leave because they wouldn't agree to sleep with one of his friends. Of course if that were true why did they spend the next thirty minutes outside the room banging on the door to be let back in? No, there story doesn't make sense at all. Probably what the cops on scene thought as well. The "victim" is the one who hit Hunt in the face, and allegedly used racial slurs and spat on him. This provoked a shove which I don't find to be unreasonable if someone did that to me. At this point the "victim" decides to still go back and further antagonize him. Hunt then pushes a male friend who falls into drunk girl knocking her over. Then comes the "kick" which is almost laughable to call it that. Yea, where Hunt screwed the pooch is by exiting his room to confront her instead of calling hotel security. He was stupid for even getting into this type of situation. However, people acting like he is a woman beater and should never be allowed to play football again are being absurd. Tyreek Hill beat and choked his pregnant girlfriend but Chiefs signed him anyways. Mixon knocked the hell out of a young woman with a devastating punch. Rice flat out uppercut his girlfriend knocking her out cold and then dragged her across the floor.....comparing what Hunt did to any of these is asinine.
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    I just watched the video and was surprised. After everything I’ve heard and read I thought it was going to be far worse. I’m not condoning violence against women, but if she was using the n-word than I don’t feel bad for her.
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    because your posts on this topic have been absolutely absurd.
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    Meh, I'm planning to win some titles without him. Mainly because I don't have him in any leagues.
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    Belicheat's fingerprints are all over this. Mark my words.
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    To me, it was the single greatest defensive performance I can remember. Because the Saints are historically great on offense, seeing a team absolutely demolish them defensively was as exciting, if not more, than watching a high-powered shootout. Because no one expected it. It was truly amazing to watch. If you are a big enough football fan, and you find yourself with some spare time, I'd recommend watching it with the commentary. It truly was a jaw-dropping 60 minutes of football.
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    How about the deal is on hold until full payment is received? ETA: The balance of the trade is irrelevant. Let people manage their teams as they see fit, and put rules in place if you want to keep teams who are out of the playoff hunt from making trades (in case that is applicable).
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    Somehow I mixed up Clemente with the SNL sketch.
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    All I'm saying is watch the play. Screen grab of the injury is below. His knee was leg whipped after he took the handoff on a reverse. He wasn't favoring his hammy. He wasn't favoring it at all during the game. The coaching staff could have kept him out but they chose not to cause it wasn't serious. While he did sustain an injury today, the MCL injury wasn't a result of playing with a pulled muscle in his leg. You say people wished he sat? This same thing could have happened next week! By your philosophy you're saying he should have sat cause we know what happened when he played. Hindsight is always 20/20. But my point is Gordon's knee wasn't leg whipped cause he was favoring his hammy. His pregame injury status had no role in his new injury.
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    They both were just tanking for a better playoff spot.
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    You always play your best lineup and hope to beat your opponent into submission. That's what is all about. I've never tanked to better my opportunities. You ALWAYS play your best lineup. If your team is so good that you are going to be the #1 seed you shouldn't worry about screwing some other team.
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    Well, he would have had the 2 TDs if he had any clue how to navigate around a goal line....
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    Cheers, beers, gobbles and touchdowns to you all
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    That's got to be the most entertaining game I've ever watched. It may not be this year but I think both QB's will be sporting SB rings in the future.
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    Well, given his comment was made on the 5th of November the timeline of the article fits