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    the link says he is a guard, so what does he guard?
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    Heard the Patriots offered their #1 for Cooks and were turned down. Looks like the Saints want a mid first round pick for Cooks As a Cooks dynasty owner, I am nervous about this. I hope he does not wind up somewhere awful and falls off the fantasy map. I was glad he id not go to New England - too many mouths there and he would have no consistency. Seattle would be great. So would Carolina.
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    That's not a rumor, it's a guess by Alex Marvez. The rumor is that they're asking a first, which I could see them wanting. They spent a first to get him, he's done enough to warrant a first, so that kinda makes sense. And from the Saints perspective, why not put him out there if he's not happy? Thomas is definitely a #1 WR and Cooks' role could be replaced either via FA or in the draft. Cooks is an amazing talent, but IMO he's underutilized in the offense because a lot of the time they just need him to stretch the defense. That's why he disappears for some games.