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    What you don't recognize uadialej? I thought that was a very common name everywhere.
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    Hard to say. I think their roles will start almost identical to how they were last year. Murray will be the lead dog, with Henry taking over on some drives. That being said, I don't see with how talented Henry is how they don't try to involve him even more this year as the season goes on. All I know is this offense is going to be dynamic this year, and i'll want some piece of it. I'll probably buy into Henry if he's in the 6th round. He has a chance to completely take over of this backfield should anything happen to Murray, and already has some flex value. Henry and Duke Johnson have the best cuff situations in the league at the moment. Worst comes to worst, you can dangle him as trade bait in front of the Murray owner and look for an upgrade at another position.
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    And the fact that he ran the ball far, far better than Gurley last year, amassing 70 more yards on 80 less carries. The Browns O-Line could also very well be top 5 next year. Crowell also has a late 3rd/4th round ADP.
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    Those are far from the only points i've made. And I don't think it's really fair to compare those situations. DeMarco's situation drastically improved when he went to Tennessee from Philly, as did Shady's. Tennessee is/was a balanced offense which put a lot of emphasis on the run, and could keep his legs fresh with Henry also grinding down the defense. Buffalo's Lynn is a RB guru of sorts and Tyrod is always able to keep defenses off balance. Both Shady and Gillislee thrived running in that offense. Enter Gurley, who arguably has the worst QB in the league, a revamped line (we'll see how they mesh), and an offense that lacks any real options. Robert Woods struggled as the #1 WR in Buffalo and is now going to play for an even worse QB. For the same reasons they stacked the box against Gurley last year, they didn't add enough to prevent teams from doing it this year as well. Coaches and defenses are going to continue challenging Goff to throw the ball. I don't believe in this team, and I see them playing from behind a lot of the time and having to abandon the run altogether, as well as not having many redzone opportunities.
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    I prefer Crowder in all formats bar best ball personally. Should see more targets with Garcon and DeSean gone.
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    Depends on the league format. If full point PPR go with Crowder over Moncrief as he should get a lot more targets and is very in sync with Cousins. Moncrief merits consideration in a best ball or standard format due to his explosive upside. Hope this helps. What is the league format and who did you choose? BAMFS
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    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/19768940/justice-department-gives-washington-redskins-name-fight The DOJ has stopped its case against the 'Skins and their name. About time.
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    All I'm trying to say is that the Packers ran out of viable RBs last season and in desperation had to throw Montgomery into their backfield. It wasn't by design or strategy, simply they had no other choice really...having 'any' football player with football skills in the backfield running the ball occasionally is an asset to the offense as it takes away the defense just keying on the QB and receivers. I can't imagine even GB wants to relive what happened last year, let alone some other team try to copy it. It didn't work very well and was one of the main reasons they didn't make it to the SB. Aaron Rodgers could take a knee every 1st and 2nd down thru an entire game, and only try to move the ball on 3rd down and the Packers would probably still be in the game in the 4th quarter as he and his receivers are that good. But then, a few years ago when they had Lacy (an actual RB) in his prime, they were pretty much unstoppable. So sorry if I disagree with your theory, IMHO I just found it pretty funny that what someone would see as a strategy others would see as 'what the f'k are we gonna do now'...
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    Wow the Bucs might possibly consider thinking of doing something or not doing something some undetermined time down the road. Who knew? Florio is a moran.