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    In the semi's I posted my highest score of the season and took care of the Gurley team. In the finals I was done Sunday, posted my lowest score of the season, and was up by 25 going into Christmas day games where my opponent had Big Ben and Crabtree. I all but conceded thinking there's no way Big Ben and Crabs combine to score less than 25. I didn't see much of the Christmas day games and wasn't until I looked on Tuesday to see "Champion" next to my team! Only then did I realize Ben sat for most of the 4th qtr because they were up so much and Crabs had the big goose egg. Its a yahoo league consisting of family members only...winning some cash is great but bragging rights for a year is priceless
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    Without decimal scoring it does seem a little unbalanced when you consider that 9 rushing yards would be worth nothing rather than .9 points. It might as well be 1 rushing yard.
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    We should derail this thread into a CMike discussion
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    In our 20+ year Friends & Family PPR league, we finally switched to decimal scoring 2 years ago (after years of my continued insistence) and have never looked back. Resolved the tie issue and everyone really likes the fact that you get credit for every yard gained (or lost).
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    very rarely will a kneel down cost you a game. Decimal scoring is the only way to go.
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    Hey Henry, we need updates about how your season went. We Huddlers live vicariously through you!
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    1) Nobody had a problem with Eli being benched to develop Webb. That isn't what happened, though. Benching Eli to play Geno makes zero sense. They could have done it on their bye-week, giving Webb ample time (since his lack of time played was the excuse for playing Geno over him). They could have held the meeting when the owner was around, instead of relying on McAdoo to deliver the message (poorly) when the owner was out of town. Instead, they did neither of those things, and left it up to the HC who is clearly in over his head. It was almost as if the owner didn't WANT to be there (didn't want to look Eli in the eye when telling him, so let's just assign the task of telling Eli to the HC who is on his way out the door anyway). That's a slap in the face to a QB who has delivered two SB rings. It's like losing your job after 10 years, and having upper management assign the task of telling you to the person who is leaving in a week. Wait... actually, it IS that. What a bunch of BS. 2) Mara admitted that he basically assumed everyone (himself, the GM, and the HC) were all on the same page. Then, after he heard about how it all went down, he realized that clearly they were not (on the same page). McAdoo telling Eli that he would be benched at halftime was a terrible idea, and Mara said as much. 3) Eli handled it all very diplomatically (never said "FU" to anybody, that I'm aware of). He simply didn't want to play a half (with a pre-planned benching) in a game that he would be trying to win, as if it was some sort of exhibition contest. Yet, despite his unhappiness with the decision, guess who was the first Giant to arrive at the team facility early, the same day that he was given the news. Yep, it was Eli... mentoring the rookie before practice began (he was benched earlier that morning). McAdoo looked like a deer in the headlights all season. Justified doesn't begin to explain his firing. It was a guarantee.
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    It won't be surprising if he returns to Green Bay for the remainder of the season. If he does come back, I hope he leaves his haircut in New York.
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    this guy could play for two hours and it would be nothing but hit after hit if he didn't do deep tracks and covers
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    Is it possible to win a league when your first drafted RB is in the 10th round ? Apparently ER and I wanted to test the theory last night in our draft. If that team wins the 250K grand prize we sure will have one hell of a story to tell.