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    Looks like I can get in now, the huge ban message has vanished and Huddle appearing.
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    DaeSean Hamilton DEN WR now that my rookie drafts are over, I'm not worried about my league mates reading this. I only got him in one leauge, pick 31. On MFL's rookie ADP, he is at pick 34. On FFC's rookie adp, he is not even listed in their 42 rookie picks. He's going to be the best rookie WR for DEN since Eddie Royal (91/980/5), maybe even exceed that. I'm sure most of you know about his successful college career, but here's two pieces of info most don't know. He and Emanuel Sanders have been friends for a few years. In a radio interview, Hamilton talked about all the conversations he had with "Eman" while in college and the advice he received. Hamilton has been getting mentoring by a successful NFL WR, just like Royal got with Rod Smith the off-season leading up to Royal's rookie year... except that Hamilton and Eman have been friends for a few years instead of few months. Sanders is done. He almost retired in the middle of last season. As a DEN fan, I didn't know that until he said it a month ago. His ankle is still (as of today) not healed. His body and mind are finished with football. Based on recent history, the main driving force for him continue to play might be the mentoring role. I know some outside DEN think of Sanders as only a loud-mouthed, me-first WR, but he's also a good team mate and a great mentor. so, besides Hamilton being a great sleeper, even for redraft, I'm also suggesting selling Sanders in dynasty. There's still a chance that Sanders has clean up surgery on his ankle. Tho I think he'll tough it out (he's one of the toughest players, pound-for-pound) and probably miss a handful of games this year before calling it a career. lastly, DEN doesn't have a slot receiver or TE and Hamilton can excel in the slot. He has the potential to be top 20 in PPR with over 200pts.
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    I know it's trivial in comparison but I hope someone emerges as a stud QB for BUF and they become a "legit" SB contender. i.e. this year. Be a nice warm fuzzy for a guy going through hell on Earth.
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    I'm apt to believe that the player we saw in college and in his first two years in the NFL is the real Amari Cooper and that last year is the aberration. Derek Carr said that Amari played on one foot last year. That makes more sense than him suddenly being bad after being so consistently good. He is not overvalued at his adp of 38.55.
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    but who is selling? I think the buyers want to buy so low that the sellers figure, "why bother, I'll hold".
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    Every running back taken with a high draft pick has had a local beat writer say that they think that player will get a heavy workload. Except for Sony Michel. No beat writer is foolish enough to make a prognostication that involves Belichick. In the case of Ronald Jones, one Tampa Bay Times writer has said he thinks Jones will get 15-20 touches while another Tampa Bay Times writer has said he thinks it'll be a timeshare with Barber and Sims. I'm not sure which of those two writers is more credible but I'm not going to trust any local beat writer in June. They are guessing. Jones has had issues at pass protection and has little experience at receiving. He will have to prove himself at those skills to see a high percentage of the snaps. He couldn't have already proven himself at those skills. He is also smallish which makes a heavy workload less likely. He does look special on his college gametape as a rusher. Right now he is very high risk/high reward.
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    F@CK CANCER!!!! I hate it. Jim Kelly is one tough SOB...I wish him all the power and strength to keep fighting a horrible disease. He's very deserving of the award.
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    when word gets out about him and how the rookie isn't a real NFL RB, Barber's ADP will climb fast.
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    While he wasn't dazzling, you gotta give Brissett his credit. Bare bones team, AND he literally came right off a plane, picked up the playbook, and started the next week. He's no Luck, but he should be even more serviceable than last year. All skill players should finish higher than last year. I think TY could have be an amazing buy this year in PPR if he drops to late 3rd, or even better yet - 4th.
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    It cracks me up reading all the Kool-Aid people drink on unknown quantities. Of the running backs drafted in the first and second round, one-third will be good, one-third will be average, and one-third will outright bust. It is hard to know which ones will bust since they all look dominant on gametape playing against small, slow college players. And some that will eventually be good will still have a small role in their rookie year because of inexperience in pass protection. Right now is a good time to trade rookies for more proven veterans in dynasty leagues while the sweet taste of Kool-Aid is fresh in their mouth. I love Peyton Barber at his adp of 189. His 3.9 ypc isn't bad considering how poor his offensive line was at run-blocking last year. Doug Martin averaged 2.9 ypc. PFF gave Barber a very respectable overall grade of 74.1 with a run grade of 76.3. The vast majority of Barber's carries came at the end of the year when Tampa Bay's best run-blocking offensive lineman, Demar Dotson, was out with injury. Demar Dotson is supposed to return at full health. And the signing of Ryan Jensen and the moving of Ali Marpet back to guard should improve their interior run-blocking considerably. Ronald Jones is a home run swing of a running back. He is fast but he is bad at pass protection and a poor receiver. Even if he does turn out good, Jones is a project who'll probably take a year or two to be trustworthy enough to earn the starting job.
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    Must people don't realize that their rookie rb is a wild card not an actual rb. Looking into Peterson and not singing him means that Peyton barber will be a huge sleeper
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    You know better than this lazy stat post. Penny played 1 ranked team (Stanford) and conference defenses that produced (1) first round defensive player and (0) second round defensive players in the NFL draft. Basically a bunch of guys that won't be playing pro ball. 1 of 29 defensive players drafted in those 2 rounds. Meanwhile Guice played against 10 ranked teams (won't list them all) and conference defenses that produced (4) first round defensive players and (3) second round defensive players in the 2018 NFL draft. 7 of 29 defensive players drafted in those 2 rounds. Back in 2016, Penny didn't beat out Pumphrey (drafted in the 4th round). Whilst Guice led the SEC in rushing while sharing time with Fournette (drafted in the 1st round). Don't really need to compare NFL level defensive opponents in 2017's draft too, do we?
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    This needs to be made into some thing taz, grab a couple of buddies and shoot a short of you freak g out that you can't add a pk and the effect it's having on your life...
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    Anything less then 6 games would be bullmanure. If you're going to (the really bad word) people over, then at least have the goddamn balls to do it equally. Just highlighting further how Goddell (the really bad word)ed up Zeke's case.
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    Great analysis. Maybe it's time for the michaelredd Friday Huddle column? Can't say if you're right or wrong but I appreciate the thought-provoking post.
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    Derrick Henry at #40 is not a good pick. A running back who doesn't get receptions has a ceiling of RB2. Henry has had 11 and 13 receptions the last two seasons. But he probably won't even be a RB2 because he will likely play second fiddle to Dion Lewis. The Titans didn't give Lewis $8.25 million guaranteed to be a complimentary player. Unless Lewis gets hurt, Henry will probably gets stats similar to last year when he played 39.92% of snaps and was the 37th highest scoring fantasy running back.
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    I don't get the hype. OBJ is back, Shepard will improve. And most importantly, Barkley is going to be used heavily. Maybe it's because I don't own him in any of my leagues. I'm staying away in redraft too though. I'd rather wait on TE this year and it looks like Engram is costing way too much.
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    Some smaller running backs can handle a heavy workload. It is hard to predict who can and who cannot handle it until it happens. But it is extremely rare for a team to give a small rookie running back the opportunity to prove that they can handle a heavy workload in their first year. Teams like to protect their investment and play it safe for a year or two with the small guys. I believe the last time a rookie running back lighter than 215 pounds had 200 carries was Chris Johnson in 2008.
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    Isn't TB the team that drafted a PK in the 2nd round?
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    Broncos | Big role for DaeSean Hamilton? Sat, 16 Jun 2018 20:43:16 -0700 Denver Broncos WR DaeSean Hamiltonshould "play plenty" this season, according to Jeff Legwold of ESPN.com.
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    I posted a FA bid yesterday around 3pm. It was still there this morning but it's gone now.
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    Perhaps a subscription to www.thehuddle.com could help him
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    Outside of Evans, no one else there should be considered vested.
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    For the right price, I will unleash my bot army to lend as much credibility as he needs! ...well, my bot army of one, that is.
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    Keep JuJu. I like Cohen in PPR and think Mike Williams ends up as a decent WR3 in PPR formats but would much rather have JuJu. You do need RB help, but in your case I'd try dealing 2.16 and Sanders for a RB. Just a thought. Edit: See if the guy would bite on a deal for Cohen alone. If he's in need of a WR, offer Sanders and the 2.16. Never know.
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    I prefer the JuJu side on this. Mike Williams is talented but as long as Keenan Allen is there he will never be better than the #2 option at best, and who knows what the situation will be at QB once Rivers moves on, so looking at a very murky long term situation for him. Cohen also likely never an everydown back so he just adds in as similar value to the guys you already have with maybe a little more of the high reward/high risk type play. Ross also has some potential if he can stay healthy, but also is not likely to ever be a #1 WR, as he is a true speed WR that, like Cohen, will usually be a boom/bust type play for the foreseeable future. The 2.16 rookie pick is not of much value assuming non-IDP, but I'd still prefer to have JuJu over the other 3 players combined. Yes, he is behind Brown on the depth chart, but the offense virtually assures of him of top 20 production, and Brown is turning 30 this year and likely going to start to see a slide sooner rather than later while JuJu is only going to be 22 midway through the season.
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    I'm bumping Jordan Matthews up a few notches with this news. He makes the most sense to play the slot while Edelman is out. Chris Hogan can play the slot but he is needed more on the outside with Brandin Cooks' departure. Jordan Matthews had the most yardage from the slot in the NFL from 2014 to 2016. He also dropped 21 passes during that 3 year span so he'll have to have good hands in the preseason to get the starting nod. If he is the starting slot, I'll consider starting him in weeks 1-4 (I'll probably wait to see how he does week 1 before taking the risk). I was already thinking of drafting Matthews because of Edelman's high injury risk. His adp will certainly go up from it's current 190.19 but he should still be available in rounds 13-16 in a lot of leagues. He could be a great daily fantasy play in weeks 1-4 as well.
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    I hate to say it, but it's usually not a good sign He doesn't sound good in that video either. I really hope he kicks this things ass for good. I can't imagine the hell this family has been through with every bout of it. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000935559/article/jim-kelly-will-receive-the-2018-jimmy-v-award?campaign=fb-nf-sf191050111-sf191050111&sf191050111=1&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral
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    Every league I am in that is a keeper/dynasty allows unequal draft picks and all have no offseason roster limit. There is a cut down day before opening week when each team must cut down to the roster limit. And hopefully you don't also have positional limits - that's almost as dumb as the fixed number of picks.
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    I wish his fingers were just a little shorter... By all accounts, a great guy. Tough way to go.
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    i was very disappointed when DEN considered him before he signed with NOS. How the heck can people get upset about players kneeling, but want a child abuser on their team? Friends were surprised when I said I wanted DEN to get Richie Incognito. As far as I know, the guy is just a jerk, but hasn't hit or hurt anyone, that i know of.
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    I love it that AP is universally viewed as a washed up idiot. Child beating piece of manure.
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    Hard to say with Brissett. He did pretty good with a bare-bones team last year, but not sure he's the real deal. I wouldn't want to bank the future on him. He showed enough at least to be viable trade bait, which I hoped they might take advantage of in the off-season, but I didn't realize what a schmuck Ballard was. This is reminding me somewhat of Manning's neck injury and how Irsay re-signed him to a huge contract anyway because "he'll be fine." Put the pills down Jimmy.
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    I think it is possible he could end up playing for St Louis.
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    True. If they've held him this long, they're probably going to keep holding.
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    Here is a good article about quarterbacks coming back from shoulder surgery. It isn't very optimistic. It is from 2005. So hopefully Luck will benefit a bit from medical advances. QBs not the same after injury, surgery Len Pasquarelli Oct 1, 2005 http://www.espn.com/nfl/columns/story?columnist=pasquarelli_len&id=2176813
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    I fully believe he comes back this year. However, I don't think we see the Luck of old. I think that guy returns NEXT year.
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    It wouldn't surprise me if his career is done. But I would still take a chance on him in dynasty if I could buy low. He is 28. If he does return to form, he could be an elite quarterback for the next 10 years.
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    You weren't around when we were first n00bs.
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    I like Hamilton too. If you want a guy to throw a dart at in round 4 or 5, try Justin Watson.
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    Their bodies can't take a 16-game schedule so what do you think will happen at 18 games? We'll be starting Bootenee-Lee Farnsworth in our title games... Seriously, more head contact and trauma is going to make nothing in the current NFL better - and the quality of the games will go down further. Agree they should drop 2 preseason games but then they should stick with the 16 game season.
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    I watched plenty of both over the past couple years and think that's just crazy talk. You're most certainly entitled to your opinion, but I think that opinion is wrong.
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    and what happened to the feature that told you who was liking your post(s)? it just notifies you that "someone" liked your post. it would be nice to see who your admirer(s) are.
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    No. I didnt take into account that you simply changed your mind. My bad. Sorry for calling you a liar.
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    Montgomery seemed like more of a stop-gap solution to me, at a time when they didn’t have much else at RB. I remember last year (about this time) there was conversation/speculation as to whether or not he would remain a RB, or move back to WR. With the way GB has drafted WR’s the past few years, I’m guessing he’s staying at RB. That said, I don’t necessarily know that he’s got the inside track to the “starting” gig. It seems more like a time-share situation between the three, or whichever ones happen to be healthy on any given week. And, realistically, keeping them all active/sharing might contribute to keeping them all fresh/healthy. Unless one of them shows that he’s head and shoulders above the rest, terms of productivity, I think they’ll all have minimal fantasy value. Some value in deeper leagues maybe, but in standard leagues, your best bet might be to hang on to the one you like most, in hopes that he’s startable on weeks when one of the others is out due to injury. Which, in all reality, is more of a matter of when than if. All of THAT said, this is all pure speculation/opinion on my part.
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    I'm not understanding this "the commish is playing as well" thing. In what league on planet earth does the commish NOT play????
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    I wonder if Williams is atop the depth chart only because he ended last season atop the depth chart. Putting Jones back atop the depth chart would be akin to handing him the job. I doubt they were intending on doing that before he was arrested but his arrest probably eliminated any chance of it. Jones might even start the year with a one-game suspension. I do think that Jones looked great last year. Williams looked serviceable. I'll definitely be targeting Jones if he falls far enough.