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    Well, you did make a blatantly racist comment.
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    For the record, the police and the NFL investigator did not say "assault did not occur" they said there isn't enough evidence to lay criminal charges and that the victim was to unreliable to justify suspension and court proceedings criminally. Didn't occur and not enough for charges or not enough for suspension are 2 very different things. Also what basis is the investigator using to say there isn't enough here for suspension.The biggest issue here is we don't know the facts, we don't have all the statements, all the photos, all the timeline dates, whereabouts, hotel receipts, texts etc etc etc.. Roger did, police did, Investigator did. I am a retired police officer. I had hundreds of cases where I could have pressed charges but the Prosecutors office said no because they like a slam dunk case. I also had several cases where myself and my boss or another coworker disagreed on whether grounds existed to lay charges, so the investigators recommendation was solely that, just an opinion. Look at it this way, you can be found not guilty in criminal court, and found guilty in civil court ( See OJ Simpson). The burden of proof is very very different, and it's much less in the current CBA.
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    "yeah sure" -- D.Hopkins, Jordy Nelson, D.Thomas, E. Sanders, M.Evans, L.Fitzgerald, P.Garcon and pretty much anyone else with a crappy QB
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    I guess what most are saying is... Don't get involved with women you intend to mess with thier emotions and then leave....don't wave a carrot in front of a hot bunny if you will. It may lead to problems if you had no desire to be in a relationship and or follow through. They may not like that.
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    Wait, Keenan Allen was on the waiver wire? Anyway, I'd drop Agholor for Anderson
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    it was mackensie alexander actually.......i would check that again if i were you nevermind...you were correct...it was newman
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    I wouldn't drop him and I wouldn't trade him. Gronk is one big hit away form his season ending and Doyle is great insurance
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    Not sure if your signature is relevant, but couldn't you drop David Johnson?
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    I dont think I would. Saints are using the RB more and spread the ball around as it is, Hill will continue to get volume.
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    I would keep Doyle, in case Gronk gets hit again. You might actually want to trade Gronk instead of Doyle.
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    Could you not trade him? He's a top 8 TE so pretty much guarantee another team would pick him up and start him.
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    Yes it does. I can totally agree with you there and I am simply arguing why and how it's not fair. Moreover, I believe Zeke has a good chance of winning an opportunity to be heard with regards to his case given the gravity of the implications that will ultimately effect the NFL, and public interactions with NFL players. At this point he's only won a stay. If he wins Thur he will be given the opportunity to plead his case in full. Where he may be able to get a ruling that rejects the powers of the CBA's article #46 in this particular case. Which will force the NFL to adjust their procedures when dealing with assault or other criminal activity. We'll see but I get where you are coming from now.
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    Thomas Landry Allen. Allen's production dropped a bit over past couple weeks but I trust him much more than Dani. And running backs. Maybe drake, I like rawls more as a runner but not sure how it will go.
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    Looks like you might be starting a few dolphins.
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    i would go with sanu he has been better than anyone in that list
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    the sonics - strychnine
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    He'll be picking up the Primanti Brothers on gameday
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    It all just proves the point that fantasy football is 90% luck with the other 10% being luck.
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    I heard she doesn't do stuff....lol