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    I always thought it was because he had a big Johnson.
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    I've never understood this idea that if they were ejected they don't need to be suspended. First off they don't lose any money for being ejected, they still got paid for that game, and it counts against other things that might matter. Second unless its early first quarter your ejection is far less than a complete game. The ejection should come, and if the player behavior was was bad enough then a suspension as well.
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    I, for one, hope Mr. Brown plays it safe and takes the night off.
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    LOL I have zero explanation for that.
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    "Mumble mumble groan.. we're on to miami.." shakes head, shrugs shoulders
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    Yeah, I don't think any of those players have had a 28 point game in their entire career, and hardly have a chance to even without AB. You're praying AB plays tonight!
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    Who is that crazy guy who said Hunt would crash and burn by week 10?
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    Isn't it nice to know, that amid all the turmoil going on within the Giants organization, the JETS are a picture of stability?? who would have thunk it!!
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    He’ll probably get suspended a game, and deserves it. He at least deserves a fine. that being said, defenses have been abusing Gronk all season, holding , clutching, grabbing, and he keeps getting called for OPI that was at least a 50/50 OPI / DPI. The league has mot come close to getting it right and he has to be getting frustrated. No excuse for a late hit, but i can only guess that has a lot to do with it. If you are going to allow the defender to be handsy, don’t call the receiver for OPI just for freeing himself of some pencil-topper DB.
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    6 games. That was sexual assault if i ever saw it. 6 fken games man.
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    on appeal, they'll reduce it by half.
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    Prediction: Wentz is going to hit a 20 yard TD pass to Jeffrey in the 2nd half.
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    Need 15 from Jeffery to clinch division. Thought that was realistic. Apparently not.
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    Kareem Hunt is f'ing dead to me. Seriously. And WTF is going on with the Chiefs? During their 5-0 start, Hunt kicks ass. During their freefall since then, he hasn't topped 100 or scored once.
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    no one should be listening to Cowherd . he's not just annoying, he's a complete racist, sexist piece of manure
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    Jones and hope the Chiefs finally wake up about Hunt.
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    Never ever EVER put Mike Tomlin in this conversation please lol
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    0.4 ppr? The (the really bad word). Btw, fire your site guru, hes awful. Mccoy/gurley