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    Not necessarily. He broke a bone, he didn't tear any ligaments or tendons. He may have pain but that's manageable and usually not a significant issue for athletes of his caliber. I expect he has full range of motion already.
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    This decision is a lot easier if your league is PPR. Gurley is a PPR monster, and Hunt looks poised to carry the team this weekend. Hunt destroyed the Chargers in week 3. In fact, he had more yards rushing (177) than Alex Smith had passing (155) in that game. It's hard to imagine sitting Hunt in this spot. Collins doesn't catch many passes with Woodhead and Buck Allen there. I'd also add that the Browns' rush D is actually pretty good. Jamaal Williams only averaged 3.3 ypc against Cleveland last week. He did more damage as a receiver which I don't think you'll see with Collins. Hopefully that helps you feel more comfortable benching Collins, as tough as that might be to do.
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    Bench Jordy. Play the rest. Tough matchup for the Packers, and I'm not ready to trust Jordy all of a sudden, especially when you have other quality options.
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    Funchess, Gordon, maybe Collins.
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    None of your RBs are that inspiring, so it's not crazy to start Murray and Henry to ensure you get whatever San Fran gives to running backs. If you'd rather not do that, start Murray and Perine. For flex, I'd lean Dede Westbrook, though if you are okay trotting out all your Titans, the matchup can't get much better for Delanie Walker. For what it's worth, I'm starting both Murray and Walker and benching Henry.
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    I'm starting Jordy in both leagues I'm still alive in. With confidence!!
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    Drake is getting everything Bortles is playing Houston ... but they are a run first offense. Goff & Bortles will probably put up similar #'s this week.
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    Sit Evans then. Unless the weather in Buffalo is brutal again.
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    Rivers for sure. WR - Landry (check the weather prior. If it's like last week do not play Jarvis), Westbrook, Hill (tough matchup, but they move him around so much). I'd rather play Collins over Miller Carolina D. Stafford at home 1 Wr and 2 Flex spots? M.Jones, Juju, and Kupp
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    everything the same but i'll start rivers instaed.
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    Yup, I can't believe he is still available. I had waiver claim on him 4 weeks ago and he was snatched up before he fell to me.
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    i saw the ticker for the first TD and said attaboy (i had JS on my roster for the past last three years)... i saw the ticker for the second TD and kinda wished i still had him... i saw the ticker for the third TD and thought Taz is gonna be incorrigible ...
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    Rivers over Wilson (it's close but Rivers has a great match up) I find it hard to bench Gordon at this point but you have some real good choices so I can see why you'd bench him.
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    Alfred Morris and Gio Bernard