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    I think if Jason Garrett walked in on his wife with another man that he would stand there and clap enthusiastically....think about it.
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    What if she wanted a McFlurry and you just wanted a little apple pie?
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    your last name wouldn't be, Peterman, would it?
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    You win barring something ridiculous. Baldwin is a WR1 and among receivers he has an elite floor due to being very dependable.
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    With Sherman and Chancellor out for the hawks, Atlanta should be able to move the ball. Go with Bryant
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    To me, Philly made the adjustments at halftime and Dallas didn't. The coaching staff is piss-poor.....
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    If your WR and TE can't outscore their kicker by 6 points then you don't deserve to win. I'd give you an 90% chance of winning
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    ill pray for you but a rookie QB making his first start, on the road vs a great pass rush and solid pass D? you should have been praying when you put him in !
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    I agree, but Williams had one big run and besides that did squat. The past few weeks I grabbed Drake, Williams, and Perine. I think Perine is the one to stay with. He has fresh legs and something to prove. I think Hunt might be fatigued, not uncommon for rookie RBs.
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    $16,000,000 (2018 salary plus roster bonus for T.T.) -> on the verge of showing some success and they decide to be CHEAP instead. Like taking your dream date to McDonalds
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    I'd say 200 to 1. I also have him and I need 29 pts. Opponent has Big Ben and I have Prescott. Until Tyron Smith returns, I'm going to have to look for a better QB, with Watson on IR.
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    I would have done it for Drake a Freeman coming into today. But Williams drastically outplayed Drake today (I didn't hear of an injury.) If I had Hunt, I'd trade him for a pair of RBs that produce or an RB and WR that produce. Throw the offers out there if you really want Hunt. But for me, he doesn't have to improve and I'm not sure he will. He hasn't been catching passes like he did earlier in the season and he's not breaking the long runs
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    At this point, I'm not doing it. Not only is Hunt not producing, he's not getting the same amount of opportunities to produce. West seems to be on the field for 33% of the plays.
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    The Redskins won't make the playoffs. It's time to let Samaje Perine run free. Kirk Cousins is also playing for a contract.
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    Maybe Reid should let Smith throw the ball instead of his TE and WR
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    If it was all/mostly Smith playing terrible, maybe. But their OL is stinking up the joint. IMO the play-calling isn't dazzling either.
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    Sad to hear about Thompson. Picked up Perine last week.
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    The Bills have a legitimate shot to make the playoffs and they throw an inexperienced rookie right in the fire.
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