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    Jesse James is a good inline tight end. Ladarius Green is essentially a wide receiver. They serve different roles. I think you are judging them based on who would be better for fantasy purposes. Jesse James is going to be on the field a lot even if Green is healthy and on the roster.
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    I doubt the Steelers have any faith that Green will contribute. They might just be waiting for him to get healthy enough to cut. None of his 2017's $5 million salary is guaranteed.
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    Cheat codes are already included.
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    I think that is true of AP, but not Charles. The only way AP can get 200 carries is if Ingram gets injured or traded. Charles, on the other hand, has pretty weak competition. Last year, Booker averaged 3.5 yards per carry and Anderson averaged 4.0 yards per carry. There were rumblings that Denver's management wasn't satisfied with the play of either running back. Interestingly, they traded Kapri Bibbs who was their most effective running back last year at 4.4 yards per carry. You make a convincing case for Marshawn. I just have trouble believing that his skills haven't seriously eroded. And while it would be valuable to the Raiders having him grind out 10-12 physical carries for 44 yards each game, that production isn't very valuable to a fantasy team. Especially since he'll get few receptions and might not even get goal line carries since the Raiders drafted Elijah Hood, a short-yardage specialist, in the 7th round. I won't be drafting Charles, Lynch, or Peterson in many leagues. All three are probably destined to be on the field on a part-time basis. All three are big injury risks or at risk of just not being good anymore. Fantasy championships aren't won by drafting 30-year-old running backs. But it sure would be sweet drafting one of these running backs and having him put up top-5 numbers. I'm willing to buy that lottery ticket in the 8th round if they drop.
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    Mixon is already ahead of Bernard who might start the season on the PUP and really is no threat to him anyway. Hill will be surpassed in training camp IMO and might not even be on the roster come game 1. I like McCaffrey and I would have struggled with choosing between them had he been there at 1.3 but he went 1.2 so Mixon was a no-brainer. I probably would have chosen Mixon regardless. McCaffrey will be vultured by FF RB killer Cam Newton. Carolina is a RB killer.
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    Out of football shape and on the beer and bong diet for a year. Yeah, I'm not getting giddy over the comeback.
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    He didn't look good in 2015. He looked like he was breaking down. I doubt they'll give him 250+ carries this season. And he has never gotten a lot of receptions. He is a high risk/low ceiling player. I think he's a 7th or 8th round flyer.
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    What is this "team defense" you speak of?
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    No different than the guy scoring a TD against your defense and ruining the shutout. He gets 6 for the TD and you lose 6 (or whatever) for the shutout.
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    I like Mixon across the board really. Hill sucks and is hardly competition. Gio is okay but somewhat redundant now and expendable. Mixon is going to be a 3 down beast...or at least has that potential. I like the PPR potential of Christian but have a hard time imagining Newton becoming the king of dump off passes . Not a fan of Cook especially behind that o-line. Fournette is nice 1st and 2nd down but won't bring much in terms of PPR. He's #3 for me.
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    PPR dynasty - Fournette non-PPR dynasty - Fournette PPR redraft - Fournette non-PPR redraft - Fournette