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    We're easily amused. That's what keeps us here.
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    Interesting. The Browns seem to get publicly owned every week!
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    Well, it seems this year that QBs who used to play for Jeff Fisher are having excellent seasons. Still, you gotta have big stones to trot Foles out there with no real data at all to go on. That being said, the Eagles host Oakland on Monday night in Week 16, so if all goes fairly well this week, he might be an excellent start in fantasy championship games.
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    The only situation where Foles has really done poorly was playing for the Rams under Jeff Fisher. It is hard to hold that against Foles. He is now in an ideal situation playing on a well run team behind a dominant offensive line. It is difficult for a quarterback to do poorly when well protected. He plays the Giants this week who have given up the most points to opposing quarterbacks this season. The Eagles could play it safe and just run the ball a lot and would win easily. Or the Eagles could pass the ball a lot and they will still win easily. They need to get Foles integrated into the offense in preparation for the playoffs. He needs to gain chemistry with his receivers. I think the Eagles will pass the ball a lot.
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    All I want for Christmas is 1 Burkhead TD please.
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    You guys really crack yourselves up eh?
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    Yeah, yeah... Put a monkey in front of a typewriter and eventually he'll type a word. Same thing here with Stew.
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    Lol. Nice one. Oh the private shame
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    Screw it, you know what I meant.
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    Carson Palmer has a nice week 16 matchup against the Giants. It sounds like he has a better than 50/50 chance of returning. If the rules don't prohibit it, I wouldn't hesitate to use 4 roster spots on quarterbacks in a 2qb league. All 4 of those quarterbacks are more likely to play for you than your bottom running back or wide receiver (I can't see who you have on your roster because I have people's sig lines turned off and I don't know how to turn them back on).
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    It would be nice if they got a strong-armed quarterback since both Coleman and Gordon are great deep threats. Hue promotes a deep passing game, too. It's going to be interesting to see what they do. And I don't think quarterbacks will be hesitant to sign with them. Gordon, Coleman, and Njoku are enticing players for a quarterback and the Browns have enough money to pay whatever it'll take.
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    Have Cooks on my two bye week teams. He didn't show up this week. Lucky I had the byes.
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    If you don’t need anything, don’t f***ing post!!!! Do you go to the IDP forums and post “I don’t need to make a LB claim this week because my league uses D/ST” no you don’t. And you didn’t come here to say “I don’t need anything” you came to say “I’m on a bye week....look at me”
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    unfortunately there was little rationale to start him, especially vs min. he is running at 3.5 pc and this was only his 4th game over 60 yds. without his 62 yd run he was 15 for 40 (and he has not been ripping big runs this year)
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    I still say Kizer has a shot. Now that he’s got a little talent to plY with, let’s see what he does. I think Johnny Unitas wouldnhave struggled running that offense the way the rest of the team was playing earlier this season. If Kizer looks decent, it would be smart of the Brownies to pick up other talent.
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    Jordy hasn't been getting separation for a couple years though, notice how Adams hasn't been affected too badly. Not to say Alshon and Ertz won't take a hit, but don't think their play overall is anywhere close to the level of decline Jordy's is so really shouldn't take anywhere near the same hit.
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    As an owner of Jordy Nelson...... It could be a major downgrade
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    And JStew had a career game today as well. It must feel like Christmas came a couple of weeks early.
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    Yep...he get's his own thread. My sig used to be "THE Jonathan Stewart NUTHUGGER of the Huddle"..... 3 TD's....GO STEW!!!!! . No, I didn't start him. Shame on me.