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    The problem has to be resolved at a young age with youth and high school coaches. I was told over and over again to “get your head in there”. We also had “rewards” for players who had the most stick marks and scrapes on their helmets. This was in HS and later encouraged in college. The fact is that not only do you risk head/neck injuries, it’s not good football. Square up your pads, stay balanced and drive with your legs and shoulders then wrap up with your arms. This needs to be taught now at every level and a very early age. BTW, when I played both sides of the ball I was told many times to “stick your head in there” as an RB. Bad coaching and not fundamentally correct.
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    I was loaded at QB with Wentz and Wilson, so traded Wilson at the trade deadline... Moral of story... sometimes better to be loaded than out of bullets.
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    Outside of fantasy, that's just awful for Wentz and the Eagles. They really had something special going.
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    I'm beginning to think that the mantra of "Just one before I die" is about a regular season victory and not a Super Bowl...
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    Fact...........D Law called out the refs today. Not a single holding call on the O line against him in 5 games. He's been tackled, held by his jersey and even hogtied and left to be released by his fellow D linemen before the next play, yet still no call. It's a conspiracy I tell you, and everyone's in on it.
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    this. reminds me of Carr and OAK last year.
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    Alfred Morris and Gio Bernard
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    I don't want a QB first I think the OL needs to be addressed as Thomas is no lock to return or play much longer if he does DB needs addressed I wouldn't mind a Barkley coming over either. I don't know who's worth the first pick
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    I think you will. That's allot of points for Landry. If he gets into the end zone, it could get dicey for you guys
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    I always have a hard time believing conspiracy theories, especially with referees. I think that more times than not it's just bad officiating that fuels that thought or just people looking for a reason their team lost other than poor play. I know that often refs will favor a player and give them calls where other players wouldn't get the same call, but to say there's some coordinated conspiracy is just really too far-fetched to me. I will say though, the disparity in calls (none on the Falcons D, 9 against the Saints for first downs), several obvious non-calls & a couple questionable ones along with things like the Falcon ref being subbed in, the league sure doesn't do themselves any favors in quieting this kind of talk.
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    While we're talking conspiracy theories... NFL assigned ex Falcon player to sub in as referee and didn't disclose his name to the teams until after the game.
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    Today there's a lot of criticalness against the NFL including penalties being called. Here's my thoughts. When you make a tackle you just do it normally. You don't go out of your way to try to hurt that player and if he gets hurt than he gets hurt. There's no way of getting around that, happens every year. 1 thing I don't like seeing are face masks being touched and running the risk of a helmet coming off. Think players who do that should be ejected from the game. Any thoughts.
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    Exact same thing here. Was the top scoring team of the season, but I can probably kiss all my playoff hopes goodbye if my top two players go down in the same week. Praying to every known deity that Bell is ok.
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    Ya that’s too bad, I liked watching him play. Hopefully it’s not an ACL
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    ...and you got the Shaft
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    You live your playoff life 1 week at a time
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    They need to bring back the 5-yard face mask penalty. Touching the mask doesn’t warrant a personal foul.
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    Maybe they use BOTH picks in the 1st on a qb