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    Do. not. go. there. This is one of the last places a man can go for some relaxation...
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    I still can't believe that Schefter would tweet Jason Pierre-Paul's private medical records after his hand was blowed up. Bush league move. I think Pierre-Paul would be totally justified in giving Schefter a three finger throat punch the next time he sees him.
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    I think the best Henry can hope for is one-third of the carries unless Murray gets injured. Since Henry will also get a low number of receptions, he isn't a viable fantasy starter while Murray is healthy. But I can see myself trying to trade for Henry mid-season when his owner is frustrated by his lack of production and the asking price is low. Murray is a higher than average injury risk. Having Henry in the fantasy playoff weeks would be sweet if Murray does get hurt. He could get have games with 30 carries. It's just not a gamble that is worth a 6th round draft pick in a fantasy draft.
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    Here you go, champ: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=printable+fantasy+football+draft+sheet
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    God, that's tough. Safest pick would be Aaron Rodgers or Landry, with me leaning slightly towards Rodgers. Highest upside is probably Ajayi. I'm really surprised someone actually took Cooper at #2. I'd rather have Landry over him. Honestly, i'd probably take a risk and pick Ajayi.
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    Julio without a doubt. Help with mine please? I'll just post here: 12 team dynasty league - currently just started the dispersal draft among 4 teams. I have the 3rd pick out of the 4 of us. Mike Evans and Amari were taken 1 and 2. I now have to decide between a handful of players including A Rob, A Rodgers, Corey Coleman, Landry, Lamar Miller, Ajayi (just to name a few of the best available) or a rookie draft pick. The highest being 1.04. Not sure how to approach this. You have to draft the picks in the rookie draft to have one since its a dispersal from the teams that left.
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