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    but Zimmer took the back-up QB from that 4-12 team and has them at the top of the NFC. And he lost his top RB I think its between McVay, Zimmer and Marrone
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    I played the WAS TE and all I got was VD.
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    That's what I have set up right now. Thanks NY
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    I'd go Anderson, Sanu, Freeman and Henry
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    Doyle, Thomas and Agholor
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    Definitely NOT a wdis thread! I was just curious if others were going to sit him with his terrible track record against Pitt. Also, if others were going to sit him, who would you sit him for. Just a conversation starter. May be geting too cute, but still gonna bench him as I just ain't feeling it for him this week.
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    So I just got finished checking and filling the fluid in the rear differential of my truck. Obviously, the game is on in the garage, and I'm having a beer. Life couldn't be any better...working on the truck, having an beer, and the boys are WINNING. Garage door opens, and my wife returns from the gym. She asks how the game's going. I point at the TV and say 'Feast your eyes on that!'. She shrugs and says 'Well, the second half hasn't started', then goes into the house.
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    Not at all. We just righted the ship for one week and pointed out how they had to overcome some blatant miss calls to do it. Facing facts we have to win out to have a chance at the playoffs. Now mind you, teams can do just that once they get healthy and peak at the right time. The Giants did it twice. We could certainly get healthy in 10 days now. Feeling good about themselves for winning and winning big against their arch rivals. If we can get Lee back and then Zeke for the final stretch we can certainly make a real run at this thing. The team will have been hardened through tough losses, healthy, fully restored with Zeke back and the rookies in the secondary will have a full season of games to glean experience from. Now that's regular season experience of course which is hardly Playoff caliber experience but hey, stranger things have happened. Why not Us. We can't afford to lose any more players or games. Go Cowboys.
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    When Gordon had his monster year in 2013, Brian Hoyer has massive tunnel vision. I just don’t see Kizer deciding to trust in a guy he’s barely practiced with. The only scenario in which Gordon becomes a stud is if Cleveland is trying to build up Gordon’s trade value. They could be under orders to feed Gordon relentlessly (since winning hurts them more than it helps them).
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    Didn’t Hundley just light up the Steelers? In Pittsburgh? What’s the concern here? Is this just a veiled WDIS thread? (I’d Bench Jones.)
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    Don't worry about your wife. Just enjoy the victory. Question is will they continue to do well?
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    Yeah, you're right actually now that i'm looking at the stats. I still don't understand why you'd want to start him over Green, unless he doesnt suit up because of the illness. If Adams put up that kind of performance with Hundley against the Steelers, I can only think that Dalton/Green would do better.
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    0.4 ppr? The (the really bad word). Btw, fire your site guru, hes awful. Mccoy/gurley
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    I had Perine and Crowder. Luckily I sat VD. Just dropped him too. VD is no longer a part of my life.
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    the only thing apparent about last night's game is that one team actually showed up to play, and the other decided to play with themselves in the locker room... my local Pop Warner team could've beaten the native Americans last night... however, the thing that most pisses me off about last night is the fact I actually (and obviously stupidly) thought Crowder had turned the corner on his abysmal season after Week 12, but how quickly I forgot his 2017 "breakout" game was against the putrid G-men... if Dallas could play Washington every week, I guarantee the '72 Dolphins would be shaking in their shoes... Godspeed to all who actually give a flip... good day...
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    He looks fantastic actually. If I believed in Kizer or that team at all I think he'd be incredibly valuable moving forward. I'm not feeling it though
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    The uproar isn't about whether or not Eli should be benched. It's about how poorly it was executed, how poorly it was communicated, and at the end of the day, Eli's play has been the least of their problems. The whole thing is bizarre, and makes it clear that the Giants' front office doesn't really have a plan. Their drafts have been largely disastrous, and this debacle is just one more nail in the coffins of both the HC and GM. It would be one thing if they benched Eli to see what they have in Webb. But, they (the NYG) admittedly haven't given Webb enough snaps in practice to play him at this point. Which, in and of itself, is pretty hard to understand. Your season has been a loss since basically September, you want to see what you have at the QB position (besides Eli), but it never crossed your mind to maybe give the rookie some playing time on the practice field!?! So, instead, they will trot out a known commodity (Geno), which really does nothing for the franchise (other than make them look like more of a laughingstock than they already were). Add to all of that the fact that Eli wasn't notified by the owner or GM (he found out from the head coach, who is clearly a dead man walking, in way over his head, etc.), and I could see why Eli would be disappointed to say he least. He's the consummate team player/professional, and the inference that the team might be better of with Geno Smith (!?!) starting at QB is a slap in the face. And their "plan" was to let Eli play a half (to extend his streak), then bench him at halftime? WTF would be the benefit of that?