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    There are way too many things "wrong" with the NFL right now, to list here. But my biggest problem with Goodell is, as others have mentioned, the lack of consistent administration over disciplinary matters. But hey, if the owners want to pay him $50M to be their puppet, more power to him. I personally think they should be doing the opposite - i.e., showing him the door. However, no one has made me King for the day, so my opinion doesn't mean manure! P.S. - btw, if the London expansion ever does come to fruition, will they change the name and re-brand the shield to the "IFL?"
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    sometimes that works out well too.
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    I can't comment on Peteman as I've not seen him since his college days at Pitt but just felt Tyrod hasn't played badly enough to warrant being benched. If Peterman turns out to be a lot better then I guess it'll be more understandable.
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    Not sure where you're getting the bolded from, haven't seen anybody comment on one being better than the other, only that their offense being bad is more than just Tyrod and their defense got torched for 41 points, definitely not Tyrod's fault. I don't think I've seen much of the Bills, certainly not Peterman so I'm not making any comparisons of their ability to play. PS The team form SD is now in LA hard to break that habit I know. I've tried using LAC and works in some cases (like game matchups BUF-LAC) but when in another case it seemed odd and I wrote Chargers.
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    Not that I think Taylor is great but my concern is that the opponents defense will just try to shut down McCoy and make the rookie try to beat them in the air
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    A rookie QB, against a horrible run defense, why bench McCoy
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    I picked up Peterman and just might start him over any of the other QB streamers out there, I own McCoy so lets hope for a ton of screens
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    Rob Kelley has gone on IR and Perine hasn't shown much so Thompson should get more carries going forward.
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    McCoy starts regardless imo. I'd worry about Benjamin and Clay though.
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    They've just been waiting for an excuse to bench him and move on. Just Tyrod played well enough for 8 weeks to stop them from doing that. Feels weird to have such a deficient team in sole possession of the #6 seed.
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    That's BS. The whole team underperformed. Bench that whole defense for giving up 300 rushing yards and 6TDs.
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    McCoy is unbenchable and actually, a rookie QB is better for McCoy owners IMO. Benjamin owners on the other hand....I'm not sure.
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    Parker has the highest upside to me, since TB has 0 pass rush.
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    When Skip Hicks was supposed to be all the rage in D.C., I spent a last round pick in two leagues on some dude named Stephen Davis. He happened to score 17 TDs that year. I cashed two championship checks.
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    Trent Green went out; some bagger named Kurt Warner came in. Last round guy. Championship.
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    My best one I can remember was Arian Foster his breakout year. Got him in both of my leagues that year in 10th or later round.
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    Chiefs have some cupcakes coming up with the Giants, Bills and Jets...
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    He had 4 catches for 24 yards and averaged 4.1 yards per carry on his measly 9 attempts. And he still leads the league in broken tackles. He isn't wearing down, they are using him less. Big difference.
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    NOW THAT was fricken piss poor coaching. Throwing the ball on 2nd and 1 stopping the clock late before the TD by Dak. What the hell didn't you learn last year to NOT give AR time. I mean FU......*(&(*D&***. What the hell. Why the hell would you leave any extra seconds on the clock. Run Elliott for the first down take their time out and then run the option. For god sakes when will you guys learn AR will beat you if given time. You can't just tranquilize the lion you have to kill it or it will kill you. For cryin out loud. Our D sucks by the way. Without Lee we can't stop anyone.